Who Is Shantel VanSanten? Is She Married or Dating Anyone?
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Shantel VanSanten was successful as a model as well as an actress. From video games to music videos, television projects, and films; this American has proven to be a great entertainer. In her modeling career, she has been featured in popular publications such as Seventeen and Teen Vogue.

While it would be outrageous for anyone to claim that Shantel is not talented, there is no doubt that her good looks have helped her career greatly. It has also made her popular with so many people and made her the dream woman of most men. Many other things are worth knowing about the actress, as you will find below.

Childhood and Education of Shantel VanSanten

Shantel VanSanten is of Dutch and Norwegian descent and was born on 25 July 1985 in Luverne, Minnesota. Although she was born in Luverne, she grew up in Texas in the spring. According to various reports, she was raised by her mother and grandmother.

In the state where she grew up, VanSanten attended the preparatory school for girls, the Incarnate Word Academy. After graduation, she moved to a private Protestant Christian institution (Texas Christian University) in Fort Worth, Texas.

Although Shantel’s mother insisted that it was obvious as a child that her daughter was made for an acting career, the actress admitted that she grew up without knowing what to do with her life.

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How Shantel VanSanten Became Famous

Many Shantel fans loved her for the characters she portrayed in The Flash and One Tree Hill. If she was admired as Quinn James, the sister of Haley James Scott, in the latter, she was revered for playing the detective Patty Spivot in the former. Although these TV series made her known as a real member of the entertainment industry, they were not the place where her fame began.

As far as we know, Shantel started her career as a model and actively practiced this profession until she turned 20 years old. It is said that she first worked at Page Parkes Management and later competed in Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Model Search, a reality TV series about would-be models competing for a modeling contract.

Who Is Shantel VanSanten? Is She Married or Dating Anyone?

Her first acting role was in 1999 when she sang Kaori in Steel Angel Kurumi. The actress’s big breakthrough came in 2009 when she played Lori Milligan in the fourth episode of the Final Destination film series. It was also the year she began playing Quinn James in One Tree Hill. Shantel VanSanten has many more roles to offer. Most recently she played Becca Butcher in The Boys and Karen Baldwin in For All Mankind.

Shantel VanSanten Husband and People She Dated

For reasons that have a lot to do with her good looks and of course her celebrity status, many people have kept up with VanSanten’s love life. As far as we can tell, the actress has never been married. Yet she almost always had a lover. Below are the people she was with.

Michael Johnson 

Her first relationship that attracted public attention was with an actor named Michael Johnson. It is believed that she started dating in 2008 and broke up the following year for reasons best known to them.

James Lafferty

James came after Michael, he was her co-star in One Tree Hill and interestingly enough they have the same birthday. People who wanted them to stay together saw this as a sign that they were meant to be life partners. There was no chance of this happening, as the relationship that began in 2009 ended in 2010.

There was also a rumor that she had something special with her One Tree Hill matchup Robert Buckley. The actress insisted that this was not true; that they were just good pals.


John Fletcher

In 2015, it turned out for the first time that the American actress is together with the British actor. At first, it was hard to tell if they were lovers, but you could see them on several occasions having a good time together. They also started sharing pictures they had taken together in their respective social media accounts and it became official.

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Who Is Shantel VanSanten? Is She Married or Dating Anyone?

Shantel and John were so cute together that it came as a shock in 2017 when they removed each other’s pictures from their social media sites. They never said what happened to what they had.

Victor Webster 


Victor Webster has been the love of Shantel VanSanten’s life for a good while. The actress reportedly started dating the Canadian actor in 2018. They have had several vacations together and Shantel thinks highly of Victor as expressed in her Instagram post above.