Who is Beatrice McCartney? All About Paul McCartney's Youngest Daughter
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Beatrice McCartney is famous because her dad is a famous singer, Sir Paul McCartney, from a band called The Beatles. After the Beatles broke up, Paul sang by himself and made a lot of money and awards. Now, let’s learn some cool things about his daughter.

Heather Mills’ daughter, Beatrice McCartney, is 20 years old and goes to a very prestigious university. She likes to play the saxophone, but it sounds like she won’t be a singer like her dad.

So what does Beatrice McCartney do?

Key Takeaways

  • Beatrice McCartney daughter of Paul McCartney remains relatively unknown despite her father’s fame.
  • She’s 20 years old and studying at Cambridge University with aspirations to become a marine biologist.
  • Unlike her siblings, Beatrice isn’t pursuing a career in the limelight.
  • Paul McCartney and Heather Mills share custody of Beatrice.
  • Beatrice’s interest lies in marine biology rather than following her father’s musical footsteps.

How old is Beatrice McCartney?

Beatrice McCartney, who is now 20 years old in 2024, was born in London on October 28, 2003. Her zodiac sign is Scorpio.


Beatrice used to go to Thomas Peacocke School in East Sussex. Now she is at Cambridge University but it is not clear what she is studying there. We do know she wants to be a marine biologist when she grows up.

Who is Beatrice McCartney? All About Paul McCartney's Youngest Daughter
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Beatrice McCartney’s net worth

Beatrice doesn’t have her net worth available in the public domain, but her dad is very rich. Sir Paul McCartney, Beatrice’s father is estimated to have a net worth of around $1.2 billion. He made this money throughout his long career which has lasted for many years.

Where is Beatrice McCartney’s today?

Paul McCartney’s daughter, Beatrice, is all grown up now! Unlike some other celebrity kids, she doesn’t seem interested in being famous like her dad. Beatrice prefers to study sea creatures (marine biology) and avoids social media altogether.

Does Paul McCartney have custody of Beatrice?

After Paul and Heather divorced on July 29th, 2006, they agreed to share raising their daughter, Beatrice.

Who is Beatrice McCartney? All About Paul McCartney's Youngest Daughter
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The court decided that Paul would pay Beatrice £35,000 every year until she finished high school. Beatrice now lives with her mom in Robertsbridge, East Sussex.

How old is Paul McCartney’s youngest child?

Paul’s youngest daughter, Beatrice, is 20 years old and still figuring out what she wants to do for a job. This is different from his other kids, whom he had with his first wife Linda. They’re all grown up and have their careers.

The first child of Paul McCartney is Mary. She was born on August 28th, 1969, which makes her 53 years old today.

Who is Beatrice McCartney? All About Paul McCartney's Youngest Daughter
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Mary is a photographer and likes to write cookbooks with vegetarian recipes. She is even been in a couple of movies!

Mary is married to Simon Aboud and they have four children together.

Paul’s next child is Stella. She is 51 and designs clothes for a living. She went to a famous fashion school called Central St. Martins. Stella has her clothing stores in 51 countries around the world! You can also find her clothes in other stores and online in 100 countries.

James, Paul’s third child, is 45 and the only one who became a musician like his dad. He writes and sings his songs and even worked on some albums with his parents before.

How much did Heather Mills get for her accident?

Beatrice’s mom, Heather, was hit by a motorcycle in 1993 and hurt her leg badly. The police said the motorcycle driver was responsible and ordered them to pay Heather £200,000.

Even though Heather lost part of her leg in the accident, she was still able to dance on a TV show called “Dancing with the Stars.

Did Heather Mills ever remarry?

After splitting from Paul, Heather supposedly wed Mike Dickman, a businessman she met on a train.

Who is Beatrice McCartney? All About Paul McCartney's Youngest Daughter
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Although details about their relationship are unclear, reports suggest they began dating in 2019 and got engaged in December 2020. Additionally, they had a quiet wedding in the Maldives in 2021.

Quick Facts

1. How old is Beatrice McCartney? She was born in October 2003, so as of March 2024, she would be around 20 years old.

2. Who is Beatrice McCartney’s mother? Beatrice’s mother is Heather Mills, Paul McCartney’s second wife.

3. What is the birthplace of Beatrice McCartney? Beatrice McCartney’s birthplace is in London, England

4. How close is Beatrice McCartney to her father? Despite her parents’ divorce, Beatrice is said to have a good relationship with her father, Paul McCartney.

5. What does Beatrice McCartney want to do with her future? Her goal is likely to pursue studies or a career path related to marine biology.

6. Who are the parents of Beatrice McCartney? McCartney’s parents are Paul McCartney and Heather Mills.

7. Does Paul McCartney have custody of his daughter Beatrice McCartney? Paul McCartney was awarded joint custody of Beatrice McCartney.

8. Who was Heather Mills’s first husband? Heather Mills’ first husband was a businessman named Alfie Karmal. They married in 1989 when Heather was 21, but the marriage only lasted two years and ended in divorce in 1991.

9. How tall is Beatrice McCartney? Beatrice is around 5 feet 6 inches in height.

10. Does Beatrice McCartney have a sister? Yes, Beatrice has several half-sisters. Mary, Stella, and James McCartney are her half-siblings from her father Paul McCartney’s first marriage to Linda McCartney and Heather McCartney is her half-sister from her father’s brief marriage to Heather Mills.


Beatrice McCartney, one of Paul McCartney’s children isn’t aiming for fame. Despite being talented at playing the saxophone, Beatrice is enthusiastic about studying marine life scientifically.