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Who Is Supreme Patty? His Real Name, Age, Net Worth, Is He Dead?

Who Is Supreme Patty? His Real Name, Age, Net Worth, Is He Dead?
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The Internet is an ever-changing landscape of stories, people, and ideas. With access to the internet, you can experience all these new things from anywhere in the world. If you have something special or even a bit crazy to share with the world then it could potentially make you into an online sensation like Supreme Patty who has leveraged his unique personality and attitude into becoming one of the social media’s most popular figures with over 6 million followers and celebrity endorsements alike.

Who Is Supreme Patty?

Supreme Patty is the CEO of Lil Dick Gang. Yes, he is the self-proclaimed lord of all men with a small penis. That sounds like the most extreme thing to say about yourself right? Well that’s Supreme Patty and he does what he wants and says what he deems appropriate.

Who Is Supreme Patty? His Real Name, Age, Net Worth, Is He Dead?

This individual clearly had a lack of common sense and poor judgment, as evidenced by their reckless decision to spray lime juice into their eyes before attempting to snowboard. The same level of foolishness was demonstrated when they attempted to smoke from a can of gasoline mere meters away from a pumping station. It is clear that such irresponsible behavior could only be done by someone who has no regard for safety or the consequences of their actions.

Who Is Supreme Patty? His Real Name, Age, Net Worth, Is He Dead?
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In any case on the street, He says that some of his dirty tricks have been written and are not as bold as he seems. We hope so too because he can only continue to entertain while he lives. The dead don’t play bad tricks, do they?

Just in case you’re wondering “what kind of person is this? We’ll tell you! He’s a guy with over 45000 followers on Twitter more than 220000 fans on Facebook and 6 million on Instagram.

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Instagram star started this journey in 2013 and has now collaborated with other stars like Boonk and Danny Duncan. His followers swear that his short sketches are hilarious and one of the best around. Once upon a time, he collaborated with A. Millz made a song and transmitted it to SoundCloud so you wouldn’t be wrong if you said he’s a musician more precisely a rapper. In fact, his rapping days started as a teenager and he also has other songs to his credit.

Who Is Supreme Patty? His Real Name, Age, Net Worth, Is He Dead?

Of course, a social media personality like this should have merchandise, and Supreme Patty doesn’t disappoint. His store offers a wide range of rings sweatshirts t-shirts chains watches bracelets rings glasses hats earrings and even pillows. If you’re lucky you might be able to take a thing or two in the free sales going on there now.

His Real Name And Age

You must have guessed well Supreme Patty is a moniker but it’s not his first time. This could go to Apollo the name by which he started rapping as a teenager. In official documents, his name is Patrick Wallace born on December 18, 1997. His birthplace was Daytona Beach down in Florida USA.

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Patrick was born to Bill and Angie Wallace and has an older sister named Katie. His first photo on Instagram is one of the two. His parents separated when he was just 3 years old. Recently he bought a car for his mother.

The Prankster did not complete high school because he dropped out of Seabreeze High School. Previously he had attended Sugar Mill Elementary School and Ormond Beach Middle School. He continued to earn a GED and for a short time was in Gainesville Florida at Santa Fe College.

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If you’re a new fan then the Patty you know is a piece of fresh meat. It hasn’t always been like that. He used to have a face full of acne and had tried his hands on things to clean them all up. In June (2018) He finally got all her acne removed by laser surgery and shared a video about it. He is a Sagittarius and is about 5 feet and 6 inches tall.

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Supreme Patty Net Worth

As for the net worth of Supreme, we can’t really put him on a particular figure. Different sources give different ratios like $250000 $2.27 million and $3 million dollars but we know that he has to earn a lot. You can’t risk your life just for fun right? Oh, He even has his own merchandise so that’s it!

Is Supreme Patty Dead?

Some time ago Supreme Patty died of Ligma or was Sugma? His death occurred just after Tyler Blevins (Ninja)’s death. Ooh! Wait it was just a hoax.

However, Supreme was involved in a car accident and was seriously injured but his management team assured his followers that he is constantly recovering. Mr. Patty is very much alive.