Home Musician Jessica Andrea Bio, Relationship with Logic, Husband, Family Life

Jessica Andrea Bio, Relationship with Logic, Husband, Family Life

Jessica Andrea Bio, Relationship with Logic, Husband, Family Life

There are some people today who are not only famous for being good at what they do but also for being married to someone who is also good at what they do. This is the case with Jessica Andrea, an American singer, songwriter and YouTuber who is married to her colleague, the singer, rapper, songwriter and record producer Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, popularly known by the stage name Logic.

Today we will tell you the interesting story of Jessica Andrea, her biography, her family life, her husband, her relationship with Logic, how and where they met, and other interesting things you should know about our dear Jessica Andrea.

Jessica Andrea Bio and Family Life

Jessica Andrea Hall was born on 1 May 1992 to Caucasian parents who lived in Los Angeles, California, United States of America. She is an American nationality and white. She has received very little information about the identity of her parents, their names, profession, and upbringing. She has also revealed nothing about whether she has biological siblings or was a well-behaved only child.

However, it is said that she loved music as a child and started to take it seriously when she was in high school. Over time, as she devoted herself to her musical interests, she began to consider this as a possible career option for her, and this was somewhat supported by her parents. Today, she has done well, as she has not only been successful in her music career but has also married a successful and established musician. If she hadn’t followed what her heart was longing for, she probably wouldn’t have been as successful as she is now, let alone be talked about as one of America’s best musical couples in the business.

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Jessica’s musical success is very much linked to her husband Logic. She started her career as a background singer in some of Logic’s songs like Flexicution, Bang Bang, and Under Pressure. Currently, she is gradually transforming into a solo artist with her successful solo single, Medicine, which was released on May 26, 2017. The success of this song arose from the various engagements she has had as a background singer or cover artist. For example, one of her covers, entitled Habits, was viewed more than a million times on YouTube a few months after it was uploaded to the popular video streaming website. She is also very active in social media with thousands of loyal fans on Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Jessica Andrea still enjoys the support of her doting husband throughout her music career. You would think that she might have problems with the unique rapper on a solo song, but no, they are perfectly fine. She signed as a founding member of her husband’s record label Team Elysium after releasing her debut solo album. Her first project entitled Electric was released on August 18th, 2017, which was also successful. We believe that we will see more of her beautiful songs over the years.

Jessica Andrea’s Relationship with Logic – Husband

Sir Robert Bryson Hall II or Logic, born January 22, 1990, is not the typical American rapper you could predict what would happen in his married life without conjuring a crystal ball. He is an exception for the rest of the guys who talk lyrically about music. For lack of a better term, Logic is clean when it comes to celebrity relationships and married fiasco. This is in contrast to the typical American celebrity rapper who, as if it were a law, has to go out with a few other celebrities and get divorced to a certain extent after trying or trying out his luck in marriage.

Logic met and married the only virgin he was ever publicly associated with. The couple first met when Jessica Andrea was hired to perform backstage at one of Robert’s concerts. This happened in February 2015, and they met for the first time at this encounter. The attraction was instantaneous, and if you were there, you will agree with me that it was real and sincere. This instant attraction lasted for the next 9 months before they were married in October of that year and became part of history. Their wedding took place in a normal circle of family and friends, without the celebrity hype.

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They deserved a round of applause, please!

The couple has since married without any publicly known quarrels between them. They will have another child or may not want one for the time being. If they do have a child, we believe that this young but mature, prominent couple will take good care of these children.

Facts about Jessica Andrea

Her husband Logic was formerly addicted to alcohol and drugs but she has gradually turned him away from such life and will maybe soon stop him from smoking

Jessica Andrea is humane and kind, she is a good listener and always ready to give good advice

She likes drawing, cooking, working out but never keeps to a diet

Her favorite color is lime-green.