Lindsay Ellis Biography, Husband and Family, Why Was She Arrested?

Lindsay Ellis Biography, Husband and Family, Why Was She Arrested?
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Lindsay Ellis is a famous YouTuber, film critic, writer, actress, producer, and more, but she is best described as a nostalgia chick – a pseudonym she acquired after joining the production company Channel Awesome under the name The Nostalgia Chick.

She is known for her distinctive look, which includes braids, a choker, and dark-rimmed hipster glasses. She also has a remarkably dry sense of humor. Learn more about her below.

Lindsay Ellis Biography

She was born on November 24, 1984, under the first name Lindsay Carole Ellis. Her birthplace is Johnson City, Tennessee, in the United States of America. Information about her family background and formative years has never been shared by the media personality.

Lindsay Ellis
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On the academic front, she is a graduate of New York University, where she studied film studies at the Tisch School of Arts and received her bachelor’s degree in 2007. Lindsay’s academic qualifications did not end with a first degree, she went to the University of Southern California at their School of Cinematic, where she received her master’s degree in 2011. Lindsay is originally from Tennessee and still keeps her Boston Terrier named Clio, who currently lives with her parents in Tennessee. She is also the proud owner of a puppy named Kali, who has made several appearances in many of her videos.

Lindsay Ellis is quite an all-around talent, she is an accomplished writer, and in collaboration with Antonella “Nella” Inserra and Elisa Hansen she wrote, “Awoken”. The play is a paranormal love parody of Twilight. She is the author and director of The A-Word – a short film documentary about the experiences of women during an abortion. The Hobbit Duology – her three-part documentary from 2018, which she made in collaboration with Angelina Meehan, was nominated for the Hugo Awards 2019 in the category “Best Related Work”. Her main focus as a social media personality is, among many other productions, the production of videos about films by Walt Disney Pictures. Lindsay is also the host of It’s Lit!, a web series for PBS.

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Husband And Family

The details of Lindsay’s family have never come into the limelight, there is no information about the identity of her parents and siblings. The former nostalgic woman is currently married, but unlike her professional life, which is very transparent, the details of her married life have escaped both the media and the general public.

Although Lindsay Ellis’ love life is rather hazy, the news came on Twitter that she tied the marital knot with her spouse in June 2018; although no one was able to pin it down to a specific date, the ceremony, which took place in a private wedding, was well attended by her close friends, including Mikey Neumann, Elisa Hansen, and many others.

Another aspect of Lindsay’s life that is kept under wrap is her husband’s identity. The two approaches almost a full year in marriage, but the sensation in social media has never revealed her husband’s identity in public. Even in her wedding photos, which flooded many social media platforms after the wedding, her husband’s face was hidden because she took the time to cover his face, making it unrecognizable before she published the photos. The fans live in the hope that she will decide to reveal her identity in the future.

Lindsay Ellis Biography, Husband and Family, Why Was She Arrested?
Image source

Although Lindsay Ellis makes a conscious effort to hide her husband’s identity from prying eyes, she never misses an opportunity to mention him on her Twitter handle, where she has amassed a fan base of over 138,000 people. As for the question of starting a family, Lindsay and her mysterious spouse do not seem to be in a hurry to have children, but they seem to focus on building a strong relationship.

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Before she met her life partner, the social media personality had her fair share of relationships. In contrast to her married life, the details of her past dalliances are an open book. She was once in a relationship with Todd Nathanson – her fellow critic, best known to fans as Todd in the Shadows. Although they are no longer together as a couple, they still maintain a good friendly relationship.

Why Was She Arrested?

Lindsay Ellis was arrested on December 8, 2017, on charges of public drunkenness. The arresting authority that took her case was the Johnson City Police Department. Although she left the police network soon after, no one knows how long she was detained.