Heimo Korth Biography, Age, Daughters, Family, Net Worth
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Heimo Korth has become famous for living his normal everyday life. But there is nothing normal about his everyday life – he lives in the wilderness, in a place where the sun sets in December and only returns in February. He lives with his wife under the extreme conditions of the arctic wilderness of Alaska, which many people have not been able to do before.

He is also known as the “American Frontiersman” and is both a nature boy and a television personality, who has become famous with his wife and other family members through his appearances in the Discovery Channel television series “The Last Alaskans”.

Heimo Korth – Biography and Age

Heimo Korth was born on April 17, 1955, in the United States as the son of Irene Korth and Erich Korth. Originally from Wisconsin, the godfather of the “Final Frontier” has managed to keep everything about his early and past life out of the public eye. Therefore not much is known about his childhood, his education, and his family members.

However, it has been suggested that when he was growing up he had a very terrible relationship with his father who abused him as a child. For this reason, the two are said to have had a poisonous and antagonistic relationship that forced Heimo to leave the house and come and settle everything else all by himself.

Before Heimo left Wisconsin for Alaska and the life of an outsider, he was a welder in his former home before he quit and left. When he left, he was between his late teens and early twenties. Since immersing himself in the life of a miner, he has never paused to rethink his earlier career or even return home from it, as he has built his own life and family.

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In 2004, a writer who is also Heimo’s cousin wrote and published a book entitled The Final Frontiersman: Heimo Korth and His Family, Alone in Alaska’s Arctic Wilderness. The book immediately drew attention to one of the few people living in the extreme conditions of the Arctic Wilderness, and so for the first time, there was an interest in Heimo and his lifestyle.

Heimo and his family live along the Coleen River in the southern part of the Brooks Range and are among the few people who have permission to be permanent residents at the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. He lives an independent life, hunting and fishing to feed himself. During the summer he worked at Fort Yukon.

Much later, after the publication of James Campbell’s book in 2009, a documentary about the life of Heimo Korth was produced by VBS.tv in 2009. The documentary “Surviving Alone in Alaska” was not the first in which he was seen. It was already featured in the National Geographic documentary “Braving Alaska” in 1993.

From 2011 to 2012 Korth was featured in another documentary film called Flying Wild Alaska. However, it was not until 2015, with the release of the Discovery Channel documentary series The Last Alaskan, that he received the fame he never sought. The series, which is still running, takes a look at the lives of the various families who live at the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska.

Family – Wife, and Daughters

After leaving home, Heimo Korth later met a woman named Edna Korth in the village of St. Lawrence Island in Alaska, where he went to learn to become a hunter. He immediately saw the Siberian Yupik Eskimo woman, fell in love with her, and married her.

For more than three decades the two of them have been living very closely together in the extreme condition that has now become their life.

Their union produced three children, Coleen, Rhonda, and Krin. There is also Millie, who was adopted by Heimo. She is Edna’s daughter from a relationship she had before she met her husband.

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The story Heimo Korth and Edna Korth told was not only good. In 1984 they witnessed the tragedy of the loss of their first daughter Coleen, who was two at the time. She died after a canoe accident, although her body was never found. As a result of the tragic event, they decided to raise their other children away from the wilderness. Now the daughters are all grown up and do not stay with their parents, although they visit them again and again.

Net Worth

The net value of Heimo Korth, who leads a fairly simple life, is not known, although there are sources who estimate that he could be worth a decent $150,000, while others put it at up to $1 million.