Who Is Dave Letterman’s Wife Regina Lasko? Her Marriage, Children, Net Worth
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Regina Lasko is a former production manager, known for shows such as Another World, Saturday Night Live, and Late Night with David Letterman, among others. However, she is better known as the wife of David Letterman, host of The Late Night With David Letterman. Lasko’s husband Letterman has been one of the pioneering faces on the late-night spectrum. He is also known as the host of the Netflix series My Next Guest Needs No Introduction.

Their relationship took an unpleasant turn after Letterman confessed to cheating on Lasko. Despite their infidelity, their marriage continues. Lasko and her multiple Emmy Award-nominated husband have remained together through rumors of divorce, kidnapping, and blackmail, among other things.

In the midst of it all, Regina eventually got a lot of attention and is still a weekly feature. Although Lasko used to appear alongside her husband once in a while before the infidelity of the NBC presenter, she herself drifted into even greater obscurity after the confession of infidelity. Unlike Letterman’s life, which has been open for decades, Lasko’s foundations have always been difficult to close. And so downstairs lies a detailed wiki of Letterman’s long-time partner, from her birthplace to her son’s abduction.

Regina Lasko Is Ohio-Born; Her Father Was In The Army

Regina Lasko was born on 20 November 1960, so she will be 62 in 2022. Born in Cleveland, Ohio, she is the daughter of her father, Edward Lasko, and her mother, Mary Margaret Doyle.

Letterman’s wife, Regina, has yet to clean up the inside of her parent’s home. However, The Obits Cleveland reports that both Lasko’s father and mother were born in Conneaut, Ohio. Regina’s father apparently also attended the US Army Officer Candidate School at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

From there he was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in 1952. Lasko’s father Edward served in Korea as a combat service officer. Letterman’s father became an accountant after his service. He also worked as a personnel clerk for Astatic Corporation in Conneaut. The company was a manufacturer of microphones and audio equipment.

Lasko’s paternal grandfather was also a lighthouse keeper in the harbor during World War II.

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Regina Lasko Is An Ex-Student Of Northwestern

Originally from Cleveland, Lasko attended Northwestern University, where she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Radio, Television, and Film. She then went on to earn a Master’s degree from Case Western Reserve University.

How Did David Letterman And His Wife, Regina Lasko Meet Each Other? 

When David met Regina Lasko, she was the equipment manager for the NHL’s New York Rangers. It was then sports presenter Marv Albert who introduced Letterman to his now-wife Regina.

They started dating in February 1986. Letterman once said that in all the years he and Lasko have been together, the former has supported him.

Before the wedding, Letterman and Lasko were partners for 23 years. Although they started dating in the mid to late 1980s, they only married in 2009. Lasko and the Observation comedian exchanged vows in the middle of Main Street at the three-story Teton County Courthouse in Chato, Montana.

Regina Did Once Broke Up With Her Hubby Letterman

Lasko may not have divorced Letterman even after it was revealed that he was cheating on her. However, the Northwestern University graduate had left him earlier in their relationship.

Regina allegedly broke up with him briefly because the surreal humourist did not want to start a family with her. Although now Regina shares a son with Letterman, named Harry Joseph Letterman, whom the couple welcomed in 2003.

Before Lasko, Letterman was married to his show’s head writer Meryl Marko, and before that, he was the husband of Michelle Cook. Cook and Letterman, a former NBC/CBS presenter, married in mid-1968 in Indiana.

They had been together since college; however, the couple separated in late 1977. After Cook, Letterman began a relationship with former “Late Night Head” writer and producer Meryl Marko. In fact, Lasko and Letterman’s relationship began while Merrill and the Indiana-born former talk show host were still partners. The affair between David and his second girlfriend Merrill lasted until 1988, after which Letterman continued to date his current spouse.

Regina Was A Production Manager At SNL; What Does She Do Now? 

Regina has more than a few successes behind the scenes of show business. Lasko is a production manager who has also worked on Late Night with David Letterman.

She worked in her husband’s main show as a background artist until 1989. Now 62 years old, she was a staff member on The Late Show for the entire time she met and dated actor Sully. Lasko, like her husband, has extensive knowledge of the programs inside and out.

In addition to her husband’s show, Regina also worked on the 1991 television show “Another World”. Loska has also worked on Saturday Night Live in 1989, again on behind-the-scenes work.

According to the LALH Board of Directors, the mother of one is now a cashier for her husband’s show production company, Worldwide Pants, Inc. In addition, she is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Collegiate School in Manhattan.

Regina Lasko’s Child Was Almost Kidnapped 

In 2005, a man named Kelley A. Frank planned to kidnap Regina and Lasko’s son, Harry Joseph. The final plan was apparently to obtain 5 million US dollars in extortion money. Frank reportedly worked as a painter for Lasko and her husband on their ranch in Montana.

However, the kidnapper was unsuccessful. Instead, he was detained by the police and later received a ten-year prison sentence after a trial. Frank subsequently got out of prison in 2007 and was facing another 10 years after his re-arrest.

However, he was released by the courts in 2018.

Lasko’s Longterm Husband Letterman Cheated On Her

Letterman’s affair came to light just six months after Letterman and Lasko’s marriage. As reported, the former Simpsons actor, who once voiced the Simpsons, was adulterous with several of his female employees.

David apparently decided to reveal his affair after someone threatened to expose him. In October 2009, the Emmy Award winner admitted that he had indeed been unfaithful to his long-term partner. Speaking about his infidelity on the show, Letterman said,

“My response to that [allegation] is. ‘Yes I have.’ Would it be embarrassing if it were made public? Perhaps it would.”

Letterman has cheated on Lasko with several of his female colleagues. But the most famous name among them was Stephanie Birkitt, his former vice president. According to sources, the threat against the Kennedy Center honorary officer was allegedly made by Joe Halderman, producer of CBS’s “48 Hours”. Apparently, producer Halderman was meeting Birkitt at the time.

According to Halderman, Birkitt and Letterman’s relationship began in December 2007.

Although Lasko has never spoken publicly about her husband cheating on her, she was reportedly outraged when she first heard about her husband’s cheating scandals.

Letterman has also said that the Ohio-born woman did experience terrible heartache when she learned of her husband’s infidelity. In fact, to this day, Mrs. Leterman has even stopped appearing alongside her husband at public events.

Regina Lasko Stayed Despite Her Husband’s Extra Marital Affairs

Although Lasko did not initiate her divorce from Letterman by choosing to stay with him, on the other hand, the ED alumnus has repeatedly said that she may never be able to forgive herself.

Three years after Letterman confirmed his cheating scandal, the Spin City actress said in an interview that he is still trying to rebuild trust between himself and his wife. He added that there was no one else to blame but himself.

The American Comedy Award winner has often implied that he may be on his way to trying to forgive himself once and for all.

“I’m still trying to fix it. It hasn’t gone away. It will never go away.”

The Mark Twain Prize winner told Oprah in early 2013.

“No, I don’t have that luxury. I can’t forgive that behavior.”

On his deception, he also added,

“I have no one to blame but myself. I think if you’re going to have a flow chart of the responsibility for this circumstance, for this sex scandal, my name is at the top… I’m taking responsibility for it, trying to atone for it.”

The presenter of more than 6,000 late-night programs claimed that his life had been fun and joyful since coming out of secrecy, however.

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Lasko’s Husband Is A Super Millionaire; What Is Regina’s Net Worth?

For the man who hosted arguably the most famous late-night talk show, Regina’s husband Letterman is the richest presenter of the genre. The net worth of the 75-year-old producer of the show is currently estimated at around a hundred million dollars, which is a little less than half a billion dollars.

During his career as a late-night host, Lasko’s spouse has received salaries ranging from 7 million to 14 million dollars a year. The former Oscar host’s fortune also includes a number of properties, each worth no less than ten figures. Not to mention that he is also the owner of Worldwide Pants, which has produced modern successful talk shows such as The Late Late Show, as well as several prime-time comedies, including Everybody Loves Raymond.

When discussing the above figures, and given Lasko’s quiet profile in direct conversation with her husband, it seems far-fetched that Regina is as rich as her partner, even far and wide. However, it is very likely that the Ohio-born singer’s net worth is at least six figures plus or minus.

Quick Facts About Regina Lasko

Full Name:Regina Lasko
Birth Date:November 20, 1960
Age:62 years 0 months
Net Worth:$90 million
Last Updated:November 2022
Birth Place:United States
Horoscope (Sunshine):Scorpio
Ethnicity (Race):Caucasian
Profession:Production Manager, David Letterman’s wife
Hair Color:Light Brown
Eye Color:Light Brown
Lucky Number:4
Lucky Stone:Garnet
Lucky Color:Purple
Best Match for Marriage:Capricorn, Cancer, Pisces