Meet Clara Almánzar: Quick facts about Cardi B's mother
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Clara Almánzar, the mother of Cardi B, is an Instagram celebrity in her own right with over 169 million followers and a highly successful businesswoman. She has achieved great success through her career as a real estate broker in New York City, where she was born and raised.

Her daughter’s fame has shone a light on Clara’s accomplishments and allowed for greater recognition of all that she has achieved throughout her life.

Cardi B and her mother, Clara Almánzar, have a close relationship today despite not always having the best one in the past. Despite maintaining privacy about her personal life, Cardi has openly spoken positively of Clara Almánzar and their bond.

Key Takeaways

  • Clara Almánzar is a successful real estate broker and Instagram celebrity with over 1.2 million followers.
  • Despite past difficulties, Clara maintains a close relationship with her daughter Cardi B, who openly praises her mother’s influence.
  • Clara Almánzar, born in Trinidad, has Afro-Latino roots and is believed to have been born in 1965.
  • Clara was married to Carlos Almánzar and has two daughters, including Cardi B and Hennessy Carolina.
  • Despite facing financial struggles and strict parenting, Clara’s dedication and hard work have contributed to her daughters’ successes.

10 facts about Clara Almánzar

Clara was a loving parent who always put her daughters first. Although she could be strict at times, it resulted in the girls growing up to lead successful lives and having an amazing relationship with their mother. Here are some interesting facts about Clara Almánzar

Clara Almánzar is 57 years old

Clara Mercedes Almánzar, born on September 19th, 1965, is 57 years old as of 2022. However, her youthful appearance gives the impression that she could easily pass for Cardi B’s twin or sister – you would never guess she was in her late 50s! Her age-defying looks are truly remarkable and it’s no wonder why people mistake her for being much younger than she is.

She is from Trinidad with Afro-Latin roots

Though little is known about Almánzar’s personal history, it has been revealed that Cardi B’s parents are of Dominican and Trinidadian heritage. This knowledge provides insight into the cultural background which has shaped her upbringing.

Cardi B’s mother is believed to have been born in Trinidad before the family relocated to the US. She has an Afro-Latino ethnic background, with African and Spanish ancestry.

Cardi B is of mixed ethnic background, with African, Spanish, Trinidadian, and Dominican heritage. Her father hails from the Dominican Republic which makes Cardi B an Afro-Latino by her identification. This combination of different cultures has had a profound influence on her life and career as she draws inspiration from each one to create something truly unique.

Clara Almánzar was married to Carlos Almánzar

Clara Almánzar is Cardi B’s mother and the wife of Carlos Almánzar, who is the father of Cardi B. While Almánzar has seen some time in the spotlight, not much is known about her husband Carlos.

Clara Almánzar and Carlos’ relationship is largely unknown, but they tied the knot in 1991. One year later, Almánzar welcomed Cardi B into the world. Sadly, their union ended around 2005 when Cardi was only 13 years old.

Cardi B has a tremendous amount of admiration for her mother, who single-handedly raised her following the divorce. To support Cardi and their family, her mother worked extra shifts which required immense dedication and sacrifice on her part. The rapper is forever grateful for all that was done for them during those times.

She has 12 siblings

Cardi B was raised in a large, close-knit family environment; her mother has twelve siblings and her ex-husband is from an equally expansive family with eight siblings. Growing up, Cardi B’s extended family lived in the same neighborhood allowing for frequent visits between all of the many aunts, uncles, and cousins.

She has another daughter

In 1995, Clara and Carlos Almánzar expanded their family with the birth of their second daughter, Hennessy Carolina. Although she may not be as well known as her elder sister Cardi B, Hennessy is a star in her own right. Both sisters are shining examples of the Almánzar family’s success!

Clara Almanzar with her daughters Cardi B jpg

Hennessy is a multi-faceted individual; she is a model and social media influencer, fashion designer, and entrepreneur with her clothing line and was formerly part of the supporting cast in the popular reality TV show Love & Hip Hop. With such an impressive resume, it’s no wonder why Hennessy has achieved success in many areas.

Hennessy is credited with giving Cardi B her nickname. The rapper’s real name, Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, was given a similar twist when Hennessy opted to call her sister Bacardi (a rum brand), which eventually became shortened to Cardi B as the artist gained fame and recognition. This just goes to show how influential Hennessy has been in helping shape the career of one of today’s most popular rappers.

She lived in the Bronx

Clara Almánzar raised Cardi B and her sister Hennessy in Highbridge, a neighborhood located in The Bronx, New York. This area is predominantly comprised of Hispanic and African-American communities and has historically been associated with low-income households.

Cardi B is immensely proud of her heritage, attributing it to the development of her strength and resilience. She has a deep connection with Washington Heights, where she spent time visiting her paternal grandmother’s home. This experience has allowed Cardi B to gain an appreciation for where she comes from and embrace all that makes up who she is today.

Clara used to work as a cashier

Cardi B is an example of someone who has achieved great success despite coming from humble beginnings. She was raised in a low-income family where her parents had to work regular, low-paying jobs; for instance, her mother worked as a cashier at the local grocery store in The Bronx. Despite these difficult circumstances, Cardi B has been able to reach new heights and become one of today’s most successful artists.

Clara’s husband was a taxi driver, while Cardi B has shared that her mother took on two jobs to provide for the family after their divorce. This demonstrates the strength of both Clara and Cardi B’s mother in overcoming difficult circumstances and providing for their families.

She was a strict parent

Growing up, Cardi B’s parents were very protective of her and her younger sister due to their neighborhood environment. As a result, they enforced strict rules which included not being allowed out much, attending parties, or having sleepovers; something that Cardi B has attributed to the disciplinarian nature of her mother.

When Cardi B’s parents got divorced, her life changed drastically. With her father no longer present in the household and her mother working two jobs to make ends meet, she was often left alone and unsupervised. This presented an opportunity for Cardi B to explore activities that had previously been forbidden or off-limits due to parental restrictions.

Cardi B had a difficult adolescence, often choosing to attend parties instead of going to school which resulted in her poor academic performance. As she grew older, Cardi B started spending time with gang members and eventually joined a gang. Her mother Clara was so concerned about her behavior that she decided to kick Cardi B out of the house shortly before her 18th birthday.

Cardi B is immensely grateful for the strict parenting she received from her mother, as it has enabled her to avoid becoming a teen mom or worse. Having experienced this style of upbringing firsthand, Cardi now understands why her mother was so strict and has even adopted the same no-sleepover policy when raising her children. This shows how much appreciation she holds for what could have been a difficult childhood experience.

She was not happy to learn that Cardi B was a strip*per

Cardi B was forced to leave her home and move in with her boyfriend. She took a job at a local supermarket but was let go after several months due to frequent lateness. With no income and stuck in an abusive relationship she desperately wanted out of, Cardi B resorted to stripping as a means of survival.

Cardi B has always been open and honest about her past as a stripper but kept it a secret from her mother due to the strictness of their relationship. To cover up the truth, she would claim that she was making money babysitting at $100 per day. In an interview, Cardi revealed that when her mother found out what she was doing for work, she became so angry that even resorted to physical violence by punching Cardi in rage.

Clara Almánzar is close with her daughters

Clara Almánzar and Cardi B had a difficult relationship at one point, but have since reconciled to become close. The two are often seen together in public, with Almánzar providing support for her daughter even through the birth of her child. As a token of appreciation for all that she has done, Cardi B recently bought Clara a home – something that had been on the top of her mother’s wish list since childhood.

Clara Almanzar

Clara Almánzar has a close relationship with her second daughter, Hennessy Carolina, although it wasn’t always easy. Initially, Clara was not accepting of Hennessy’s sexual orientation when she came out to her; however, after some time and effort on both sides, the two were able to open up their hearts and build a strong bond. In an interview, Hennessy said that she was now accepted by her mother which is something for which they are both grateful.

Clara may not be widely known, but she has been a key figure in her daughters’ successes. Despite financial struggles, she worked diligently to provide for them; at one point even took on two positions after the divorce from her husband. Her dedication and commitment are inspirational examples of what can be achieved through hard work and determination.

Who Is Clara Almánzar’s Daughter, Cardi B?

Cardi B, real name Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, is the daughter of Almánzar and has become a celebrated star in the entertainment industry. She is widely recognized around the world for her success in music and other forms of entertainment. Cardi B stands out as one of today’s most famous entertainers, having achieved immense fame within a short period.

Cardi B Birth

She was born on October 11, 1992, in Washington Heights, Manhattan. As of 2022 she will have celebrated her 30th birthday and is currently residing in the Highbridge neighborhood of the South Bronx. Her stage name “Cardi B” is derived from Bacardi, which was formerly her nickname.

Before achieving fame, Cardi B was employed at an Amish deli in Tribeca but unfortunately got fired and had to turn to dancing at a strip club. Despite the difficult circumstances, she found herself in, Cardi B saw this experience as having positive effects on her life. Her popularity began when several of her videos went viral on social media platforms such as Vine and Instagram.

Cardi B was a prominent figure on the VH1 reality show Love & Hip Hop: New York, where her journey to success in the music industry was documented. During this time, she released two mixtapes – Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 1 (2016) and Vol 2 (2017). These projects displayed Cardi’s musical talent and ambition for greatness in the hip-hop community.

Cardi B’s debut studio album

Cardi B’s debut studio album, Invasion of Privacy (2018), was a monumental success. It debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 and earned numerous accolades including being named the number-one female rap album of the 2010s by Billboard. The critically acclaimed project went on to win Cardi her first Grammy Award for Best Rap Album, making her both the only woman to ever win this award as a solo artist and also the first female rap artist in 15 years to be nominated for Album of The Year.

Cardi B’s single, “Bodak Yellow,” made her the second female rapper to ever top the Billboard Hot 100 chart with a solo output – following Lauryn Hill in 1998. Additionally, she became the first female rapper to achieve multiple number-one songs on this chart when “I Like It” also went to number one. These two singles have had an immense impact on music history and will continue to be remembered for years to come.

She has made history with her collaborations, including Maroon 5’s “Girls Like You,” which marked her third time topping the Hot 100 as a female rapper. With the release of “WAP” from Cardi B’s second album, she further cemented herself in music history by becoming the only female rap artist to have four chart-topping singles across two decades (the 2010s and 2020s). This record is a testament to Cardi B’s immense talent and influence within hip-hop culture.


Forbes has named Cardi B one of the most influential female rappers of all time. Her unique aggressive flow and candid lyrics have earned her widespread recognition from the media. Moreover, she is the highest-certified female rapper on RIAA’s Top Artists (Digital Singles) ranking, as well as being among the ten highest-certified female artists with having been certified song by a female rap artist topping off her success.

Almánzar’s daughter, Cardi B is a true trailblazer in the music industry. She has made history as the only female rapper to have multiple billion streamers on Spotify and her accolades are unparalleled – including a Grammy Award, 8 Billboard Music Awards, 5 Guinness World Records, 4 American Music Awards 11 BET Hip Hop Awards & 2 ASCAP Songwriter of the Year awards. Additionally, In 2018 Time Magazine named her one of their 100 most influential people in the world – further cementing her place as an icon in modern pop culture.

NameClara Almánzar
Full nameClara Mercedes Almánzar
Date of birthSeptember 19, 1965
Age59 (as of 2024)
Zodiac signVirgo
Current residenceNew York, USA
EthnicityAfro-Latino (with Spanish and African roots)
Hair ColorBlack
Eye colorBrown
Marital statusDivorced (Carlos Almánzar – 1991 to around 2005)
ProfessionFormer grocery store cashier


Who is Clara Almánzar?

Clara Almánzar is a Renowned environmental activist and conservationist.

What is the Background of Clara Almánzar?

Clara Almánzar Holds a master’s degree in Conservation Biology.

What are the Key achievements of Clara Almánzar?

Clara Almánzar established protected areas and raised awareness of environmental issues.

What motivates Clara Almánzar’s work?

Clara Almánzar’s passion for preserving biodiversity and ensuring a sustainable future.

Where has Clara Almánzar worked?

Collaborated globally on conservation projects.