Who Is Tahiry Jose? Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The Socialite

Who Is Tahiry Jose? Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The Socialite
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Tahiry Jose is an American popular society lady, model, actress, and TV personality. In addition to her celebrity status, Jose is widely known for her role in Love & Hip Hop and other films such as Interludes (2012) and Beautiful Destroyer (2015).

Born in New York City, Tahiry Jose has built an outstanding brand on the silver screen to achieve both fame and fortune. There is much to know about the Afrolatina; her fabulous lifestyle, career, relationships, and everything in between can be found here.

Who Is Tahiry Jose?

Tahiry Jose was born on May 5, 1979, in Harlem, New York City, the daughter of Lizzy Mateo. Raised in the city, Jose attended high school at the New York Public Schools and later enrolled to earn a degree at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice. As far as we know, the Dominican Queen, as she is affectionately known, started from the health & fitness model and then moved on to acting.

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Although it has been reported that she gained celebrity status when she met Joe Budden, a radio announcer, and former rapper and songwriter, Jose built her career as a television personality and businesswoman independently.

Who Is Tahiry Jose? Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The Socialite
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Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The Socialite 

Tahiry’s Career

Jose is on the road to fame since 2009. But before she came into the limelight, she started out as a bartender who most people thought would most likely end up like a worn-out video chick hoping to make bad-sounding music.

In an interview, Jose said she loved the nightlife, which made her bartending side job more interesting than typing her life in a cubicle. According to her, getting a degree was a plan B. But while this is the case, the Dominican beauty keeps her life interesting on the big screen; she appears on Broadway shows, models for brands, makes waves as a social media influencer, and works as a professional shower singer.

The Afro-Latina has also been in the beauty business for a long time and in her interview with All Hip Hop, she revealed some of her beauty tricks, which include fitness and good food. As most people would think, the actress does not train the waist.

About the beginning of her career as a model, Jose admitted that her relationship with former rapper Joe Budden influenced the move. About the video that started her modeling career, Tahiry Jose said it was a raw and uncut clip that revealed her [her and Budden] lifestyle as a cohabiting couple. As viewers saw the real life of Jose and Budden, the video became more and more popular and people wanted to see more.

From the very first clip, she caught the attention of radio stations and magazines who were interested in who she was. Jose said that at first, she was not ready to respond to calls for photoshoots for King Magazine and that she just wanted to get married and have kids. But she decided to do the photoshoots and do the spread that would put her on the cover of her first magazine. She currently has 1.8 million followers on Instagram and her baggy body adorns the covers of the magazines.

Tahiry Jose Net Worth

Jose has reached the point in her career where she is earning a substantial amount of money to maintain a fabulous lifestyle. Her diverse sources of income range from acting, modeling, and other entrepreneurial activities. She is reportedly earning up to $20,000 a month from her ventures and her net worth is estimated at more than $250,000.

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Her Relationships

She is single but has a number of relationships behind her. As a socialite, she has been spotted with famous celebrities such as Bow Wow, Drake, Joe, Trey Songz, LeSean McCoy. There were rumors that she had a secret romance with A$AP Rocky, but the rapper preferred supermodel Kendal Jenner.

Still, she was more popular because of her relationship with Joe Budden. Her long-term intimacy was described as poisonous but good; as far away as the exciting video fairy who successfully shadowed her.

Tahiry Jose And Charles Suggs

In 2014, the Love and Hip Hop: New York star was violently attacked during an autumn fashion show by a guy named Charles Suggs, with whom she got into a fierce argument backstage. She was reportedly left in physical therapy after the incident and was wearing a neck brace while the perpetrator was accused of running an anger management program and was prevented from approaching Jose for 5 years.