Home Celebrity Who Is Todd Beamer’s Daughter Morgan Kay Beamer? Some Untold Truth

Who Is Todd Beamer’s Daughter Morgan Kay Beamer? Some Untold Truth

Who Is Todd Beamer’s Daughte Morgan Kay Beamer? Some Untold Truth
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Morgan Kay Beamer is the only daughter of Todd Beamer, the deceased American passenger who was hijacked and crashed on United Airlines Flight 93 as part of the 9/11 attacks in 2001. Morgan’s father was one of the passengers who tried to regain control of the plane from the hijackers.

Morgan, the daughter of Todd and his wife, Liz Brosious Beamer, never met her father because she was born four months after 9/11, but she too is following his example as an athlete. She attends Princeton High School, where she plays lacrosse.

Morgan bears some resemblance to her late father, Todd, with dark hair and a slight cleft chin. In a way, she is one of the bridges between 9/11 and her generation. Find out if she remembers her father so well, how she is doing in the present, what is happening to her mother Lisa, and much more.

Morgan Kay Beamer Birth Details

Morgan Kay Beamer, the third child of Todd and his wife Lisa, was born on Wednesday, January 9, 2002, in a New Jersey hospital. As mentioned, this was almost four months after the death of her father on September 11 a year earlier.

At birth, she weighed 7 pounds and was 21 inches long. Morgan was the middle name of her father, Todd Beamer.

Her paternal grandparents, David and Peggy, are residents of Jacksonville Beach. Morgan’s grandfather is a retired businessman who wrote the foreword to a 2011 book by Jacksonville pastor Gene Youngblood.

Her mother, Lisa Brosious Beamer, was born in Albany, New York, and grew up in Shrub Oak, just north of New York City. Todd’s maternal grandfather, Paul, was a research physicist, and her grandmother, Lauren Brosious, is a Christian counselor.

Morgan Kay Beamer Has Two Elder Brothers 

Morgan has two older brothers, David and Drew. They were both born before her father died.

Who Is Todd Beamer’s Daughte Morgan Kay Beamer? Some Untold Truth
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Her older brother David, who was three years old in September 2001, later became a defensive back for the Wheaton College football team. Morgan’s other brother Andrew, who was 1 year old at the time of his father’s death, also attends Wheaton College and plays as a midfielder for the football team.

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What Really Happened To Morgan’s Father Todd Beamer On Sep 11, 2001? 

Lisa was five months pregnant with Morgan when her husband lost his life in one of the 9/11 terrorist attacks aboard United Flight 93, which crashed into a Pennsylvania field after he and a group of brave passengers tried to outwit the hijackers.

Morgan’s father, Todd, was a powerful figure who led the passengers of United Flight 93 in their battle with the hijackers for control of the plane.

Todd Beamer Died
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As a result, the plane crashed into the ground instead of hitting its intended target.

Tragically, however, all the people on board died. Morgan’s father, Todd, was a rising star in the software company Oracle. This man kept his family financially stable.

Todd had boarded United Flight 93 in Newark, New Jersey, on the morning of 11 September 2001 for a business trip to San Francisco. At the time, the father of two was planning to celebrate the tenth anniversary of his first date with his wife when he returned home.

Morgan Kay Beamer’s Father Did Get To Send His Message To His Wife, Lisa

After the hijackers had taken over the plane, Mr. Beamer saw the dead co-pilot lying in the aisle near the cockpit with his throat slit. The then father of two reached for the telephone on the back of the seat in front of him and tried to call his wife, but could not get through.

Instead, Todd contacted the telecom operator, to whom he told her what was going on, and she connected the call to FBI agents. The phone remained connected for fifteen minutes while the Oracle employee and several others organized a manhunt to overtake the terrorists.

Who Is Todd Beamer’s Daughte Morgan Kay Beamer? Some Untold Truth
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Todd and other passengers had contacted people using airplanes and cell phones. They also knew that two planes had already destroyed the World Trade Centre. Moments later, Morgan’s father ordered the flight attendants to boil water and pack everything that could be used as a weapon. He then told the GTE operator to call his wife and children and tell them he loved them.

Morgan’s Father Led The Attack Against The Hijackers 

Just as he and the other passengers were about to smash the hijackers, Liza’s husband shouted, “Let’s go!”. Beamer led his passengers into the cockpit, using a drinks trolley to break through the door.

A scuffle broke out, and the occupants crashed it into a field near Shanksville, Pa. instead of the Washington Monument, killing all 44 people on board. The plane, which departed from Newark, was scheduled to stop in San Francisco.

shanksville pennsylvania crash site
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It was the only airline on 11 September that did not die on the ground. The authorities later reported that the hijackers had steered it toward Washington.

Todd was assisted in his heroic efforts by Tom Burnett, Mark Bingham, and Jeremy Glick. Todd was awarded the Arthur Ashe Courage Award in 2002, alongside the men who prevented the attack.

Morgan Kay Beamer’s Mother Lisa After Her Husband’s Death

A few days after the event, Lisa recalled, “Are you ready? Let’s go!” was an expression her husband often used when the family went on outings.

Shortly after her father’s death, Morgan’s mother Lisa Beamer became a public symbol of courage and strength to a grieving nation as she tried to keep her family together.

lisa beamer with todd beamer children
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Lisa wrote a book about her husband’s story called Let’s Roll. She then made over 200 media appearances in a year to raise awareness and funds for the Todd Beamer Foundation.

Ms. Beamer also appeared on “Larry King Life”, “Good Morning America”, “Dateline”, “20/20”, “60 Minutes” and “Oprah”.

To this day, she continues to speak out for children who have suffered trauma and advocates for several other such organizations.

Morgan’s Mother Set Up A Foundation In The Name Of Todd Beamer

After the 9/11 incident, Lisa and Todd’s friends set up the Todd Beamer Foundation to help all children who lost a parent on 9/11. Apparently, there are at least 22 children who lost a parent on Flight 93 alone.

At the time, Lisa and the foundation also asked for trademark protection for the phrase ‘Let’s Roll’, which they believe has become the national battle cry in the war on terror.

To express their condolences, singers and musicians, including cellist Yo-Yo Ma, recorded a CD for the Foundation, recreating the last moments of Flight 93.

Then-President Bush was also among those who called Lisa to congratulate her on Morgan’s birth.

Morgan Kay Beamer’s Mother Tries Not To Focus Too Much On Sep 11

Lisa has admitted that Todd is always on her mind, although she has said that she tries not to focus on the events of 11 September.

“If I see a picture of the crash site or something like that on TV, obviously I think through it in my head. But I don’t dwell too much on what happened that day,”

Ms. Beamer told ABC News in January 2006. However, Lisa admits that she misses her late husband every day. When the housewife-turned-writer gave birth to Morgan, she had a cousin by her side.

Lisa said in an interview that Todd had hoped the third child would be a girl and she named the baby after him – Morgan was his middle name.

Like Morgana, who came home from the hospital without her father, Lisa lost her father when she was 15.

“Although pain dissipates over time, it doesn’t go away. I know that many years down the road we’ll still be sad in some ways. But we’ll triumph, too,”

Morgan’s mother said after her husband’s death.

Did She Remarry? Does Lisa Beamer Have A Husband? 

While it seems likely that Lisa has moved on since her husband’s death, whether she has a new husband is a whole other battle of perceptions and guesses. The reason that makes it difficult to construct such theorems is her secretive lifestyle, unrelated to her activist work and speech work.

Morgan’s mom’s last known appearance was at Wheaton College in September 2021. She was the guest of honor, sharing her message of hope during the college chapel service. It was also the 20th anniversary of the tragic events of September 11, 2001.

However, for the time being, the answer to the question of whether the Let’s Roll writer is married or not lies solely with her family.

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How Lisa Beamer Kept The Memory Of Todd Alive In Her Children

Although Morgan did not see her father, her mother made sure that Tod’s memory remained in their home. The mother of three always kept photographs of him at David and Drew’s eye level.

“For each of the children, I sort of made a memory box for them around all the things that happened this fall,” Lisa once said, explaining how she made the children remember their dad.

“And Morgan has a special big box because she has all her stuff from when she was born that came: a letter from the president, a letter from Mrs. Bush,”

added Todd Beamer’s ex-wife.

Morgan Kay Beamer’s Parents Were Together From College

Morgan’s parents, Todd and Lisa, had been together since college.

Morgan’s late dad was a former baseball player at Fresno State and Wheaton College and also taught Sunday School. Her father was also a fourth-string linebacker on the football team at Wheaton College, where her mom, Lisa, was a cheerleader.

What Is Morgan Kay Beamer Doing Now? 

Although there is not much information in the public domain about Morgan Kay Beamer latest exploits, most media seem to define her as a former student at Princeton High School in New Jersey, where she also played lacrosse.

Although she is virtually nameless on Instagram, she seems to have had some handle on other social networks such as Facebook. While this front is mostly inactive these days, it does say a thing or two about the now 20-year-old teenager.

Morgan kay beamer with team
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Firstly, she graduated from Cranbury School in Middlesex County, New Jersey. Todd and his wife, Liz’s daughter, though now apparently a sophomore at Wheaton College, is also a defensive midfielder for its football team.

In 2021, she appeared in 21 games and made 18 starts, scoring one goal (the winning goal against North Central in the CCIW tournament championship game).

Her stats also include a team-high four assists, and six total points, helped the Thunder defense keep five clean sheet goals on the season, and was named to the second team all-conference.