Egypt Sherrod Weight Loss Journey: Before And After Photo: Egypt Sherrod’s weight loss journey has been called into question numerous times. On social media, the television personality discusses her eating habits.

Egypt Sherrod is a real estate expert, author, and television and radio personality.

She is the host of the HGTV shows “Flipping Virgins” and “Property Virgins.” People are familiar with her through her book, “Keep Calm… It’s Just Real Estate: Your Stress-Free Guide to Purchasing a Home.”

Aside from her work as a radio personality and author, she is also a philanthropist, contributing to a variety of charitable organizations that support women’s and children’s needs.

Sherrod is active on social media; she uses Instagram to keep her followers up to date on her daily life; she currently has 1.2 million followers.

Egypt Sherrod Weight Loss Journey: Before And After 

Journey Sherrod has always maintained her body weight; she gained weight after having a child.

The radio host has two children; her second daughter was born in 2019. She gained some weight during her pregnancy and after giving birth.

Egypt Sherrod Weight Loss Journey: Before And After Photo
Egypt Sherrod weight loss journey

She looks a lot different now than she did when she gave birth to her second daughter.

Her television appearance is important to her because she is a role model for many people, and losing weight has given her more self-confidence.

Sherrod has not revealed how much weight she has lost in the last three years. With her curves, she appears more confident, and she has always been a little chubby.

Sherrod frequently discusses her diet experience in public, revealing that she did not follow a strict diet but never skipped a workout routine.

When she began to gain weight during her pregnancy, people made disparaging remarks about her weight.

In response to comments made on her social media, Sherrod and her husband have made it clear that they strongly oppose body shaming.

Sherrod is confident and unapologetic about her physical appearance, and she believes that making comments about someone’s body without permission is never acceptable.

A Look At Egypt Sherrod Daughters 

Sherrod married DJ Mike Jackson, also known as Fadelf. In September 2011, the couple married.

Jackson and Sherrod have two daughters together, and their first child, Kendall, was born in 2012.

Harper, their second daughter, was born in 2019. The couple frequently posts photos of their daughter on social media.

Egypt Sherrod Weight Loss Journey: Before And After Photo
Egypt Sherrod shared a family

There are numerous photographs of Jackson, her wife, and their daughters; they appear to be protective of their children.

Because many famous people do not like to share information about their children in public, the couple has not disclosed any information.

Jackson had a child with his previous partner, but no details about the child have been made public.

Egypt Sherrod Husband Mike Jackson

Mike Jackson is very supportive of his wife, with whom he previously worked. In 2011, they married.

The couple has collaborated on numerous projects and is frequently seen in public.

Egypt Sherrod Weight Loss Journey: Before And After Photo
Egypt Sherrod1

They’ve been there for each other through life’s ups and downs, including Sherrod’s health complications during childbirth at 42, which nearly killed her.

Mike has spoken publicly about his wife, and he appears to be very caring and supportive of her. People admired their friendship.

Sherrod frequently shares photos of them, and she also includes him in video clips.