Home Actress Amiyah Scott Married, Husband, Boyfriend, Wiki, Bio

Amiyah Scott Married, Husband, Boyfriend, Wiki, Bio

Amiyah Scott Married, Husband, Boyfriend, Wiki, Bio

Amiyah Scott is an American model and actress, known as the first transgender woman to be inducted for the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Her most prominent role to date is the music drama series Star, created by Cotton on Lee Daniels and set on Fox.

The role in which she portrays a transgender woman has also attracted her attention. Scott is the third Trans to play a Trans Major character in a script-driven American TV drama series.

Scott has won the hearts of many star fans with her incredible acting, some fans even consider her one of the best actresses in the TV series. Her popularity in the show has led fans to take an interest in her personal life, many seeking answers to curious questions.

Amiyah Scott Married, Husband, Boyfriend, Wiki, Bio

Well, as always, Celebily is here with all the answers.

In this article, we will take a look at Scott’s bio, the facts about her decision to become a transgender, some little things and of course the juiciest part – her romantic life…..

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Amiyah Scott Wiki/Bio

She was born on 11 January 1988 as Arthur Scott in Manhattan New York City but grew up in New Orleans Lousiana. At a young age, Scott realized that her personality did not fit into the male body with which she was born.

Amiyah Scott Married, Husband, Boyfriend, Wiki, Bio

As a result, she told her family that she no longer wanted to be male. Without the blessing of her parents, Scott underwent partial transgender surgery at the age of 15 and was completely transferred to a woman at the age of 17.

Uneasy with her parent’s disapproval of her choice, Scott moved out of her family home and began to live for herself. Unimpressed by bullying and criticism from her community, Scott began a career as a presenter, ballplayer, and actor.

Shortly after she left home, her parents decided to accept her as she was and support her career.

In no time Scott was able to build a large social media fan base. She is known for her characteristic colorful eccentric wigs, makeup and the whole sense of fashion. Her greatest stylistic inspirations have been Rihanna and Lil’, Kim.

Amiyah has over 1.1 million followers on her Instagram account and over 195,000 Twitter followers. She is considered an inspiration and motivation for many transgender people. Scott strives to be a voice for the LGBT community and looks back on the other transgender actress Laverne Cox.

Media Outlet, VH1 crowned her “KING” after reporting that she was “the first transgender model to build a large social media according to Instagram”.

Scott has since added the title to her handles across all social media platforms. Her own website is kingamiyahscott.com.

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TV/Film Career

Bravo came on its way in 2015 and Amiyah opened. For 4 weeks she recorded for her hit reality series Real Housewives of Atlanta. However, scenes with her were never broadcast as there are creative differences between her and the show producers. Amiyah has established a good relationship with the actors and indicated a return to reality TV, but for the right salary.

In an interview she said;

“When you’re on script television, you play a character. But I want to show people who I am. I’ve learned never to say never again, so I’d be open to making reality TV…. for the right check, of course.”

Amiyah Scott Married, Husband, Boyfriend, Wiki, Bio

Scott was thrown deep into the mainstream in 2016 when Lee Daniels chose her to portray the role of Cotton, a transgender woman in Fox’s music drama series “Star”.

In the series, she is alienated from her mother Carlotta (Queen Latifah), who struggles to accept her image. Star has been extended for a second season that will air from September 2017.

In addition to her TV career, Amiyah is also a model, make-up artist, and event host.

In an interview with YBF correspondent James Terrell, Amiyah talked about her star debut. See below;

Amiyah Scott Married/ Husband/ Boyfriend

People are always curious to know the details of the romantic life of transsexuals, as is the case with Amiyah Scott. First, it has been rumored that she is in a romantic relationship with a number of female rappers who are suspected of being gay.

While filming for RHOA, Amiyah brought her hairdresser Kellon Deryck, who was already in a relationship at the time, into the limelight as her boyfriend.

Amiyah Scott and Micah

Recently she has been associated with Micah Dixon. They both appeared together at events on the red carpet and presented each other on social media to shower each other.

On Valentine’s Day 2017, Amiyah dedicated this contribution to her flame;

To clarify the rumors about whether Amiyah is married, she is not and never was. She seems to get stronger with her current flame. Only time will tell where it will lead.

They really seem to be in love. Just take a look at Micah Dixon’s Instagram account.