Eric Hartter Wiki, Daughter, Family, Relationship With Eminem, Facts

Eric Hartter Wiki, Daughter, Family, Relationship With Eminem, Facts
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The name Eric Hartter is almost unanimously unknown, except that it is associated with a very popular name – Eminem. We all know that Eminem has three daughters: Alaina, Hailie, and Whitney. He often sings about them in his songs. However, many do not know that not all three are his biological children.

Eric Hartter is connected to Eminem for two reasons alone. He teamed up with Eminem’s ex-wife Kimberly after she and Eminem separated for the first time. They had a daughter who was later adopted by Eminem, Whitney Scott Mathers.

Eric Hartter Wiki, Daughter, Family

Nothing is really known about Eric Hartter except his status of biological paternity, his violations, and his clashes with the law, and the fact that he is a professional tattoo artist.

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Eric Hartter never spent any time with his daughter Whitney. He became so estranged from her that he could not even come to the hospital the day she was born. That’s because at the time a warrant was issued for his arrest for drug trafficking and he was on the run. Consequently, his name was not entered on her birth certificate.

Eric Hartter Family
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How did Eric and Kim cross paths? Kimberly met Eric Hartter shortly after she ended her marriage to Eminem. Before Eric, Kim and her twin sister Dawn Scott lived in Eminem’s mother’s house after fleeing from their own home. The iconic rapper fell in love with her and they had a child, Hailie Mathers, in 1995 and married four years later. Eminem allegedly caught Kimberly cheating on him on occasion. He finally divorced her in 2001 and even wrote some lyrics along these lines.

Kimberly did get back together with Eminem – although it didn’t last long – but not before her time with Eric Hartter. Her short-lived time with him produced her daughter, Whitney Scott Mathers, on April 16, 2002, six months after her separation from the host. This clearly means that Kim was seeing Eric before they separated. However, Eric Hartter was a drug dealer and was more focused on staying out of jail.

Sometime after Whitney was born, she began seeing Eminimen again and eventually moved back in with him. Because Eric Hartter was unable to take responsibility, Eminem took full legal responsibility for Whitney. Eric was also never allowed to see his daughter.

Eric Hartter asked to see his daughter several times, and in one of those phone conversations with Kim, she asked him to take her to court if he wanted to see his daughter. Eric clearly had the right to do this and the right to request a paternity test. It would have definitely confirmed that he was Whitney’s father. But of course, Kim knew he couldn’t risk involving the law in this without getting arrested himself. Eric’s hunch was confirmed by Warrant Officer Clint Rice during an interrogation. Rice is the officer in charge of arresting Eric Hartter.

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Eric Hartter’s Family, Relationship With Eminem and Other Facts

Eric Hartter’s mother, Marie Hartter, complained that she did not have the chance to see her granddaughter grow up and that Kim cut her out of the little girl’s life as soon as she returned to Eminem. She even decided to sue Eminem for this in 2005.

Eric Hartter Facts
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The relationship between Eric Hartter, Eminem, and Kimberly Mathers has never been smooth. It was marked by lawsuits, arrests, and all sorts of other legal actions, and in all this time Whitney Scott Mathers never met her biological father. Whether or not she will decide to seek him out herself when she turns 18 is a debate better left for the future. But right now it’s clear that Eminem is the only father she’s ever known, and she has no problem with that.

While Eric stays out of the way, Eminem can shower all the love and compassion he desires on his daughters. He also has a much better relationship with Kimberly today, although the two remain separated. Whitney Mathers says she enjoyed growing up with her father. She also spends most of her time with her sisters Hailie and Alaina. Hailie is Eminem’s only biological daughter with Kim, and she also follows in her father’s footsteps as a presenter. Eminem’s eldest daughter, Alaina, is also adopted and is the daughter of Kim’s twin sister Dawn Scott, who died in 2016.