Who Is Will Barton? His Bio, Height, Weight, Body Stats, NBA Career

Who Is Will Barton? His Bio, Height, Weight, Body Stats, NBA Career
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Will Barton started his basketball career quite early, he was only six years old when he nurtured the dream of playing in the NBA and becoming a superstar in the league. Since the beginning of his career, Barton has made great strides, working on his weaknesses, building on his strengths, and definitely making his mark as one of the best shooting guards in the game.

From the Portland Trail Blazers to the Idaho Stampede to the Denver Nuggets, this guy has dominated with his dynamic playing style. This earned him his nickname “Will The Trill”, read on to learn more about him.

Bio – Who Is Will Barton?

William Norman Barton was born on January 6, 1991, in Baltimore, Maryland, and comes from humble beginnings. He lived in a single room with his mother, brother, and niece. Due to the difficulties he faced and the time he spent taking care of his niece, Barton’s academic performance was quite poor. However, this did not affect his basketball games.

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As far as anyone could tell, he began to take the sport seriously at Baltimore City College, a public preparatory high school, which he soon left for the National Christain Academy in Fort Washington, Maryland. He would leave Christain Academy again to complete his junior year of high school at Lake Clifton Eastern High School. Will became a senior and moved again to the Brewster Academy, a boarding school in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, where he completed his high school education.

In order to live up to his passion for handball in the different schools, Will was rated the best shooting guard among his classmates by various platforms. As was to be expected, a handful of colleges called to offer him a college career with their teams. However, Will would choose to join the Tigers of Memphis. In his second year on the team, he won the Conference USA Player of the Year. He also received other prestigious recognitions, including promotion to the C-USA All-Freshman Team, the All-C-USA Third Team, and the All-C-USA First Team.

Will Barton
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His NBA Career

After the notable highlights of his college career, Will decided to give up his last two years of eligibility and signed up for the 2012 NBA Draft. It was immediately predicted that he would be selected in the second round, this happened when the Portland Trail Blazers brought him in with the 40th overall selection and in the second round of the Draft. But then he couldn’t immediately realize his NBA dream because he was assigned to the Idaho Stampede of the NBA Development League. After a series of withdrawals and reassignments, he finally made his debut with the Trail Blazers and played for the team from 2012 to 2015. During that time he and some of his teammates moved to the Denver Nuggets, where he got more playing time.

He improved his game at the Dever Nuggets and went so far that he watched his game every night after every game in order to detect mistakes and improve his game. This proved to be effective as Will continues to be relevant in the league. Due to his spectacular performance, the Nuggets decided to renew their pact with him. Sometime in July 2018, Will Barton signed a four-year contract with the team worth $53 million.

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Will’s Height, Weight, And Body Stats

Although there are a handful of things that are considered weaknesses of Will’s playing style, there is no doubt that he is a first-class shooting guard. No one would deny that he is excellent at shooting from medium range, and it is quite obvious that he is a good outside shooter and an accomplished passerby with an enviable assistant-to-shooter ratio. Will Barton is also admired for his great speed and energy, which often allows him to take advantage of defenders.

However, it has been hinted from several quarters that he does a bad job of controlling the ball when he is pushed to the sidelines. He has also been criticized several times for being inconsistent on defense. His critics believe that he would be a better player if he could use the same amount of energy that he uses for his offense in defense.

Will Barton’s height has of course improved his performance, he is 15 centimeters taller than 1.82 meters and weighs 175 pounds. Although his height is a plus point for him, he has focused on such training to ensure that his lightweight is not a nightmare for him. In the meantime, more details of his body statistics need to be checked.