Who Is Janet Mock Husband, Here’s Everything You Need To Know
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At some point in the life of every woman who dreams of a fairytale wedding and happily ever after, her senses are overwhelmed, and she cannot help but secretly anticipate the big day in her subconscious, but the opposite is true of Janet Mock, the American-born television presenter, author, and activist for transgender rights. Janet, who was born a boy but became a girl after a sex change operation in Thailand, never believed in marital bliss until she met her spouse, who accepted her after hearing the story of her transition from boy to girl.

The transgender activist firmly believes that transgender people are people who need to be loved and respected as any other normal person. Janet Mock has never hidden her transgender status from the public, and her two books have helped express her thoughts and feelings on the subject. Her first book, entitled Redefining Realness, deals with the author’s childhood in Honolulu and her experiences as a commercial sex worker when she tried to get the fee for her transfer operation when she was 18 years old. Exceeding the certainty: What My Twenties Taughtught Me is her second book that reviews her days as a young trans woman, her time as a stripper, her romance with her husband, and also her conscious decision to move to New York City to pursue a master’s degree in journalism.

Who Is Janet Mock’s Husband

Janet Mock married photographer Aaron Tredwell on November 5, 2015, in Oahu. According to the Trans woman, her journey into marriage began on the dance floor of a bar on Manhattan’s Lower East Side in 2009, where she first met Aaron. She was tipsy when she met the handsome guy who invited her for a drink within minutes of meeting him.

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Although Janet knew she would get along with the guy, she was not sure how he would react when he finally heard the whole story of her life. Surprisingly, Aaron simply asked for a hug after hearing Janet’s transgender story; he never condemned her, but rather gave her the strength to step out of the closet and present herself to the world as a transgender woman.

Here Is Everything You Need To Know About Janet Mock

Janet Mock Birth Details

The American-born writer and television presenter was born in Honolulu Hawaii on March 10, 1983, the son of Charles and Elizabeth Mock. Janet has American citizenship and is of African-American descent. She grew up with her only sibling, Chad Mock. At the age of 18, the transsexual activist changed her name to Janet after the singer Janet Jackson.


The television personality is actually transgender and makes no secret of it. At the young age of 18, she financed her sex-change operation in Thailand by earning money as a commercial sex worker.

Educational Institutions Attended

Janet Mock is proud to be the first person among her family to make it to the college level. She graduated from the University of Hawaii with a degree in Fashion Merchandising and then earned a Masters in Arts of Journalism from New York University.


She started her successful career at People Magazine, where she worked as an editor for a decade before becoming a media attorney. She accepted an invitation from Oprah Winfrey to be a guest on Super Soul Sunday for a special feature entitled Becoming Your Most Authentic Self. Janet Mock has written two books; her first memoir, Redefining Realness, which was published in February 2014, was the first book written by a transgender woman who underwent a transition as a young person. Her second memoir, entitled Surpassing Certainty: What My Twenties Taughtughtught Me, followed.

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Awards and Accolades

She has received several awards for her efforts in transgender activism, the mass media, and also for the books she has written. In 2012, the activist won the Sylvia Rivera Activist Award, and in 2013, her contribution to the media earned her a prestigious honor as a member of the OUT 100 of Out magazine. Other awards include the Inspirational Award (2014), the Social Media Campaign’s Outstanding Media Work Award, and The Women’s Way Book Award.

Social Media Profile

Janet is present on social media platforms. She can be found on Instagram with 133k followers, Twitter with 157k followers, and also on Facebook and YouTube.

Janet Mock Body Stats

The main physical characteristics of the writer are not known, although it is known from the records that she has brown hair with black eyes. Her body measurements are summarized as 32-23-34 for chest, waist, and hips.