Ethan Klein Bio, Net Worth, Family And Facts Of The Famous YouTuber
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While most of us only go to the Internet to have fun and be entertained, some others make quite a lot of money from the Internet. Ethan Klein is one of those lucky few, and not only does he make money on the Internet, but he has also made a name for himself.

Ethan Klein is a popular American YouTube comedian, best known for the channel “h3h3Productions”, which he produces together with his wife Hila Klein. Their content consists of comedy and commentary; reaction videos and sketch comedy. With over 5 million subscribers and a total of 900 million views of his channel, Ethan Klein is undeniably one of the most famous YouTubers of our time.

In addition to the “h3h3Productions” channel, Ethan and his wife Hila Klein have created a collaborative channel called “Ethan and Hila” with nearly 2 million subscribers and a third channel called H3 Podcast. Through their Twitch channel, this couple was able to raise $100,000 to support relief efforts for Hurricane Harvey after the disaster.

Ethan Klein Bio.

Ethan Edward Klein was born on 24 June 1985 in Ventura, California. He was born into an Ashkenazic Jewish family of Gary and Donna Klein. His paternal grandfather was the late American film and television producer Leonard Katzman. Ethan Klein is of Jewish and American descent. He attended Buena High School, studied English literature at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in creative writing. Upon graduation in 2009, he was placed on the Dean’s honor roll. Before his YouTube star, Ethan worked as a marketing executive in Israel. He claims that those days were the most boring of his life.

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Beyond comedy, “h3h3production” videos usually convey a strong message about social trends and Internet personalities. In the end, they not only make you laugh but also touch quite serious topics. They also analyze and criticize videos from other YouTube channels and online trend videos.

One of these critiques led them into a copyright infringement lawsuit when a colleague of YouTuber, Matt Hoss, claimed that the Kleins had used a large portion of his work without making a meaningful contribution. The Kleins received tremendous support after the lawsuit, and a GoFundMe site was set up to cover their enormous legal fees. Fortunately, the Kleins emerged victorious from the lawsuit, even though the advertising earned them more subscriptions on their channel.

Ethan Klein Net Worth

In addition to the comedy for which Ethan is known, his station has also highlighted serious social problems and is trying to draw attention to them in the hope of attracting the right attention that can offer a solution. The videos not only break down but also touch on Internet trends, personalities, and YouTube politics. The innovative and dynamic nature of its YouTube channel encourages its fans and followers to keep coming back.

Besides stand-up comedy and live tours, the Kleins also sell merchandise on their h3h3 website. All these and perhaps some other sources of income make the net worth of this YouTube star around $2.5 million.

Family and Facts of the Famous Ethan Klein

Ethan is married to Hila Klein (née Hakmon) and both are internet entertainers. Hila was born in Tel Aviv, Israel, and served as a soldier in the Israeli defense forces. The couple met while Ethan was in Jerusalem on his trip to Jerusalem under the Israeli Birthright. The couple lived in Israel for a time before moving to the United States.

Hila attended an art school and is currently making and selling her art online. Recently, she has launched her own fashion line Teddy Fresh, which includes clothing and accessories with a small teddy bear as a logo.

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Quick Facts 

Ethan is the biological grandson of Leonard Katzman, the late American producer and screenwriter most notable for the primetime soap Dallas.

He has a mild form of Tourette’s syndrome. This makes his eyebrows noticeably twitch, something he often addresses in his videos.

h3h3productions was named “YouTube channel of the year” by Reddit in 2016

VAPE NATION is the most popular video on the channel. The video has so far garnered over 20 million views.

The Kleins have a FUPA account for victims of unfair copyright claims. After their high-profile legal battle, the money from the GoFundMe account created to support the Kleins was moved directly to another “Fair Use Protection Account”. The funds are to be used to protect subsequent victims of unfair copyright claims.