Who Are Charles Osgood Children? Meet His 5 Children
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Who are Charles Osgood Children? Charles Osgood the late and esteemed television broadcaster had five children with his wife of 50 years, Jean Crafton.

Kathleen Wood Griffis (born 1974) – The eldest of the Osgood children, Kathleen is a writer and photographer who has published several books, including “My Father, Charles Osgood: A Portrait of an American Icon.”

Kenneth Winston Wood (born 1975) – Winston, often referred to as “Ken,” is the second child and has kept a relatively private life outside of the public eye.

Anne-E Wood – Details about Anne’s life, including her age and profession, are not publicly available.

Emily J. Wood (born 1979) – Emily is an actress and producer who has appeared in several films and television shows, including “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” and “The Good Wife.”

Jamie Wood (born 1983) – The youngest of the Osgood children, Jamie is a musician and has released several albums under his name.

Who Are Charles Osgood Children?

For over four decades, Charles Osgood graced television screens with his signature gentle wit and insightful storytelling. Millions woke up to his iconic “Good morning and in case I don’t see you before then good afternoon good evening and good night!” on CBS Sunday Morning.

But beyond the public persona lay a complex and deeply private family life that shaped him into the beloved broadcaster he became. This is the story of Charles Osgood not just as the face of Sunday morning television but as a father husband and the center of a vibrant family tapestry.

Who Are Charles Osgood Children? Meet His 5 Children
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Born in 1933 Charles’s first marriage wasn’t blessed with children. In 1973 his life took a heartwarming turn when he married Jean Crafton. Together they embarked on a journey that would redefine family for Charles.

He embraced fatherhood with five beautiful children: Kathleen, Winston, Annie, Emily, and Jamie. He wasn’t just a dad; he was a storyteller weaving intricate tales around the dinner table fostering creativity and instilling a deep love for the arts in his children.

The Osgood household in Englewood New Jersey was a haven of laughter and intellectual curiosity. Charles nurtured his children’s individuality celebrating their diverse interests from Kathleen’s artistic flair to Jamie’s passion for music. He was a constant source of support encouraging them to pursue their dreams with unwavering faith.

As Charles’s career on CBS Sunday Morning soared his family became his anchor. He juggled the whirlwind of broadcasting with the quiet moments of fatherhood reading bedtime stories attending school plays and offering wise counsel that echoed the gentle optimism he brought to millions every Sunday.

Who Are Charles Osgood Children? Meet His 5 Children
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Each child in the Osgood family brings a unique thread to the tapestry. Kathleen, a painter inherited her father’s creative spirit. Winston, a businessman reflects Charles’s pragmatism. Annie, with her intelligence and quiet humor, echoes her father’s thoughtful gaze. Emily, a writer carries on the family’s love for storytelling, and Jamie, with his musical talent, adds a melodious touch to the Osgood symphony.

While Charles enjoyed the public eye his family remained his sanctuary. He fiercely guarded their privacy ensuring their individuality blossomed away from the glare of his fame. They were his confidantes his sounding board and the source of his unflinching optimism.

With six grandchildren now weaving their threads into the Osgood tapestry Charles in his later years reveled in the joy of being a grandfather. He shared his wisdom his love for music and his infectious curiosity with the next generation.

Charles Osgood passed away on January 23, 2024, leaving behind a legacy that extends far beyond television screens. He was a father who nurtured talent a husband who cherished family and a man who found quiet strength in the love of his closest circle.

Who Are Charles Osgood Children? Meet His 5 Children
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Charles Osgood’s story is a testament to the power of family. It’s a reminder that the greatest achievements often lie not in the accolades of public life but in the quiet moments of connection love and laughter shared with those who matter most. As we remember Charles Osgood let us celebrate not just the broadcaster but the father the husband and the architect of a beautiful family tapestry that will continue to inspire for generations to come.

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