Whoopi Goldberg Net Worth, Daughter, Husband, Relationships, Kids, Is She Gay?

Whoopi Goldberg Net Worth, Daughter, Husband, Relationships, Kids, Is She Gay?

An Academy and Grammy Award winner Whoopi Goldberg is an actress comedian writer and television host who has been working in the entertainment industry since the 1980s. With all she has accomplished over her years in the industry, it is safe to say that very few others have had such an impact. Let’s see how far it has gone.

Goldberg was born Caryn Elaine Johnson on November 13, 1955, in the United States, in New York, to be raised by her single mother who did an excellent job grooming to become the popular actress she is now. She was raised with her brother after their parents divorced and the father abandoned them with their mother.

Whoopi Goldberg Biography

It is interesting to note that her father Robert James Johnson Jr. was a clergyman. Her mother, Emma Johnson, was a nurse and teacher. Caryn Elaine Johnson chose to change her name later in her life to Whoopi Goldberg because she found the first one rather boring.

Whoopi Goldberg Net Worth, Daughter, Husband, Relationships, Kids, Is She Gay?

For her education the actress attended a Catholic school and was also reported to have dropped out of Washington Irving High School. She then attended the Tisch School of the Arts and the HB Studio which is a theatre school.

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The big screens called on the young Whoopi with her first role in the film Citizen: I’m not losing my mind I’m leaving in 1982 Her first major role came in 1985 when she played in The Color Purple. That same year she scored significant points when her show The Spook Show was broadcast on Broadway under the name Whoopi Goldberg an original Broadway show recorded and broadcast on HBO. She played it and received the Grammy for best comic recording.

Whoopi Goldberg Net Worth, Daughter, Husband, Relationships, Kids, Is She Gay?

In the coming years she has acted in more than 50 films some of which she has written. In addition, she has won numerous awards including the Golden Globe Award for Best Lead Actress for her role in The Color Purple an Oscar for Best Support Actress for Ghost and the British Academy Film Award for Best Support Actress in the same work.

Is She Gay? 

One of the questions that many people continue to ask themselves about the actress is whether or not she is gay. This is quite understandable for some people when they consider that she has acted in films such as Boys on the Side and The Color Purple. Nevertheless, she revealed that even though she grew up in a neighborhood with homosexuals, she is Straight.


In 1982 Whoopi Goldberg made her debut on the big screen with Citizen: I’m Not Losing My Mind I’m Giving It Away. Following this success, she created a one-woman show which ran for 156 performances on Broadway in 1983. Her career skyrocketed when Steven Spielberg cast her as Cecile in The Color Purple (1985). This film was highly acclaimed and earned 11 Oscar nominations; among them was a nomination for Best Actress to Whoopi Goldberg herself.

In the 1990s, Whoopi Goldberg experienced a surge in her career when she starred as a psychic in Ghost alongside Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. Her performance earned her an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress making her only the second African American woman to win this award. Following this success, she was cast in two Star Trek movies before appearing as Sister Mary Clarence in Sister Act (1992). The film’s box-office success of over $200 million led to a Golden Globe nomination for Goldberg. She reprised that role again with Sister Act 2: Back In The Habit (1993) and became the first black female host of the Oscars ceremony 1994. Other notable films from that decade include Corrina Corrina and The Little Rascals; while the 2000s saw Whoopi taking up supporting roles such as How Stella Got Her Groove Back Girl Interrupted etc. along with co-producing Hollywood Squares from 1998 – 2004 which further bolstered her career accomplishments.

In 2010 Whoopi Goldberg starred in Tyler Perry’s For Colored Girls alongside Janet Jackson. The movie was a commercial success grossing over $38 million worldwide and receiving positive reviews from critics. That same year her voice work was featured in the highly-acclaimed box office hit Toy Story 3. In 2016 she created a reality show titled Strut for Oxygen Network and most recently appeared in another Tyler Perry project called Nobody’s Fool with Tiffany Haddish as a co-star in 2018.

Other Ventures

Whoopi Goldberg is a multi-talented individual who has had an illustrious career in film talk shows and theater. In addition to her onscreen success, she is also the author of several children’s books and non-fiction works. Her stage credits include producing Sister Act for Broadway in 2010. Moreover, Goldberg is an entrepreneur as well; she cofounded Whoopi & Maya which produces medical cannabis products specifically tailored to women suffering from menstrual cramps.

Relationships – Husband, Daughter, and Kids

Whoopi Goldberg Net Worth, Daughter, Husband, Relationships, Kids, Is She Gay?
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Whoopi Goldberg has had a number of relationships and has been married more than once before. The first time she got married was in 1973 when she tied the knot with Alvin Martin. Unfortunately, in 1979 the marriage ended in divorce giving birth to a daughter Alex Martin whom she gave birth to in 1973.

Whoopi Goldberg Ex Husband

In the’80s. Whoopi had healed from her previous marriage and was ready to give love another avenue. She married cinematographer David Claessen in 1986, but it only lasted until 1988, when it ended in a divorce. Then came Lyle Trachtenberg in 1994, but only a year later, the ship had hit the iceberg and sunk.

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Since the marriage ended in 1995, Whoopi has not been married again. According to her she is responsible for all her failed marriages because she has never given enough in all her marriages because she has never really loved before and she has seen that she was not cut out to be in a relationship. Nevertheless, she has dated a number of men including David Schein with whom she dated in the 1980s, Eddie Gold Timothy Dalton Ted Danson Jeffrey Cohen, and Frank Langella with whom she dated from 1995 to 2000.

Whoopi Goldberg and ex husband Lyle Trachtenberg
Whoopi Goldberg and ex-husband Lyle Trachtenberg

Although she can be expected to have a number of children from three marriages, Alex Martin is the only girl she has. Thanks to her, the actress now has grandchildren.

Whoopi Goldberg Net Worth

Without a doubt Goldberg is in a class of her own as a Comedian and actress. A person who works very hard and has played a role in many films will naturally expect them to have a huge net worth. Well, that’s the case. Whoopi Goldberg has an estimated net worth of $45 million. This is not surprising considering that at one time in the 1990s she was the highest-paid actress in the world.

Shortly after the release of her net worth rumor, the actress sold her property the pink mansion Pacific Palisades. She bought the mansion in 1993 for $2.55 million but managed to sell it for a staggering $8.8 million, which increased her net worth.

Real Estate

In 1993, Whoopi Goldberg purchased a home in the Pacific Palisades neighborhood of Los Angeles for $2.6 million and listed it on the market in January 2018 at an asking price of $8.8 million. After one year she increased the listing price to $9.6 million; however, it is still available as this writing takes place.

The individual in question had a portfolio of properties that included a 745-acre farm located in Vermont which she sold for $2 million; an apartment situated in Manhattan which was sold for $3 million back in 2010; and finally a home-based out of Berkeley that fetched her $2.05 million when it was put on the market five years later.

In 2009 she purchased a lavish estate in West Orange New Jersey for slightly less than $3 million which is now her primary residence.

Quick Facts 

Full nameCaryn Elaine Johnson
Professional nameWhoopi Goldberg
Date of birth13 November 1955
Birth SignScorpio
Place of BirthManhattan, New York City, United States
Weight78 Kilograms
Height1.65 metres (5 feet 5 inches)
FatherRobert James Johnson Jr
MotherEmma Johnson (née Harris)Black
Siblings(Clyde K. Johnson)
Marital Status Divorced/Unmarried
EducationSt Columba’s, Washington Irving High School
ProfessionActress, Author, Comedian, Television Personality
Eye ColourBlue
Hair ColourBlack
Facebook@Whoopi Goldberg
YouTubeWhoopi Goldberg
Salary$8 Million
Net Worth$60 Million