Here’s What We Know About Jillian Barberie’s Marriages, Kids and Net Worth
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Jillian Barberie (also known in the media as Jillian Reynolds) is a multi-talented Canadian native who has made a name for herself in television, radio and acting. She began her career as a model before transitioning to presenting on Good Day L.A., an early morning news and entertainment show that airs from 4 am to 10 am every day of the week on FOX’s KTTV Channel 11. Her charm and charisma have earned her much recognition over the years, making her one of today’s most beloved personalities.

For seventeen years, from 1995 to 2012, she worked on the show. She also hosted the foreplay show Fox Sports Fox NFL Sunday. More recently, she was a live noontime presenter on ABC talk radio KABC 790.

Jillian’s love life has been a source of public fascination. She is known to have had an eventful romantic history leading many people to wonder if she is currently married or dating someone or living a single life. To gain insight into this aspect of Jillian’s life it is important to look at her past relationships and current status in order to get a better understanding of her very busy love life.

Here’s What We Know About Jillian Barberie’s Marriages, Kids and Net Worth

Her First Marriage To Bret Barberie

She was first married to former MLB infielder Bret Barberie in 1996, but the marriage ended after six years, in 2002 to be precise. They did not have a child together and did not give details of why they decided to end the marriage. Her first husband played college baseball at the University of Southern California (USA) and later had a successful MLB career, playing for four teams from 1991 to 1996.

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Jillian’s Marriage To Grant Reynolds And The Birth Of Her Kids

After the end of her marriage with Bret, Jillian Barberie found love for the American actor Grant Reynolds. They dated for a while and entered into a marriage in 2006. Their second marriage outlasted the first one by two years when it finally broke up in 2014. According to Jillian, the divorce was amicable and was attributed to insurmountable differences.

While her relationship with Grant continued, Jillian changed her legal name to Jillian Reynolds, but she still used Barberie for professional reasons. In December 2006, news surfaced that Jillian was pregnant with her first child by the former sniper who became an actor.

On July 6, 2007, Jillian was delivered by a girl named Ruby Raven Reynolds. Her second child is a boy named Rocco Rio Reynolds who was born on January 11, 2010. But while the world waited for the possible news of their third issue together in 2013, Jillian announced that she and Grant would end it. She filed for divorce the same day she made the announcement, and the divorce was finalized the following year.

Jillian with Family

After that, there was a custody battle between them. Jillian wanted custody of her two children and visitation rights for Reynold, and they should both share legal fees. Eventually, she got what she wanted: she gets custody of the children while Grant helps her raise them.

Is Jillian Barberie Still Married or Dating Anyone?

Since her marriage to Grant Reynolds ended in 2014, we haven’t heard that Jillian Barberie has become addicted again. It’s possible that her career and the task of taking care of her two children have kept her too busy to care about romance. This is different from her life before the children were born.

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In the past, she had a number of dates besides her two ex-husbands. After her marriage with Bret ended in 2002, she was involved with several men, including Johnny Gill and Rzeznik. She was also seen in short affairs with people like David Spade, John 5, and Mario.

How Much Is Jillian Barberie Worth?

Jillian Barberie Net Worth

By early 2020, Jillian Barberie is said to have a net worth of $8 million. She has accumulated this amount by working in several jobs over the years. In addition to her work on KTTV and KABC 790 and her previous reality TV roles, she has also taken on roles in the CBS sitcom Yes Dear and in Fox’s sketch comedy MADtv. She has also hosted the syndicated reality show Extreme Dating. Jillian worked with KABC 790 until December 2019. At the time of this writing, we have no indication that her contract with KABC has been renewed, but among other efforts, she is still active in her career as a television personality.