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Chris Brown’s Mom Brother Parents

Chris Brown is one of the most influential musicians of the 21st century. Fans around the world love her music; crowds marvel at her soft and unique voice and the masses are amazed by her lively dance movements. Far from the limelight, Chris has a family he cares about and they too care about their son and famous brother. let’s find out a few facts about Chris Brown’s Mom Brother and Parents

Any celebrity will tell you that being the center of attention is not as easy as they say: if you make a mistake the media and the whole world are willing to overdo it and it can be traumatic for everyone but even more so for celebrities. That’s why family is so important: it’s the people who are ready to welcome you when no one else wants to; those with whom you can share your unfiltered feelings without fear of being judged.

Chris Brown was born in the small town of Tappahannock Virginia United States of America on May 5, 1989. Brown has already had a lot to show for more than two decades that he has spent on planet Earth. His birth name is Christopher Maurice Brown although he is best known as Chris. Other nicknames include Breezy and CB.

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As a child Chris was the ensemble; he had both the look and unparalleled musical talent. He started singing at a very young age and his talent as a dancer was as obvious as that of a singer. Many people have compared him to the legendary singer Michael Jackson who was both incredible with his voice and his dancing movements.

As a child, Chris Brown was inspired by Michael Jackson whom he identified as the musician who most influenced him to join the music industry. As a teenager, Chris left Essex High School to pursue a career in music in New York City. Read on to learn more about Chris Brown’s Mom Brother’s Parents.

Chris Brown’s Mom

Chris Brown's Mom Brother Parents

Chris is the last son of Joyce Hawkins and Clinton Brown. Her mother is a retired daycare director. They lived in a modest house in Tappahannock. Chris Brown’s Mom was a dedicated Christian and Chris still remembers how many times they attended church. Although he is not the strongest living Christian Chris still admits to being a Christian. It seems that the fact that Chris Brown’s Mom firmly anchored her children in religion was not wasted after all.

How many kids do Joyce and Clinton have?

Joyce and Clinton are the proud parents of two children a son and daughter. They welcomed their first child Lytrell Bundy into the world on November 26th, 1981; she is now 40 years old.

Joyce and her partner welcomed their second child Chris Brown into the world on May 5th, 1989. Before giving birth to Chris Brown Joyce was employed as the director of a local daycare center.

Hawkins is a proud grandmother of three children Royalty Aiko Catori and Desean. Her ex-husband Clinton takes a more private approach to life; he prefers to stay out of the public eye and currently resides in a humble home in Tappahannock. In contrast, Hawkins has been quite open about her personal life since her divorce from Clinton.

Chris Brown’s Mom is an entrepreneur

For those unfamiliar with the story Chris’ mother Joyce is an accomplished entrepreneur. She began her career as a daycare center director and eventually made the move into fashion. With her hard work and dedication, she has been able to make a name for herself in both industries.

Joyce Hawkins is the proud owner of Rose Marron a successful clothing store that caters to all ages. She has invested her time and energy into growing her brand and creating an expansive collection of apparel for customers from any stage in life. Joyce’s dedication to providing quality garments makes Rose Marron stand out from other stores in the area.

Joyce has earned a great reputation in the fashion industry with her remarkable sense of style and fashion. Reports suggest that she is an accomplished costume designer who has successfully established herself as an authority in the field over time. Her work speaks for itself making it clear why Joyce is so highly regarded by many within this sector.

Hawkins has had the privilege of creating costumes for a range of well-known productions and has been able to collaborate with many costume and wardrobe departments along the way. To date, Hawkins’ designs have been featured in an array of popular projects.

Chris Brown’s Brother

Chris Brown's Mom Brother Parents

People have long wondered if Chris Brown is related to basketball player Shannon Brown because when they have a certain similarity with each other and they share a family name it has been established that they are not related. Chris has no known brothers; his only brother or sister is his older sister Lytrell Bundy who works in a bank. Chris also has a close relationship with his sister the kind of fraternal bond that many envy.

Chris Brown's Mom Brother Parents

Chris Sr. Clinton Brown was a correctional officer in a prison in Virginia. However, Chris’s childhood was not a rosy one quite the opposite. At the tender age of 6, he experienced the tragedy of the excruciating pain he endured following his parents’ divorce. The situation worsened when her mother remarried a man who turned out to be a perpetrator of domestic violence. What Chris had to endure at that time mortified him and may have contributed significantly to his occasional violent behavior.

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Chris Brown’s Parents

Chris Brown's Mom Brother Parents

The most memorable moment when Chris became particularly hard was when he beat Rihanna in 2009 when she was his girlfriend. The couple had had a fight which led Chris to hit Rihanna and she suffered serious injuries that led her to be hospitalized.

Chris Brown's Mom Brother Parents

When this event was made public by the media Chris was violently attacked. It was a difficult time for him. Despite his remorse for what he had done the world was very merciless. Meanwhile, he was lucky enough to have his mother’s back to lean on. It was to his mother that he went first after committing the crime and throughout the judicial process, his mother was there for him. And so did his father. Chris has a very close relationship with his father and his father is proud of his son’s great achievements just as he is ready to support him in difficult times.


If you are looking for the name of Chris Brown’s Father this article can assist. Clinton Brown is the name of Chris Brown’s Father.


Joyce Hawkins is the mother of Chris Brown. Unfortunately, there isn’t much known about her at this time; however, make sure to stay tuned to our page for any updates on Joyce and other related news.


Chris Brown has a supportive family and this is certainly one of his greatest blessings. Nothing comes before family and Chris seems to understand the importance of this statement given how much he cherishes his family.

Quick Facts About Chris Brown 

 Date of Birth:5 May 1989
 Age:30 years old
 Birth Nation:United States of America
 Height:6 Feet
NameChristopher Maurice Brown
Birth NameChris Brown
Nick NameChris
FatherClinton Brown
MotherJoyce Hawkins
Birth Place/CityTappahannock, Virginia
Net Worth$30 Million
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
Weight in KG81 kgs
Famous forSinger-songwriter rapper dancer actor
Affair withUnknown
TV ShowTosh.0
AlbumsFan of a Fan: The Album