Who is Rachel Nichols (Actress)? Her Husband and Other Facts You Must Know

Who is Rachel Nichols (Actress)? Her Husband and Other Facts You Must Know
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While many people know Rachel Nichols as an actress, few know that she actually started out as a model. The actress started modeling while still a student. After building a successful career in this field, she switched to acting a few years later. Since then she has built up an impressive body of work in the entertainment industry.

Rachel Nichols had a modest professional start with a small role in Autumn In New York (2000). Fortunately, she began to get more substantial roles with her appearances in Alias, Dumb, and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd, The Amityville Horror, The Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants 2, and G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra.

The actress was then able to translate her initial success into more substantial roles and was given the lead role in the television series Continuum.

Who is Rachel Nichols (Actress)? Her Husband and Other Facts You Must Know
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Who Is Rachel Nichols?

Rachel Emily Nichols was born in Augusta, Maine on January 8, 1980, the daughter of Jim and Alison Nichols. Her father, Jim, was a teacher. At a young age, Rachel was an athlete at Cony High School and participated in high jump competitions.

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Although Rachel’s beauty is well recognized, the actress has stated that this was not always the case. She was described as a late bloomer who had long arms and legs. The awkward teenager had to take highly structured dance lessons for many years to gain control of her body, which allowed her to become a model later.

As a model, Rachel Nichols worked for internationally renowned brands such as L’Oréal, Guess, Abercrombie & Fitch, and several others. She even hosted some MTV specials. However, with the success of her career as an actress, Rachel has admitted that she no longer works as a model and has no plans to return there.

After high school, Rachel enrolled at the prestigious Columbia University, where she studied economics and psychology. She also studied Theater Studies and graduated in 2003 with an impressive double degree in Mathematics and Economics.

Who Is Her Husband?

Who is Rachel Nichols (Actress)? Her Husband and Other Facts You Must Know
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Rachel Nichols is currently married to Michael Kershaw, a real estate developer. The couple got engaged in 2013 and finally entered into a marriage in September 2017.

Basically, they still seem happily married and are blissfully in love after many years together as a couple.

Other Facts You Must Know About Rachel Nichols

1. Her Start As A Model

After high school, Rachel enrolled at Columbia University in 1998 with the dream of working on Wall Street. However, she was noticed by a model agent who appreciated her beauty and invited her to work in Paris. This led to a career as a model, which enabled her to pay her tuition fees and take care of her other basic needs.

2. She Was Married Before

Before Rachel Nichols married Michael Kershaw, she was once married to Scott Stuber, who is a film producer. The two married on July 26, 2008, and worked on building a house in Cabo San Lucas. Unfortunately, the marriage ended in February 2009, only seven months after their wedding. As a reason for their separation, the two cited insurmountable differences.

3. As Scarlett 

One of Rachel’s more prominent works is her role as Scarlett in G. I. Joe: Rise Of Cobra versus Channing Tatum, Joseph Gordon Levitt, and Marlon Wayans. As it later turned out, Rachel was the first choice for this role.

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4. Rachel Nichols Net Worth

Rachel Nichols is reported to have total net assets of $10 million, which is due to the building of a very successful career over the years. The actress, who began acting in 2000, has starred in several films and productions, including The Amityville Horror, Conan the Barbarian, Inside, Alex Cross, The Librarians, Criminal Minds, Chicago Fire, Raze, and Star Trek – the 2009 film.

Rachel also starred in a successful science fiction show – Continuum in which she played Kiera Cameron, a 2077 law enforcement officer who is inadvertently transported back to our own time where she becomes the only one capable of stopping a terrorist group from the future, Liber8.

5. Height, Weight & Body Measurements

Rachel’s Nichols is in amazing shape, which is to be expected considering the physical demands of the roles she seems to prefer. Her height is indicated as 5 ft 10 inches, while her weight is indicated as 59 kg. Her other body measurements are 34C-24-36 in for chest, waist, and hips.

To maintain her figure, she trains six days a week and prefers Pilates and cardio.