Luke Russert Net Worth, Dating, Gay, Girlfriend, Married, Salary
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Luke Russert became known as the American news correspondent for the National Broadcasting Company (NBC).

His father, Tim Russert, also worked for NBC News for nearly two and a half decades. He spent more than half of his time at NBC News and worked as a host for “Meet the Press”. Luke, just out of college, joined NBC News in August 2008, 6 weeks after his father died.

Luke worked at NBC News until 2016 when he decided to leave the media company. His decision came as a shock to his fans and colleagues. Russert had to explain that he was not, as implied, switching to a rival news station, but was only taking some time away from political reporting. One statement he made was

“It is fair to say that my career in broadcasting began unusually after my father’s death and graduation from college… As a result, I threw myself into work and never took the time to think, travel, and experience many things that would have given me a clearer idea of what my future would be like.

Luke Russert Net Worth, Dating, Gay, Girlfriend, Married, Salary

As a Washington, D.C.based correspondent, Russert covered the House of Representatives from Capitol Hill for NBC Nightly News, Today, MSNBC, and

Luke received much public recognition for his coverage of the 2008 presidential election, and while he was admired for his balanced coverage of Democratic and Republican Congressional events, it is believed that his report on the influence of young people on Barack Obama’s victory on election day contributed to the NBC News and Documentary Emmy Award for coverage on election night 2008.

Sometime in May 2009, Franklin Pierce University honored Luke with the Marlin Fitzwater Award for leadership in public communications. The award was designed to celebrate and honor those who have made unusual contributions to public discourse in a way that has promoted democracy.

Some three years later, in February 2012, Russert’s prime time debut in NBC’s “Dateline”, which explored the possibility of an unjustified conviction of Jon-Adrian Velazquez in New York’s Sing Sing prison, was nominated for the 2013 News and Documentary Emmy Award.

Luke Russert Bio/Career

Luke Russert comes from a family that is passionate about journalism. While his late father, Tim Russert, established himself as the longest-serving presenter of NBC’s “Meet the Press,” his mother, Maureen Orth, is known as an award-winning journalist, as a special correspondent for Vanity Fair Magazine, and as a founder of the Marina Orth Foundation.

Luke Russert And Parents

Luke was born Lucas Russert. He celebrated his 32nd birthday on 22 August 2017. He was born in 1985 in Washington D.C.

Records show that Luke Russert graduated from St. Albans School in the capital of the United States in 2004. Luke also graduated from Boston College with a double degree in history and communications. This was in 2008, and he later received an honorary doctorate from Wingate University in North Carolina.

Russert’s career dates back to his student days at Boston College when he worked for the ESPN show “Pardon the Interruption”. He also hosted the XM radio show “60/20 Sports” together with James Carville. On the last day of July 2008, NBC News announced its decision to hire Russert as NBC News correspondent for the youth perspective of the 2008 presidential election in the United States.

Next year, he would focus on coverage of Congress, particularly the House of Representatives. NBC has praised Lukas for the success of most of his prominent reports on political issues such as the fight for the fiscal cliff in 2012, the 2011 debt limit crisis, the Republican recovery in 2010, and the passage of the Affordable Care Act.

Russert also served as a guest presenter on several MSNBC programs, including “Way Too Early” “The Daily Rundown with Chuck Todd” “Andrea Mitchell Reports” “NOW with Alex Wagner” and “The Cycle”.

Luke Russert Net Worth, Salary

By all accounts, Luke Russert’s salary was up to $500,000 a year. It is also estimated that his net worth is over $9 million.

Notable Moments In Luke Russert’s Career

It was a big deal in 2010 when the chairman of the then-House Ways and Means Committee, Charlie Rangel, apologized to Russert after verbally attacking the journalist for asking him questions about a report that found that the congressman had illegally asked for donations with official congressional paper and had failed to disclose his shady real estate holdings.

Russert was again the focus of public attention the following year. This time he was in the spotlight because he was the first journalist to conduct a session interview with Congressman Anthony Weiner after it became known that the Congressman had sent inappropriate pictures to young women via the Internet. Weiner resigned from Congress shortly after the interview.

Luke Russert Dating, Gay, Girlfriend, Married

Curious about Luke Russert’s marital status? Uncover the answer to “Is Luke Russert married?” with our concise exploration. Get quick insights into this intriguing aspect of Russert’s life

Everyone believed that Russert was gay when he was caught screaming from the roof of the Capitol Rotunda: “He said yes”. He was referring to his best friend, Jake Sherman.

In anticipation of Russert and Sherman’s wedding date, it turned out that the two of them were just fooling around. It was an April Fools’ Day joke. And all doubts were removed when it was circulated and later confirmed that Sherman was going to marry Irene Jefferson. They were finally married on February 15, 2015.

It’s hard to say whether Russert is currently involved in a romantic relationship. Questions like “Who is Luke Russert’s girlfriend” remain unanswered. Although it is impossible to say whether Russert is with someone, it is certain that he has never been married.

Russert lives in Washington, D.C. with his pug Chamberlain.