Journey River Green Is Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green’s Third Child - Meet Him
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Journey River Green is the youngest child of former couple Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green. Both Georgia’s mum and dad are well-known actors.

Besides Georgia, the former celebrity couple has two other children together, both boys. One thing that we are all really curious about is how ex-spouses look after their children.

In this article today, we will find out, in addition to some interesting facts about George Rivera Green, such as his age, his relationship with his parents, and siblings, and much more!

Journey River Green Wiki: When is his Birthday?

Journey River Green was born on August 4, 2016, in Los Angeles, California. He entered the world at 23.00 local time. He is currently five years old and will soon be six.

The third child of Brian Austin and Megan Fox, George is Caucasian and American. He also has Scottish ancestry.

His father, Brian, was born in Van Nuys, California, and his mother, Megan, is from Tennessee.

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Journey River Green Brothers

Megan and Brian’s eldest child, Noah Shannon Green, was born on 27 September 2012. Their second child, Bodie Ransom Green, entered the world on 12 February 2014. All three of Green’s siblings were born in Los Angeles. After George’s arrival, the Greene family became complete.

During Brian and Megan’s relationship, both were voted the best parents in Hollywood. They spent a lot of time with their children. From going out a couple of times a week to spending quality time together, whatever their busy schedules, the lovebirds made sure their boys felt loved.

Even after the couple’s divorce, they have tried their best to take care of their children. All three children usually appear on their parents’ respective Instagram accounts, although Meghan rarely shares photos of them.

Journey River’s parents had a different way of parenting

As we mentioned above, Megan and Brian had a rather different upbringing. While appearing in Ever After with Jill White, Brian was open about raising his three children with Megan.

The former flames used a basketball analogy to care for the boys. Brian said, “It’s basketball,

“My wife and I, we got really good at man-to-man. Then you have three [kids] and all of a sudden you have to play zone. ‘OK, I’ll cover [this] half of the room, you cover that half.’ Then if a kid steps in our zone, then we’ve got it covered.”

With time, Brian got used to this technique, which made him calmer with the boys. He added: “Brian is very happy,

“You get used to that, and then you start playing zone by yourself. You start going, ‘Yeah, I can do this.”

This podcast was released just a few months before Megan filed for divorce, which is quite ironic.

Fans have accused Megan Fox of being an Absentee mother

Like many divorced couples who spend time with their children in their spare time, Brian and Megan did the same. It’s one thing not to share family photos at all, but it’s quite another to start talking about such things in private immediately after a divorce.

Apparently, since the divorce, Brian has been constantly sharing pictures of the boys, but Meghan rarely posted photos of the children on social media.

Now we’re sure you can guess what happened after she stopped posting pictures of her offspring while her ex-husband has been active in the matter. Yes, people started calling Meghan out for being an absentee mother.

While Austin rarely leaves an occasion to share pictures of his sons, Fox is a different story. For example, back during Halloween 2020, Brian uploaded a photo of him with George in the background when they were dressed up in costumes. Now, Meghan has not shared a single photo of her children at the big event, and after seeing Brian’s posts, fans started speculating that Meghan is not as close to her children as their father.

After reading all the negative comments, Meghan took to her Instagram and attacked her ex-husband for “feeding” the rumors that she was an “absentee mother”. She uploaded the same picture with an incredibly negative status and demanded that Brian remove the photo. See for yourself!

After a backlash, Brian surprisingly agreed to Megan’s request and deleted the picture, and re-uploaded it, cutting out Georgia.

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Journey River and his siblings had difficulty learning during the Coronavirus lockdown

During the coronavirus pandemic, most of us suffered in one way or another. George and his brothers were also trapped within the four walls of their home when the world was on lockdown.

In December 2020, in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Brian spoke vividly about all the challenges of caring for his sons during the closure.

While many of the children had to study virtually, George, Noah, and Bodie struggled to learn in this way. So their father came up with a unique way to cope with the needs of Noah, the eldest. Brian said this.” Brian said that if you want to save your own child, Noah, it is very difficult.

“We have a pod of six other kids, because our 8-year-old, he just wasn’t into the remote learning at all. Sitting in front of a computer and doing that, that just wasn’t his thing. … I think some kids need the socialization. Like, they really need to be with other kids.”

Well, he really is a caring dad.

How much is Journey River Green’s Net Worth?

It is clear that George’s parents are multimillionaires. His mother Megan is worth a whopping $8 million, while his father Brian total wealth is $8 million.

Quick Facts About Journey River Green

Full Name:Journey River Green
Born Date:04 Aug 2016
Age:6 years
Lucky Number:3
Lucky Stone:Ruby
Lucky Color:Gold
Best Match for Marriage:Sagittarius, Gemini, Aries
Profession:Celebrity kid
Country:United States of America
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
Birth PlaceLos Angeles, California
FatherBrian Austin Green
MotherMegan Fox
Siblings3 (Bodhi Ransom Green, Noah Shannon Green, and Kassius Lijah Marcil Green)