Home Media personality Who is Marzia Bisognin – Her Age, Tattoos, Net Worth

Who is Marzia Bisognin – Her Age, Tattoos, Net Worth

Who is Marzia Bisognin – Her Age, Tattoos, Net Worth
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If the name Marzia Bisognin is not familiar to you, then perhaps the name CutiePieMarzia, if you are a fan of Youtube personalities. Bisognin – who now appears on Youtube under her first name – is a fourfold threat: Internet personality, author, fashion designer, and entrepreneur. Her huge fan base on the video streaming platform has earned her hundreds of millions of views and over 7 million subscribers.

Marzia, who operates from Italy, currently holds the record for the most subscribed channel of the YouTube channel from Italy. She has held this record every year since 2014.

Marzia Bisognin Early Life, Age, and Career

The Internet celebrity was born on 21 October 1992 in the city of Vicenza, in the northeast of Italy. She was born by Marziano Bisognin and Franca Bisognin. She also has a brother named Davide Bisognin.

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Bisognin, who is Italian, wanted a larger audience, so she decided against speaking her mother tongue at her station. In all her videos she speaks English. Her channel focuses on topics such as fashion and make-up, DIY projects, movies, vlogs, video games, etc. Marzia works with The Platform, a sub-network of Maker Studios, to produce her videos.

Since its beginnings, Bisognin’s Youtube channel has grown exponentially in popularity, with particular success in the beauty and make-up niche. He is also one of the most popular in this genre. The Wall Street Journal even reported once that Marzia’s channel attracts more than 16 million viewers every month – well into 2014. Imagine what that could be now that she has created and uploaded more and more high-quality videos.

According to the reports on Marzia’s channel, her viewers are predominantly female, aged between 13 and 24 years. They use her videos for reference and guidance. Bisognin refers to the hem as “Marzipans”, a term coined from her first name to reflect the dedication of her fans to her channel and the content she posts. Bisognin reached a milestone of 1 million subscribers in July 2013 and made a video entitled “Draw My Life” to celebrate this major success.

Bisognin’s other ventures

The Youtube star is also an actress. She has often taken the time to make her talent available for various web-based film projects. For the film Oscar’s Hotel for Fantastic Creatures, she was the voice of Carrie, the carrot. She was also the voice of the character Maya in Purgatory, a web animated series consisting of six episodes. The title of the series was inspired by the breed of her dog – Pug.

Bisognin continued to demonstrate her immense talent by venturing into fashion design. In collaboration with Project Shoe, she designed her “Daisy” shoes in 2016. Since then she has designed many other clothing lines, created her own fashion items, and sold them on her own website.

She became an author in January 2015 when she published her first book in the category fantasy/horror for young adults. She published the book in Italian under the title La Casa Dei Sogni. She later translated it into English and named it Dream House: A Novel by CutiePieMarzia.

Relationship with PewDiePie

Bisognin was introduced to Felix Kjellberg – also known as the famous Youtube star PewDiePie – in 2011 by a mutual friend named Daizo. One thing led to another, and after a series of back and forth e-mail exchanges, a strong connection developed. Marzia then moved to Sweden in October 2011 to live with him. Eventually, the couple moved back to Marzia’s native Italy before finally settling in Brighton, England.

Both Felix and Marzia Bisognin are animal lovers, as their two boobs Edgar and Maya, a hedgehog, Dogy, and a toad, Slippy, prove. The toad would die later in December 2017. On April 27, 2018, Marzia revealed through her Instagram report that Kjellberg had asked the question while they went on a trip to Japan.

Their relationship has been reported in various media such as “The Globe and Mail”, suggesting that the two complemented each other because of their personalities.

They continue to exploit their mutual popularity to sign massive advertising contracts. In 2014, the two were involved as part of a larger marketing campaign for the horror movie Above, So Below. Bisognin also helped promote ABC’s new series Selfie in October of the same year.

Body measurements and Tattoos

The pretty Youtube queen stands at a cute height of 1.66 m (5 feet 5.25 inches). She has a body weight of 52 kg (115 lbs). Marzia Bisognin has a bust size of 34 inches, a waist size of 26 inches, and a hip size of 34 inches.

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Marzia is definitely a tattoo lover. A quick look at her and you will see that she is decently decorated with impressive ink. Bosognin has tattoos everywhere: on her upper back, wrist, elbow, upper arms, forearms, foot, and other places. Tattoos include inscriptions, a moon, a sun, a heart, the yin and yang symbol, a bow, a portrait, cartoon characters, an eye, flowers, and more.

What is Marzia Bisognin Net Worth?

The Italian fashion and beauty blogger has always given her best in everything she does. Thanks to her advertising contracts, sponsorship contracts, book sales, fashion design sales, and acting income, her net worth is estimated at $2 million according to Celebrity Net Worth.