Home Media personality Who Is Barbara Dunkelman Dating As Boyfriend? Her Height, Age

Who Is Barbara Dunkelman Dating As Boyfriend? Her Height, Age

Who Is Barbara Dunkelman Dating As Boyfriend? Her Height, Age
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The Canadian Internet personality and actress Barbara Dunkelman is known for her affiliation with the media and entertainment company Rooster Teeth. Because of her passion for the works of the production company, Dunkelman was hired as Director of Social and Community Marketing. She has played voice roles in a number of Rooster Teeth’s productions, including RWBY, Fairy Tail, X-Ray and Vav, and others. Dunkelman is also the Program Director of the annual gaming and internet convention RTX.

Age and Background details

Barbara Julie Dunkelman was born on July 2, 1989, in Montreal, Quebec. She grew up in a Jewish family alongside an older and younger brother. She is the middle child. As a teenager, Barbara was influenced by her brothers and became interested in the comic science fiction web series Red vs. Blue, which led her to become interested in Rooster Teeth, the series’ production company.

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Over the years Barbara became more and more involved with Rooster Teeth. When the fan event of the series came to Toronto in 2005, Barbara not only took part but also helped to make the series a success. Two years later, in 2008, she took over responsibility for the organization and co-hosting of the fan event.

With a view to a marketing position at Rooster Teeth, Barbara Dunkelman enrolled at the John Molson School of Business at Concordia University to study marketing. In June 2011 she graduated with a Bachelor of Communications. During her school years, Barbara Dunkelman briefly worked as a hostess for the extremely popular video content publisher, WatchMojo.com, in 2010.

Due to her positive experience as a hostess, Barbara joined forces with friends after graduation to launch a podcast called Internet Box. She also hosted it and soon the podcast began to win awards. Other Internet personalities such as Lindsay Jones, Ray Narvaez, Jr. Michael Jones, among others, joined her as host of the podcast.

By the end of 2011, Barabara had so impressed the management of Rooster Teeth that she earned the position of Community Manager, becoming the first person to fill the position. Her responsibilities include managing the company’s social media and developing community features.

Since her employment, Barbara Dunkelman has appeared in a number of Rooster Teeth Productions, including as host of the podcast “Rooster Teeth” and the podcast “Always Open” on sexual health. As she became more involved with Rooster Teeth, Barbara Dunkelman moved from Canada to Austin, Texas, where Rooster Teeth has its headquarters, in August 2016 to settle there permanently.

Who is Barbara Dunkelman Dating as a Boyfriend?

Barbara Dunkelman was previously in a relationship with her colleague Aaron Marquis, an employee of Rooster Teeth. They started their relationship sometime in 2013/2014 but separated in 2017. Aaron, who was born on February 7, 1987, in Fort Worth, Texas, is the cameraman, editor, actor, and author of Rooster Teeth. Like Dunkelman, Aaron has appeared in the podcast of Rooster Teeth.

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The fans’ interest in Barbara’s private life was awakened when she revealed in the Always Open podcast that she had been dating other women, forcing the fans to wonder what had become of her relationship with Aaron. Barbara chose not to reveal the reasons for her breakup.

She told Reddit that while she appreciated the fans’ concern for her private life, she preferred to keep details of her relationship with Aaron to herself, as there was a relationship between two people. She also revealed that although she no longer had a romantic relationship with Aaron, the two remained close friends and still care for each other.

On Valentine’s Day 2018, it was revealed that Barbara had begun dating Trevor Collins. Trevor, who was born in Indianapolis on December 19, 1990, is an Internet and YouTube personality. He is part of the video game division of Rooster Teeth, known as Achievement Hunter. He serves as the executive producer. In addition, Trevor runs a personal YouTube channel called Zed Direction and also runs the community channel of LetsPlay.

Her Height and Other Quick Facts

Height: Barbara Dunkelman stands at 5 feet 9 inches tall.

Birth Name: Barbara Julie Dunkelman

Birthdate:  July 2, 1989

Star Sign: Cancer

Nicknames: BlawnDee, Barbara Punkelman, Barb

Parents: Larry Dunkelman and Marian Lederman

Siblings: 2 brothers

Education: Concordia University (John Molson School of Business), Sir Robert Borden High School

Natural Hair Color: Blonde

Languages Spoken: English, French, Hebrew

Residence: Austin, Texas.