Gina Grad Biography, Wiki, Boyfriend, Relationship With Adam Carolla

Gina Grad is an outstanding radio personality and speaker based in Los Angeles. She reports on the newsroom of the world’s most downloaded podcast, Tha Adam Carolla Show. The daily comedy podcast was at the top of the iTunes podcast list in 2009.

Unlike your regular radio host, Gina Grad has such a good connection to her audience that they consider her a friend. She attributes this to her ability to speak freely and share weaknesses.

Her carefree nature is also reflected in her love of laughter, she giggles slightly when a colleague makes a good joke. She is known for her statement in the popular podcast of the Adam Carolla show “DON’T CARE!

Gina Grad Biography, Wiki, Boyfriend, Relationship With Adam Carolla
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Grad’s morning show Andy & Gina in the Morning on 100.3 The Sound, one of the top stations in L.A., has about 2 million viewers. She is also known for reporting on the news desk of The Adam Carolla Show, one of the nation’s most popular podcasts with over 1 million downloads per episode.

Pretty funny how the talking that usually got Gina Grad into trouble at school led to a successful career for her.

Grad volunteers at some charities, including Los Angeles Children’s Hospital and Art of Elysium. In 2016, she worked with the Hugging Angels Foundation on a radio fundraiser to help one of her teenage cancer sufferers attend her dream ball.

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Gina Grad Biography, Wiki,

Gina Grad was born on 1 May 1978 as a daughter of Marlis and Steve Grad. Radio is certainly in her blood, as her father also reads sports news on KNX 1070 Radio in Los Angeles. Her mother is a long-time volunteer and co-chair of the White Theater of Greater Kansas City.

Gina grew up in Overland Park Kansas City, where she attended Shawnee Mission South High School. As she grew up, Gina took dance classes and participated in high school performances.

Along with her Jewish ancestry, she also attended the Hebrew school of the conservative temple, Ohev Shalom. She then attended the University of Kansas and lived in New York for a short time before settling in Los Angeles.

Gina Grad Biography, Wiki, Boyfriend, Relationship With Adam Carolla
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Gina Grad started on 97.1FM KLSX, where she worked overnight as a telephone inspector. Since then Grad has launched, produced and hosted several shows and podcasts. She has also worked as a news anchor and guest panelist on the online news channel The Young Turks.

After KLSX turned the formats around, Grad launched a short-lived podcast The Bobsled, which she hosted with KLSX producer Randy Wang. Gina and Randy launched another podcast, The Pretty Good Podcast, which was broadcast for six years.

The “Pretty Good Podcast” included interviews with various celebrities and experts as well as honest conversations about the private lives of the two hosts, which were downloaded over 1 million times a month.

The rise was not easy for Grad, as she did almost everything to be noticed. She attended many auditions and failed, but she kept going. She was everywhere; from recording promos and commercials to filling in for sick radio hosts to stand-up comedy, all to make the breakthrough. And did she make the breakthrough? She sure did.

Gina Grad
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Gina is also a voice actress, she has dubbed video game characters like Rosie in Street Fighter IV, and has also written linguistically adapted foreign cartoon series.

She is a devout Jewish woman and uses her faith whenever she can. Through her jokes, stories, and Hebrew quirks, she makes it clear to anyone who listens to her that she is Jewish. This has earned her articles in the Jewish Journal and the Times of Israel.

Her career as a journalist currently spans over a decade. She has worked with such great radio personalities as Tim Conway Jr., Arsenio Hall, Mark Thompson, and Adam Carolla.

Gina Grad is a 9/11 survivor as she witnessed the fall of the Twin Towers literally from the window of her boss’ office.

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Gina Grad’s Boyfriend

Gina Grad has an Irish boyfriend, Tim. The couple has not explicitly stated that they are a couple, but Gina’s social media posts show that she is madly in love with Tim.

However, Grad has never posted a picture of her boyfriend or even marked him in her posts. Until she sees fit to reveal his identity, all we know about Grad’s mysterious man is that he is Irish and his name is Tim.

Relationship With Adam Carolla

Gina Grad Biography, Wiki, Boyfriend, Relationship With Adam Carolla
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Gina Grad is co-host of the very popular podcast of the Adam Carolla Show. She joined the show after Carolla fired his former “newscaster” Alison Rosen. Grad has become the fans’ favorite since she joined the show.

The relationship between the two co-presenters has remained cordial as Carolla admits that he enjoys working with Gina Grad.