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Zuleikha Robinson Bio, Wiki, Married, Husband, Kids, Family

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Zuleikha Robinson is a British actress who dominates the small and big screen. She is known for films such as The Merchant of Venice (2004) The Homonym and more. On the small screen, she has had a series of regular roles on Lost The Following The Exorcist and more.

Zuleikha Robinson Bio/Wiki

Robinson was born on June 29 1977 in London to a Burmese Indian-Malaysian mother and an English father. She spent most of her early years in Thailand where she was raised by her mother. Robinson also has Scottish and Iranian roots.

Zuleikha Robinson Bio, Wiki, Married, Husband, Kids, Family

The only information available on her education is that she is a graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles. However, like most actresses, we assume that Robinson must have been active in the role of an actress in her high school years.

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Robinson began her acting career in 1999 when she played the role of Hope Crowley in a short film entitled “Benefactor: Scenes from an Arrangement.” She made her film debut as Lester Moore’s assistant in Timecode, a 2000 American experimental film featuring a set that included Salma Hayek.

While Robinson started on the big screen, it was her role as a mysterious thief in The X-Files franchise’s Lone Gunmen series that first caught her attention. She also took over her role as Yves Adele Harlow in an episode of The X Files.

Zuleikha Robinson Bio, Wiki, Married, Husband, Kids, Family

Robinson’s first lead role was played in Hidalgo a 2004 western biography where she played a 19th-century Arab princess named Jazira. The film which was shot in Morocco brought in more than $108 million out of a $40 million budget.

Robinson beat 50 to 60 South Asian actors in the role of Moushumi Mazumdar a Bengali character in The Namesake based on Mira Nair’s book of the same name. The director had chosen it because of its strange resemblance to a Bengali.

Zuleikha Robinson Bio, Wiki, Married, Husband, Kids, Family

In 2009 Robinson appeared in Fist Full of Love a short film she also wrote. She played a regular role in the crime series Fox New Amsterdam in 2008.

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Robinson played the recurring role of Detective Eva Marquez Roya Hammad in Homeland. With his casting companions, Robinson received a Screen Actors Guild Award nomination for the outstanding performance of an ensemble in a drama series.

Robinson has had recurring roles in other television shows such as The Mentalist Covert Affairs Intelligence Once Upon a Time in a Wonderland Kingdom. She also remained active on the big screen with roles in Ask Me Anything (2014) The Boy (2015) and American Fable (2016).

In addition to being an actor Robinson also sings.

Zuleikha Robinson Married/Husband

Robinson is one of those actresses who prefer to keep her life private. Since the beginning of her Hollywood career, Robinson has never been tied to anyone. However, this does not mean that she is lacking in the area of love and relationships.

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In an interview, she gave to Esquire in 2012 about her role in the homeland Robinson revealed that she had just left a relationship before taking the position. However, she was careful not to give any details.

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She told the ESQ:

I hadn’t worked in a while and I had just come out of a relationship. It was my first audition after that. It was my favorite show. I was excited but at the same time I knew that part of me wasn’t ready.”

In addition to that another proof that Robinson has an active love life is the fact that she has taken on her own Twitter account where she is most active to talk about relationships.


Since we cannot determine Robinson’s romantic status it is difficult to say each time whether or not she has children. About her own immediate family Robinson is known to have a brother named Alastair Robinson.

He is a famous taxonomist and field botanist who even has a Wikipedia page. Born in 1980 he is three years younger than his older sister Zuleikha. Alastair is specialized in the carnivorous genus Nepenthes.

He has achieved many achievements in his field including the co-discovery of the gigantic pitcher factory in Palawan Nepenthes attenboroughii. He is also co-author and co-author of a multitude of academic works.

Height: 5 ft 7.5 in (1.71 m)