William Kinney Nashville Shooting Victim: Bio, Age, and Family
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William Kinney Nashville Shooting Victim: Bio, Age, and Family: A bad person shot and killed seven people including 9-year-old William Kinney at the Covenant School in 2023. It was a very sad event that hurt a lot of people. Here is more information about what happened.

The Covenant School is a private Christian school in Green Hills that teaches kids from pre-kindergarten to sixth grade. The Covenant School has around 200 students who go there to learn. It started in 2001 and is connected to Nashville’s Covenant Presbyterian Church which is part of the Presbyterian Church in America.

The Covenant School in Nashville Tennessee had a mass shooting on March 27 2023 which was very unfortunate. A really sad thing happened at the Covenant School in Nashville Tennessee. Someone with a gun came in and started shooting and seven people lost their lives.

Three of them were kids who went to school there and the other four were staff members. The police arrived and ended up killing the person who did the shooting a 28-year-old woman named Audrey Elizabeth Hale who used to go to the school.

Let’s learn more about William Kinney a 9-year-old victim of the Covenant School shooting that happened in Nashville Tennessee.

Learn More About William Kinney a Victim of the Nashville School Shooting

In Nashville Tennessee, six people died in a shooting at a private school. Three staff members and three children were killed at The Covenant School which is a Christian school for children from preschool through sixth grade.

The police department in Nashville Tennessee released the names of the six people who died in the shooting at The Covenant School. The victims were three kids including Evelyn Dieckhaus William Kinney and Hallie Scruggs as well as three staff members Cynthia Peak Mike Hill and Katherine Koonce.

William Kinney was a 9-year-old student at The Covenant School. Audrey Elizabeth Hale a resident of Nashville was identified as the shooter by authorities. Audrey Elizabeth Hale who identified as a trans guy and used male pronouns had attended The Covenant School since childhood and had no criminal record before the shooting. This information was reported by The Tennessean newspaper.

The person who did the shooting at the Covenant School in 2023 was given a female identity at birth according to a police spokesperson. However, on their LinkedIn profile, they used masculine pronouns.

Hale used to go to an art college and worked as an artist. A neighbor said that she was living with her parents. When the police searched Audrey Elizabeth Hale’s home they found a document called a manifesto and a map of The Covenant School with information about possible entrances.

Audrey Elizabeth Hale did research before the shooting incident at The Covenant School. Police say she thought about attacking another location but decided not to because of the security. She was shot and killed by the police at the scene.

William Kinney: Bio, Age, And Family

The mass shooting that took place at The Covenant School on March 27 2023 has left many people feeling sad and devastated. They are thinking about the families and friends of the victims during this difficult time.

After the tragic shooting at Covenant School people is trying to learn more about William Kinney one of the victims. They want to know about his family and how old he was. Not much is known yet about William Kinney’s family and background following the tragic shooting at The Covenant School.

Right now we only know that William Kinney was 9 years old when he died. Mass shootings are terrible and sad especially when innocent people lose their lives. The reason behind the school shooting is not yet known but investigators are working to find out.

The Metro Nashville Police Department is getting help from the Bureau of Tobacco Alcohol Explosives and Firearms and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation to investigate the shooting.

Police found two shotguns one of which had been modified and other evidence when they searched Hale’s home after the shooting.