Jessie Moses Bio, Facts You Need To Know About Jon Jones’s Wife

Jessie Moses Bio, Facts You Need To Know About Jon Jones’s Wife
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What else do you know about Jessie Moses beside her relationship status? She is in fact the longtime girlfriend and fiancée of the popular MMA fighter Jon Jones. Given her influence as a wife in the life of the fighter, Jessie has indeed outgrown the status of a girlfriend. The two have come a long way and have a lot to show for their love. Jessie has built a huge fan base during her enviable relationship with Jones. Apart from that, there is much more to learn about her and you will read all about it here.

Jessie Moses Bio

She was born on September 12, 1987, in Endicott, New York. It is not clear what sparked Jessie’s interest in her career in high school, but during these years she fell into the arms of her lover. Like Jon, she attended Endicott High School. There their paths crossed and the two never left each other’s side. She was in junior high school when she met Jon, who was in his senior year. After high school, Jessie Moses received her first degree at Broome Community College in Brome County. She graduated in 2009 with a major in political science.

The two had a relationship before Jessie went to college. During her college studies, Moses became pregnant with her daughter. Leah, their first daughter, was born in July 2008 and this only strengthened their relationship. The following year they welcomed their second daughter Carmen. Their youngest daughter Olivia was born in March 2013. As for her career, Jones’s girlfriend has not taken advantage of her college degree and probably wants to focus on raising her children.

Jessie Moses
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Relationship With Jon Jones

Jessie Moses was a caring and supportive partner for Jon. Because she saw the path he wanted to take, she was one of the first to stand up for her husband and has supported him all these years. Jon ventured into MMA in 2008 when he had his first professional performance. Today he is no longer a name to be ignored on the MMA platform. Not only is he a two-time light-heavyweight champion, but the UFC fighter has also been recognized by some of the industry’s most prominent stakeholders.

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As mentioned earlier, Jessie and Jon have been together since their high school days. They are not married yet, but considering how far they have come, they are always seen by the public as a married couple. Jon decided to make their union official in 2013 when he proposed to Jessie. It was during the Easter period that year, and Jon Jones was overjoyed when he made the announcement.

But not leading her to the altar yet does not stop the UFC fighter from invoking Moses as his wife, as we have seen on several occasions. Jessie Moses and her partner live with their three daughters in Ithaca New York. Although he is mostly away from home due to the nature of his career, Jon always spends time with his beautiful family.

Jessie Moses Bio, Facts You Need To Know About Jon Jones’s Wife
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Other Facts About Jon Jones’ Wife

Jessie Moses and her partner named Carmen their second daughter after Jon’s sister, who died at a young age of brain cancer.

Being with Jon Jones and supporting him all these years is not something that Jessie had to do all by herself. She has received her family’s approval of her relationship with the UFC fighter. In fact, it was Jessie’s mother, Sheila Ryan, who encouraged him to go into MMA. According to Jon Jones, Jessie’s mother taught him all about being positive and confident when he was younger. It was these encouraging words from her that made him follow his dreams and become a fighter.

Moses describes herself on her Facebook page as a full-time mommy. As mentioned before, the mother of three concentrates on her children and wants to raise them to an independent age before she thinks about a career. She is a certified political scientist and who knows, maybe she wants to join this line.

Despite the fame of her partner, Jessie Jones prefers to live an inconspicuous life. However, Jon’s heroics have put her in the spotlight. In fact, there is no escape from the limelight for Moses, whose fiancée she is very proud of. He always raves about her and his family in interviews, and this only draws media attention to her.