Clint Eastwood Children, Wife, Girlfriend, Is He Dead? His Health Condition
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Clint Eastwood is an American actor, musician, and filmmaker known for his roles on Western television shows such as The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, Rawhide. He was born on 31 May 1930 in San Francisco, Carolina. His father is named Clint Eastwood Sr. and his mother Ruth Wood. His mother finally had a second husband after the death of Clint’s father.

Clint Eastwood Children

It was found that Clint had at least seven children by five different women. His first known child is named Kimber Lynn Eastwood, she was born on June 17, 1964, the daughter of Clint Eastwood and his then-girlfriend Roxanne Tunis. His second child is Kyle Eastwood, born on May 19, 1968, and he is the son of Maggie Johnson. With Maggie, he also had Alison Eastwood. Alison is doing well for herself as she is a fashion designer, actress, and model.

Eastwood also had two children with Jacelyn Reeves, Scott Clinton Eastwood and Kathryn Eastwood, born March 21, 1986, and February 2, 1988, respectively. Clint and Dina Ruiz at one time, were employed, and they had Morgan Eastwood on December 12, 1996, she is one of Clint’s youngest children. Finally, he got Francesca Eastwood with Frances Fisher on August 7, 1993, she is known as a very lovely lady. What can we say? There is no doubt that Clint Eastwood loves children.

Clint Eastwood Wife/Wives

Eastwood has a history, or as we would call it, a long list of women. The truth is that he has had everything from baby mama to girlfriend, but he has officially married Margaret Neville Johnson (ex-wife). They were married for 31 years (1953 – 1984). On December 19, 1953 Clint took his first step towards marriage. At this time he still had to struggle with difficulties as a young actor. He married Maggie Johnson, who worked as a worker in an auto parts supply company. They met on a blind date in Los Angeles and got married six months after their first meeting. But in 1984, the couple parted ways. They had two children together.

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Dina Ruiz Eastwood (ex-wife) March 31, 1996 – December 22, 2014 (18 years)

Clint’s second marriage was to a reporter who interviewed him once in 1993 when he was expecting his child with Fisher. On 31 March 1996, the two lovebirds were married. He must have had a thing for Ruiz because he openly told the world that she was the one! After a few years, they separated and Ruiz applied for full custody of their only child, Morgan. Dina is now married to basketball coach Scott Fisher.


Clint and Locke had a 14-year relationship. They began living together in 1975, at which time they were making a film. Eastwood told Locke that there was nothing left of his relationship with Johnson and that he had found love with her. Sondra turned the untamed Hollywood icon into a monogamist until she was deposed in 1995.

  • Frances Fisher (ex-girlfriend) 1990 – 1995 (5 years)

Fisher met Clint on the set of Pink Cadillac in 1988. Two years later she moved in with him because she felt that this was heaven for her. Unfortunately, this trend was similar to the women before her. Three years after they started living as a couple, Frances had a little girl, and two years later her marriage dream shattered when their relationship ended.

  • Christina Sanders (girlfriend) 2014 – present

Christina is the newest lady to walk in the arms of the western icon. In her previous marriage, she was known as the spouse beater. The courts called her an “alcoholic, wasteful gold-digger”. Regardless of what the court or anyone else had to say, Eastwood has already chosen Christina. He says he is happy with her, and she seems to be loved by his seven children.

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Alive Or Dead? His Health Condition

Clint is alive and well-aged; the 84-year-old icon is getting stronger and stronger and still brings in a lot of money and is also doing well with the ladies.