Is Sean Berdy Deaf, Dating Or Married? Who Is His Girlfriend, Wife?
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The success is not only for people born without any form of hearing impairment. There are thousands of celebrities out there who rose to fame while struggling with hearing loss. In Hollywood, a list of popular deaf actors would not be complete without Sean Berdy, the star who captivated the international audience in the widely acclaimed movie Switched at Birth.

Berdy began his journey to greatness at a young age. At that time he arranged improvised comedic shows together with his younger brother on his parents’ bed. When he saw the joy his performance gave his parents and friends, he decided to develop himself to become a great performer in the world of entertainment.

The actor made his first movie appearance in 2005 as a deaf boy in the movie The Sandlot 2, and the following year he was cast as Trey in Eric Allen Bell’s movie Bondage. His other acting achievements include The Deaf Family (2008), The Legend of the Mountain Man, Switched at Birth, in which he played the fictional character Emmett Bledsoe, who was deaf in the film.

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To this day, Switched at Birth is considered his biggest project in Hollywood. The same film also earned him the prestigious DeafNation Inspiration Award for Entertainment and has gained a large fan base around the world due to the influence his role has left in the deaf community.

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Sean has also starred in a number of commercials. He often gives motivational keynote speeches and has made an ASL camera presentation of the animated film: Ice Age: Continental Ice Age. His ASL version of “Hero” has been viewed more than 1 million times on YouTube. The young celebrity is currently working on the launch of his own show called “The Sean Berdy Show”, which will feature his sketches, stand-up comedy, and life stories. His total assets and value are estimated at $2 million.

Sean Berdy Deaf Bio

The budding Hollywood actor was born on June 3, 1993, in a Jewish-Catholic family, in a place called Boca Raton, located in Florida in the United States.

His parents’ names are Terrie Berdy (mother) and Scott Berdy (father). His mother is of Irish descent, while his father has Russian roots. Both are also deaf. Sean has a younger sibling named Tyler Berdy, who is also deaf.

Sean began his academic career at the Indiana School for the Deaf. In his sophomore year, he entered a national competition in which he won the title of Mr. Deaf Teen America. After winning the competition, Berdy was sponsored to travel the country and raise awareness of deaf people. He later completed his high school education career in Southern California.

During his high school years, the 5-foot 10-inch comedian/director/actor/actress/film producer/author performed with the performing arts touring group of the institution called Vibrations. Berdy has also interpreted King of Pop Michael Jackson’s song “The Way You Make Me Feel” using American Sign Language (ASL) in many locations around the country. These performances are big hits on the Internet today, including YouTube.

Is Sean Berdy Deaf, Dating Or Married? Who Is His Girlfriend, Wife?
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Is Sean Berdy Deaf?

Yes, Sean Berdy was born deaf. That is why he uses American Sign Language (ASL) in all the films he has starred in. Interestingly, Berdy’s hearing problem has never posed a threat or challenge to his dreams. From birth, he has always wished to become an international personality. He has participated in various activities, such as singing with the choir, touring with music groups, and, as mentioned above, performing magic.

Sean’s greatest joy is the fact that he has been able to influence life through his shows and roles in the film industry. According to him, he is grateful that people in his shows are beginning to learn how to speak sign language and other things that matter.

During the World Deaf Magicians Festival, which was held in St. Petersburg, Russia, some time ago, Sean emerged as the winner of the highest award for young magicians.

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Is He Dating or Married? Who Is His Girlfriend, Wife?

The star actor could possibly be single. Apart from the fact that he is too young to start a family, he has never been romantically involved with a girl in Hollywood or outside the entertainment industry.

Since Sean became a star, the media has associated him with many girls, but the young and handsome actor has never confirmed that he has been with any girl, past or present. He may have had some relationships with ladies on screen, but in real life, Berdy goes solo. So as long as the marriage is involved, the Hollywood stallion still has to make the bond for life. He was neither married nor did he have children.

We all know that Sean Berdy has everything it takes to be a wonderful husband and that many girls are absolutely in love with him because of his good looks and acting skills. We can state that he is neither married nor in a relationship, he has no girlfriend or wife – the actor waits for the right time.