Is Andrew ilnyckyj Married? Who is The Wife, Girlfriend and Relationship With Ashly Perez
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Andrew Ilnyckyj is a senior video producer and actor of Buzzfeed and joined the company in 2013. He was born on May 23, 1990, in New Jersey and his birth sign is Gemini. Andrew Ilnyckyj is known for his The Creepy Series and his number one hit series Worth It, which he created together with Steven Lim.

He has also worked both in front of and behind the camera on huge video hits such as Things Everybody Does But Doesn’t Talk About, in which he played with President Barack Obama, Things Cats Do That Would Be Creepy If You Did Them, Mozzarella Meatballs with Slow Cooker filling, Blue and Always Say Aishiteru.

In his videos, Andrew portrays funny, awkward characters who delight his fans and audience. A pretty popular fansite was created for him on Instagram, and there’s even a BuzzFeed fansite for him.

Is Andrew ilnyckyj Married? Who is The Wife, Girlfriend and Relationship With Ashly Perez

What is Buzzfeed?

Buzzfeed is an Internet media company based in New York City, America, and was founded in 2006 by Jonah Peretti and John S. Johnson III. Focused on digital media, the company is a social news and entertainment company that was originally founded to track viral content. It also offers coverage on a variety of topics including politics, home improvement, animals, and business, and will expand into journalism and reportage in 2011. Its outsourced YouTube channels include Tasty, Ladylike, and Boldly.

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Worth It Buzzfeed

Her first Worth It series was uploaded to YouTube on September 18, 2016. The show features the Ohio-born Chinese-Malaysian American, Steven Lim, Andrew Ilnyckyj, and Adam Bianchi (the cameraman). The trio visits three different restaurants, where they offer a particular food product in three different price categories – affordable, middle class, and luxury. The aim is to find out which food is worth its price, from the most expensive, cheapest to the supposedly ideal price.

Starting in 2017, Worth It became the most-watched show on YouTube with an audience as big as the top TV shows, with up to 280 million viewers.

Andrew Ilnyckyj Relationship with Ashly Perez

Who is Ashly Perez?

Ashly is a video producer at Buzzfeed. She is also a travel editor and video producer for Violet, whose comic features have made her popular on social media.

She was born in California on July 8, 1989, and is of Cuban, Filipino, and Korean descent. The first series she produced with her production colleagues and purple characters, You Do You in 2015, became a hit and reached its peak during the entire launch week on the iTunes TV store. The video trumped shows like The Walking Dead and Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Ashly is best known for her video content for and by young, multicultural women. She once wrote a BuzzFeed lifestyle article entitled “I Wasn’t Beautiful Enough To Live In South Korea”. In it, she stressed that the focus of South Korean culture is on the appearance of young women.

Their Relationship

The duo produces the Ashdrew videos in which they perform as a couple and were sent by fans because they are so perfect together. Their fan community considers its characters as OTP (One True Pairing). Some of the videos include: Is it just a crush, thousand years, something I want, all around the heart, the whispering challenge, he’s on a date.

One of the videos, Is He on a Date, hinted that Andrew has been kidnapped and that there will be no more Ashdrew videos. And truthfully, the videos stopped coming.

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As perfect a couple as they seem on screen, it’s heartbreaking to know that they’re not a real couple. They finished their show and left many a fan disappointed with the way they went about it, probably because Andrew got a girlfriend in real life.

It has even been claimed that the new girlfriend received death threats from the movers because she put herself between her and her dreams (when she saw her lovers together, IRL). Even with the report that Ashly is gay, nothing could have happened between the two (Andrew and Ashly).

Ashly announced on her Twitter feed on February 2, 2018, that she was leaving Buzzfeed for some other projects, but said that this might not mean the end of her series, unfortunately, Ashley.

Is Andrew Ilnyckyj Married? Wife, Girlfriend

It was assumed that Andrew is with Ashly Perez, but it is already common knowledge that they are not together and only portrayed a couple on the screen. However, there were rumors that the Ashdrew videos ended because of Andrew’s possible girlfriend, who was not too comfortable with the comments and the sending of the fans.

As true as that may be, what is not known is the identity of the said girlfriend. Nonetheless, our expectations and dreams of bringing our favorite screen pairs together and wishing that they would meet in real life should not stop us from supporting Andrew in his relationship with his unknown girlfriend.