Faze Adapt Bio, Girlfriend, Sister, Net Worth, Age, Height and Quick Facts

Faze Adapt Bio, Girlfriend, Sister, Net Worth, Age, Height and Quick Facts
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Faze Adapt is one of the members of FaZe Youtubers, a group that blogs and posts creative sketches about video games, especially Call of Duty. The group originates from the Faze Clan, an e-sports organization that participates in a variety of video games. Although Faze Adapt started with tips on Call of Duty, he has since spiced up his ADAPT YouTube channel with posts about other things, from pranks with his little sister Milan to sketches and challenges. At the time of this writing, Faze Adapt has over 4.7 million subscribers to its YouTube site.

Faze Adapt Bio 

Faze Adapt was born Alex Hamilton Prynkiewicz in Arizona on June 5, 1997, as the son of parents Paul Prynkiewicz, attorney, and Nancy Prynkiewicz. The family’s only son, Alex, has four sisters, including Milan, Paris, Sydney, and Vienna.

As a child, Alex loved to play and devoted hours of his life to playing, often waking up at night to play while his parents slept. According to the story, he saved his lunch money to buy Call of Duty, and when the store refused to sell it to him because of the rating M (ripe), Alex convinced his parents to get him the game because they hardly knew their son would make a profession out of it.

Faze Adapt Bio, Girlfriend, Sister, Net Worth, Age, Height and Quick Facts
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Alex played Call of Duty whenever he could and soon became a member of SOARGaming. Following in the footsteps of other popular online players, Alex set up a YouTube channel and began publishing shooting secrets he had discovered while playing the game.

When he was a junior at Pinnacle High School, the elite FaZe Clan organization knocked on his door. Alex liked to open their doors, and like any member of the clan, he took the name Faze and became known as Faze Adapt. As part of the FaZe Clan, Adapt saw his following grow to over 100,000 subscribers each month.

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His parents, who were initially skeptical about his seriousness about playing, learned how famous their child was during a family trip to Disneyland, where young children tried to take pictures with him. Then Alex was knocked out by his own celebrity when he arranged a meeting on Twitter, and although he was off the cuff, hundreds of his fans showed up from near and far.

Although his parents couldn’t be more proud of his achievements, they couldn’t help but advise him to go to college as they’re not sure how long his fame would last. But Faze Adapt, whose fan base is growing, has told Mom and Dad that college can wait.

Faze Adapt Net Worth

As the world now knows, there is a lot of money in everything that has to do with the Internet. Faze Adapt’s nearly 5 million subscribers mean that sponsors and advertisers queue up for its services. The first money he earned from games was $150, which he transferred directly to a PayPal account he had asked his father to set up.

Faze Adapt Bio, Girlfriend, Sister, Net Worth, Age, Height and Quick Facts
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Much to his parents’ shock, this amount grew to thousands per month. Like most Faze Clan members, Faze Adapt has his own clothing line, Adapt Apparel, which is sold in the official Faze Clan store. He uses the proceeds from the line to top up his YouTube money. Faze Adapt certainly lives like a king. He owns a Nissan GTR, one of the most expensive luxury sports cars sold for over $100,000.

When Adapt isn’t living with his parents in Arizona, you can find him in the $15 million, four-story mansion where the core members of the Faze clan all have a place. The mansion is said to be somewhere in the Hollywood Hills. After all, Faze Adapt’s net worth is estimated at no less than $1 million.

Sister – FaZe Milan

If you’re a fan of Adapt, you’ve probably seen his sister Milan, who appears regularly on his videos. The most popular of these videos is one called My Little Sister Drinks Gamma, which was released in 2015 and has now reached over 5.5 million viewers.

Faze Adapt Bio, Girlfriend, Sister, Net Worth, Age, Height and Quick Facts
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Faze Milan has taken advantage of her brother’s fame to start her own social media career. She is most popular on Instagram and musical.ly. Milan was born on 2 March 2003.


Faze Adapt was formerly in a relationship with Instagram star Adrianna Scaley. Scaley actually became famous through her long relationship with Faze Adapt. After she hadn’t posted anything about each other for about two months, fans began to question the status of their relationship.

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Adapt kept his mouth shut for a while before posting a video on his channel to explain what went wrong and that they had broken up. According to Adapt, Scaley said she wanted to “do her own thing” right after she left college. He later received information from a friend that she was cheating on him. After the breakup, Scaley deactivated her Instagram account, in which she had accumulated over 360,000 followers.

Quick Facts

Full name: Alex Hamilton Prynkiewicz

Date and place of birth: June 5, 1997, Arizona

Birthmark: Gemini

Parents: Paul and Nancy Prynkiewicz

Grammar school: Pinnacle High School

Siblings: 4 sisters (Milan, Paris, Sydney, and Vienna)

Height: 1,73 m