Andy Reid Wife, Son, Height, Age, Weight, Net Worth, Family
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Andy Reid has undoubtedly contributed his quota as a coach to the development and promotion of American football. Initially, he provided his expertise as head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles from 1999 to 2012 and also served as Executive Vice President of Football Operations for the Eagles. He is credited with leading the Eagles to five National Football Conference (NFC) championship games and a 2004 Super Bowl appearance. He currently serves as head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs of the National Football League (NFL).

Andy Reid Bio, Age

Andrew Walter Reid was born on March 19, 1958, in Los Angeles, California. Although life was not exactly rosy for him and his family, he was a happy boy even as a young boy whose love and passion for football was his anchor. He was enrolled at John Marshall High School and did well to work as a salesman during the vacations. During his stay in Los Angeles, Andrew took part in youth sports, and he was fortunate to be coached by Pete Arbogast, who was the former radio playwright of the Cincinnati Bengals and radio host of the “USC” soccer team.

Andy Reid Wife, Son, Height, Age, Weight, Net Worth, Family
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In 1971 Andrew Reid participated in the “Punt, Pass and Kick” competition, which was broadcast live on Monday Night Football; he was 13 years old at the time. He later moved to Glendale Community College where he also played football as an offensive tackle on the school team. Between 1978 and 1980, when he was accepted at Brigham Young University, he played on the same team as the now-famous “Jim McMahon”. Having met all the requirements for a university degree, Andrew Reid graduated in 1981.

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Coaching Career

After graduating from university, Andrew Reid spent an entire year learning as an assistant to the school’s soccer coaching team. The following nine years were to prove to be very valuable in his career, as he worked as an offensive line coach at four different universities, including Northern Arizona University with star player Frank Pollack.

In 2013 Reid was offered a five-year contract as head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs, which he accepted. Later in 2016, he would have his best regular season to date, following the duel between the Chiefs and Oakland Raiders rivals in which he finished 12-4 and rose in the league for the first time since 2010. The following season (2017) Andy’s team got off to a strong start when they won their first game against the defending champions in the Super Bowl, the “New England Patriots”. After this strong start, the team suffered a number of setbacks, losing six of seven games. However, they later claimed their second consecutive AFC World Championship title, which happened to be the first consecutive title in the franchise’s history.

Family: Wife And Son

Andy Reid is a happily married man who signed the Covenant of Life in 1983 with his lovely wife Tammy Reid, a physical education teacher at BYU. Together they have five wonderful children, including sons Garret Reid, Britt Reid, and Spencer Reid, while their daughter is named Crosby Reid and Drew Reid. Reid is no longer a religious man, as he and his family attend the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Andy Reid Wife, Son, Height, Age, Weight, Net Worth, Family
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Tragedy struck Andy Reid and his family on August 5, 2012, when the family’s first son, Garret Reid, was confirmed dead. His body was found in his room at Lehigh University training camp. After an autopsy of his remains was performed, it was determined that he may have died from an accidental heroin overdose.

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Andy Reid Net Worth

It has been found that most athletes and coaches who make a career in contact sports like American football are very wealthy. With Coach Reid, he seems to be involved in the action as he is not doing badly, especially as a coach with such an impressive CV and achievements. He currently earns an estimated salary of $6 million with a net worth of a whopping $20 million.

Andy Reid Height, Weight

There seems to be a growing trend among soccer coaches to gain weight, in the sense that after leaving the active game of soccer they usually let go of their body and gain the extra pounds.

Andy Reid, a man who is over 50 years old, has a weight of over 270 pounds and stands at a great height of 1.91 m (5’8″). His body measurements are quite unbalanced when you consider his BMI (Body Mass Index).