Is Denny Hamlin Married? His Wife, Girlfriend, Kids, Family, House
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If you’re a fan of race car driving, then you know the famous race car driver Denny Hamlin, who started his career in car racing in 1988 at the young age of seven with go-karts. At the age of 15, the future driver was already driving mini stocks. Today he is known as an American professional “stock car racing” driver who won his first stock car race at Langley Speedway and also took pole position. He currently works full-time and competes in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, where he drives the Toyota Camry #11 for Gibbs Racing, and in the Xfinity Series, he also works part-time and drives the Toyota Camry #18 for JGR.

Is Denny Hamlin Married? His Wife, Girlfriend, Kids, Family, House

Is Denny Hamlin Married? His Wife, Girlfriend, Kids, Family

The famous racing car driver Denny Hamlin was born as the son of mother Mary Lou Hamlin and father Dennis Hamlin. Although his ethnic origin is unknown, he has American citizenship, but information about his siblings is not currently available. He was born on November 18, 1980.

The popular stock car racing driver is currently in a relationship with Jordan Fish, a former professional cheerleader of the Charlotte Bobcats. Jordan was already making progress in the field of cheerleading when she put everything on hold to start a family with Denny, but according to the LinkedIn profile, she is still working as a model for Marilyn’s model and talent management. Denny’s pretty girlfriend is also a fashion and lifestyle blogger with over 18,000 followers.

The couple met during a performance by the Lady Cats dance team during a race in which Jordan Hamlin participated. It only took one eye contact, and they exchanged numbers and started communicating on the phone. Although they separated soon after their first meeting, they were still connected eight years later, and their relationship has never been stronger.

Denny Hamlin and Jordan Fish have two daughters together. It is believed that the couple is madly in love with each other, and it is also believed that they plan to consummate the wedding soon, although they have not yet announced it to the public. The couple would like to raise their children together and, whenever possible, have a good time with them.

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His House

The famous racing car driver moved into his new home in 2017. The house is a 30,000 square meter mansion on the shores of Lake Norman in Cornelius, NC. The 2.8-acre property on which the house stands was purchased in May 2014 for $1.375 million. The new mansion is simply beautiful with the amazing exterior design, but the interior is out of this world. From the living room, you have a good view of the garage where the NASCAR race car that won the Daytona 500 is parked.

Denny not only commissioned the Thompson Custom Building Group to build a house for him, but he was also actively involved and worked closely with them to make important decisions about interactive interiors that would help set up the brain of the house. This state-of-the-art home is called a “smart home” because almost all the devices in the house, including security, lights, TV, 32 audio zones, and many other things, can be controlled from a smartphone. Denny Hamlin, who used a similar system in his old house, is at home with the controls, but according to Brian Berg, president of Interactive Interiors, the race car driver was not satisfied with the complex interface and also with the endless problems that keep popping up. So he asked Brian to install the easiest to use the system he could comfortably rely on, and so the president of Interactive Interiors suggested ELAN.

The electronic devices in the house include 24 Samsung 60-inch TVs, both inside and outside the house. A Samsung television with a curved 88-inch screen is installed in the central media room of the house. The televisions are simply beautiful, but the projector room is another beauty to look at. A matt white 110-inch projection screen with a black velvet frame stands next to Denny’s Daytona 500 racing car. Another projector, a Sony SXRD video with 4K Ultra HD resolution, is also there. In addition to the Sony SXRD, there are four other small screens that allow Denny to simultaneously watch cameras in the car and the broadcast of the race.

Brian said that they had to work hand in hand with Custom Cabinet Builder to build the 55-inch panels around the theater screen so that five independent channels could be viewed simultaneously, and according to him, this is the ideal thing to enjoy different races or games at the same time. He concluded by saying that they worked together to develop a custom wooden frame around the screen, complete with embedded Lutron lighting and that everything can be automated with the ELAN system.

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Ted Thompson, the current president of Thompson Custom Home Builder, in turn, applauded “Interactive Interiors for a job well done”. He described the work the company has done as phenomenal, considering how quickly and efficiently the ELAN system has been installed in the home. According to Ted, implementing a smart home infrastructure of this size and scope can take programmers several months, but in this case, all the processes were seamless.

The race car driver’s home houses several indoor entertainment facilities in addition to televisions and projectors, there is a bowling alley, a golf simulator, and much more.