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Freddie Freeman, whose middle name is Charles, was born in Fountain Valley on September 12, 1989, the son of Fredrick and Rosemary Freeman, who are both Canadian. He is the first baseman in MBL and plays for the Atlanta Braves. He has won many victories, despite all the injuries that have plagued him since the beginning of his career. He is one of the few stars in the history of the Braves franchise to beat a cycle, and the third since his team moved to Atlanta. On 14 August 2008, he broke the record set by Mark Kotsav.

Among the many successes he has achieved in his career since he entered the scene, it has been noted that he has the most extraordinary drive, many of which still can’t say he has achieved. With this typical swing, Freddie is often seen moving his shoulders slightly before lowering his hands to execute the swing.

The champ had his high school education at the high school of El Modena and left a good impression as one of the best third basemen and pitchers the team ever had. With really good performance, he was voted Player of the Year 2007 by The Orange County Register. He also received a scholarship to California State University, Fullerton, which he turned down in favor of an MLB career.

Freddie Freeman Stats

After high school, Freddie made the leap and began his MLB career when he was selected by the Atlanta Braves in the 78th overall selection of the 2007 draft. Freddie began his career in good form in the smaller leagues and paved the way for the league’s newcomers with an exemplary performance of 38 goals, a batting average of 0.362, and a base percentage of 0.433. By 2010, he had made his way up into the big leagues and debuted at the calls in September.

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In the 2011 season, he completed the .282 season with 32 doubles, 21 home runs, and 76 RBI in 157 games played. In 2012, he played 147 games and hit .259 with 33 doubles, 23 home runs, and 94 RBI. The following year, an injury before the All-Star game made him miss the action.

After signing an extension to his contract, Freddie played all games of the season (162 games) and hit .288 with 90 gears, 43 doubles, 18 home runs and 78 RBI. He was added to the handicapped list in 2015 and suffered a wrist injury that hampered his 2016 season, although he eventually achieved his first career cycle with a 9-8 win over the Cincinnati Reds in a game that earned him the National League Player of the Week title in June. He won the title again in September of the same season.

The Champ’s ability diminished in 2017 when he finished the season with the lowest statistics since his signing. In the end, he underwent a vision correction, which was believed to be responsible for his suddenly poor scores. He ended the 2017 season with a 0.307 blow, with 28 home runs and 71 RBIs in just 117 games.

Contract and Salary

His first contract with the Atlanta Braves was worth $409,500. In 2014, Freddie signed an eight-year $135 million contract extension with the Braves, including a signing bonus of $2,875,000 and an average salary of $16,875,000. The contract was described as the longest in the history of the franchise system. The breakdown showed that he earned $5.125 million in the 2014 season when he signed the contract and a higher share of $8.5 million in 2015. In 2016, he rose a lot higher as he continued to impress and earned $12 million for his outstanding performance.

In the years that followed, Freddie earned more by leaps and bounds. He earned $20.5 million in 2017, $21 million in 2018, as much in 2019, and $22 million in 2020 and 2021.

Wife and Family

Freddie Freeman and Chelsea Goff have been together since 2011, got engaged in January 2014, and got married the same year. They had their first child, Frederick Charles ‘Charlie II’, in September 2016 and Chelsea is a former model who is currently working as a real estate agent in Georgia. Both love cats, which are the pet they have in their house. Freddie showed how much he loves his wife when he left a game to go to her when she went into labor for her first child.

Freddie lost his mother when he was ten years old from melanoma. He has two older brothers, Andrew and Phillip. Of all the members of his family, including his extended family, only he and his cousin Carson Branstineone, who is a tennis player, are sports enthusiasts.

Freddie Freeman Injury

Freddie suffered a wrist injury in a June 2015 game against the New York Mets June 2015 that was so severe that he was unable to play against the Boston Red Sox. On June 13, he was further suspended from the game and received a platelet-rich plasma injection for treatment. He soon recovered and was readmitted to the game on 28 July.

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After the wrist injury, Freddie was hit by a pitch from Aaron Loup, which caused him to leave the game. He later underwent an MRI and CT scan, which showed a non-displaced wrist fracture in his left hand. This left him incapacitated and he could not play for about 10 weeks. In October 2017, he also underwent LASIK surgery to correct vision problems that originally occurred in 2012.

Freddie Freeman’s Net Worth

Freddie makes an average of $16 million a year. His contract extension with the Braves has certainly boosted his salary and total net worth. In a recent review, Freddie Freeman was valued at a whopping $52 million.

The famous baseball player has clearly balanced being wealthy and keeping his family comfortable and in check. As a sportsman, it is only to be expected that Freddie is a big fan of the finer things in life, especially when it comes to fast cars and luxury homes. To prove this, he bought a luxury home worth $9 million in 2016.