Who is Lil Poopy, Who Are The Parents, How Old is He? Here Are The Facts

Who is Lil Poopy, Who Are The Parents, How Old is He? Here Are The Facts
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Lil Poopy is in his teens and already raps in music videos about coke and slaps women old enough to be his mother in the ass. There’s nothing wrong with starting his rap career as a child. People like Lil Bow Wow, Lil Romeo, and other “lilies” have done really well, but the controversy that Lil Poopy’s career has sparked in such a short time has made many people focus on all the things he does wrong.

Regardless, Lil Poopy seems to be growing his fan base. He has rapped with big names like Puff Daddy and posed for photos with 50 cents. His Instagram followers seem to grow by 100,000 a year. He had 300,000 at the end of 2015 and 400,000 at the end of 2017. Here are the facts about the young rapper’s life and career.

Who is Lil Poopy, How Old is He?

Lil Poopy is an American rapper who was born Luis Rivera, Jr. on February 15, 2003, at Brockton Hospital in Brockton, Massachusetts. It is said that his rap name Lil Poopy was inspired by the fact that he pooped on his father when the latter tried to change him.

When you grow up in a neighborhood with gangsters, it’s only natural that you learn to love the things they do, and the same goes for Lil Poopy, who started rapping at a very early age and released his very first song called “Ima Cokeboy” at the age of 9. He gained wide recognition for his remix of the French Montana song “Pop That”. In one part of the lyrics Poopy explains that coke is not a bad word, but only an allusion to Coca-Cola/Soda.

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He gained even more traction with his appearance in the lifetime reality series The Rap Game, which premiered on New Year’s Day 2016. In the show, which is hosted by rapper Jermaine Dupri, aspiring rappers fight against each other for the chance to start a professional hip-hop career.

Lil Poopy did not win the show, but his age and personality have earned him a lot of attention from established rap acts, especially from Montana, France. He recorded a video with French Montana for his Pop That Remix and became a member of Montana’s Coke Boys crew. Coke Boys is a name for rappers signed to Montana’s label Cocaine City Records. After the controversy surrounding Lil Poopy flared up, Montana seemed to distance itself from him. During his visit to the radio station Power 99 in Philadelphia, French revealed that he had never signed Poopy to his label.

Lil Poopy rapped to the beat of Rick Ross for Stay Schemin. He has a song called Lil Poopy Getting It In, whose video was removed from YouTube. This happened after the authorities opened investigations against his family after they found his behavior in his videos shot in strip clubs to be inappropriate.

In August 2016, reports surfaced that Lil Poopy had signed a four-year record deal with Epic/Sony Records. However, the information was falsified by Billboard after the music site of Epic’s Executive Vice President of Media and Strategic Development, Laura Swanson, confirmed that no contract had ever been signed. The label’s chairman and CEO, L.A. Reid, turned to Twitter to fake the reports in a rather cryptic message.

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Since then, Lil Poopy has not been signed by any record label, well, not at the time of writing this article. The young rapper even spells it out in his Instagram bio part, which says “Unsigned”. Lil Poopy continues to pursue his dream of becoming a rapper while attending school.

Who Are His Parents?

Who is Lil Poopy, Who Are The Parents, How Old is He? Here Are The Facts
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Lil Poopy was born as the daughter of parents Luis Rivera Sr. and Jatoy Rivera. His father appeared as his father figure in The Rap Game. After his controversial music videos caught the attention of the authorities, his father Luis Rivera, also known as Fat Louie, was investigated for child abuse, but the charges were later dropped.

In June 2016, Lil Poopy’s father made the news when he was among the 60 people arrested in a federal raid and charged with drug and arms trafficking. The events after the arrest are not known to the media.