Yes, Sonya Deville Is A Lesbian And Engaged To Her Partner Toni Cassano- Relationship

Yes, Sonya Deville Is A Lesbian And Engaged To Her Partner Toni Cassano- Relationship: After the engagement news surfaced on social media, Sonya Deville’s lesbian status became known, leaving WWE fans clutching their heads in disbelief.

American professional wrestler Sonya Deville, also known as Daria Rae Berenato, is also a skilled mixed martial artist.

Alongside Adam Pearce, the fighter made an appearance on the SmackDown network. The fighter has previously held a position of power.

When Deville participated in WWE Tough Enough in 2015, where she finished tenth, she first gained notoriety. After signing a contract with WWE, the combatant was sent to the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.

Before being moved up to the main roster, Deville first worked in NXT, then WWE’s development league. In January 2021, the wrestler made a return. acting as an authority figure on film when not wrestling.

After being detained for possessing a firearm, Sonya Deville has become a media sensation. They received a license for the firearm from the WWE superstar, but New Jersey did not permit it.

Yes, Sonya Deville Is A Lesbian

When Tonni Cassano, a WWE star, revealed the couple’s engagement, Sonya Deville’s lesbian relationship with the latter became known to the general public.

The news of Sonya Deville’s lesbianism stunned and perplexed the WWE community.

The WWE has a decidedly mixed history when it comes to LGBTQ+ issues; in addition to its patchy history with homosexual stories, the group has worked with the Saudi Arabian government, where LGBTQ+ identities are forbidden.

Sonya Deville and Toni Cassano both in relation 1

Four years ago, Sonya and her tag team partner Amanda “Mandy Rose” Saccomanno suggested an LGBTQ+ plot to the group, but it doesn’t appear to have been implemented.

Nevertheless, Berenato now finds it exciting to be a lesbian wrestler after years of wondering who the fighter was and where she fit.

The first female wrestler in the WWE to publicly discuss her sexual orientation is Sonya Deville, who is lesbian. While taking part in Tough Enough, she discussed coming out as a lesbian.

On January 28, 2018, the female wrestler started from spot 10 in the first women’s Royal Rumble contest.

She beat Torrie Wilson before Michelle McCool upset her after 6:41. Berenato took part in the opening women’s Elimination Chamber fight on February 25 at Elimination Chamber.

At WrestleMania 34’s Women’s Battle Royal, the MMA fighter made her WrestleMania début.

Sonya Deville’s Relationship With Her Partner Toni Cassano

The mixed martial artist reportedly got down on one knee and proposed to Toni Cassano on February 15, 2023, according to a People story.

Cassano responded in classic sapphic fashion by producing her own ring. As Toni took her ring out of her purse—which had been there for more than four months—the WWE celebrity proposed to her.

Sonya Deville kissing her partner Toni Cassano

According to Berenato, the two connected at a WWE event that Cassano agreed to go to in return for a dinner date. The performance was too long for them to eat at a proper restaurant, so they made the decision to go to a random bar instead, where they stayed up until five in the morning and consumed pizza.

Sonya, the first publicly gay female wrestler in WWE history, has been employed by the company for almost eight years.

She first appeared as Sonya Deville in 2017. However, just because Berenato is a mother now doesn’t mean that she will act appropriately on television.

Deville has acted as a villain almost from the beginning and doesn’t seem to be improving.