Home Musician Kim Namjoon Bio, Heart Surgery, Age, Height, Sister, Dating, Girlfriend

Kim Namjoon Bio, Heart Surgery, Age, Height, Sister, Dating, Girlfriend

Kim Namjoon Bio, Heart Surgery, Age, Height, Sister, Dating, Girlfriend

Rap Monster or the more popular Kim Namjoon is a rapper, songwriter, and record producer who came to the world from South Korea. He belongs to a new generation of young talented musicians of Asian origin, who are making waves worldwide with their fresh rap style, lyrics, and overall appealing celebrity style. Here you will find everything you need to know about Kim Namjoon’s biography, his age, his sister, his relationship status, and the much sought-after heart surgery he had.

Kim Namjoon Bio, Age, Height, Sister

Kim Namjoon, Rap Monster, Runch Randa or RapMon was born on 12 September 1994 in Ilsan-gu, Goyang, South Korea as the son of South Korean parents. He has a sister named Kim Jeong Min, who grew up with him in soul together with her older brother Kim Seok Jung. There is not much information about her parents, but it is known that her mother is a broker, while her father is employed by SK Telekom. Kim Namjoon is closest to his mother, and she supported his interest in music, even though she was a bright child.

Kim Namjoon was an exception at school. Not only did he have good grades, but with an IQ of 148, he was also exceptionally good and made it into the highly competitive 1.3% of the national university entrance examination for language, social studies, foreign language, and mathematics. He is fluent in English and Japanese and has described himself as an atheist.

Kim attended Global Cyber University, where he graduated with honors in broadcasting and performing arts. There he was among the top-ranked students in the national school exams, where he achieved a TOEIC score well above 900. A good performance for which many worked hard, but which was never achieved. While at school, he learned Japanese and improved his English to a fluent standard by watching American sitcoms like Friends. When he moved to New Zealand for intermediate studies, he continued to teach himself English and improved with every mistake he made.

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Kim Namjoon began his music career in 2008 as a solo artist under the stage name Runch Randa. He briefly played with groups such as Zico, Daenamhyup, who were popular in the South Korean hip hop community at the time.

In 2010, he was recruited as a member during the BTS Big Hit Talent audition. Joining this group allowed him to train for years with talents like rapper Min Yoon-gi (Suga) and dancer Jung Ho-Seok (J-Hope). By 2013 he was ready to make his debut as a member of the BTS group at Mnet’s M! Countdown with the title No More Dream from their debut single album 2 Cool 4 Skool. This was the song that announced his musical arrival in the world and brought him waves. He also took the leading position as leader of the group. Since then he has written some songs for the group’s albums.

Because of his golden talent, he has worked with many Korean and foreign artists to produce some of the best singles and videos of rap music with a spice of South Korean lyrics in it. These songs include Fantastic Four with Marvel, Please Don’t Die with Warren G, and Bucku Bucku with hip-hop group MFBTY’s.

Outside of music-making, he has an example of this on talk shows is Hot Brain: Problematic Men. He has also been featured in local and international magazines, including the American magazine XXL, where he was described as one of South Korea’s most promising rappers.

His brand and style are hot cakes! and this has earned him many highly rewarding recommendations and commercials. He is the brand ambassador for the popular South Korean coffee brand “K’hawah”, which is produced in South Korea.

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Heart Surgery

At the age of 15, young Kim Namjoon had a very serious open-heart surgery, in which he only had a 30% chance of survival. After he survived the operation, he repeatedly sang about life and how happy he is to be alive in some of his songs. Well, thank God he made it, otherwise, we will not be able to enjoy his songs today.

Kim Namjoon Relationship Status – Dating, Girlfriend

He once revealed that he had a girlfriend in high school, but for so many other male friends, the girl had a girlfriend as well. He couldn’t handle that. A few years have passed since high school, how is he with girls now?

When an interviewer asked him and other BTS members about dating and marriage, he replied intelligently that this is an essential thing in life and all boys will get married at some point, but it’s just too early to talk about it right now.

In another interview, Namjoon revealed that it would be nice if he found a deep girl (in her thoughts), but at the same time funny. He added that every girl is beautiful in her way, but he is looking for someone to share with special moments. So from all this, we can deduce that there is no girl in his life now, but from all the signs he could be longing for such a girl.

So if you are a girl, you like him and want to get close to him, this is his ideal date – go shopping, have a sweet-tasting coffee in a warm café, and have nice selcas

However, keep in mind that he has a busy schedule, so he is not necessarily the ideal boyfriend who is always there for his girlfriend.