Who Is Ayla Walkes? Anton Walkes Daughter: Wikipedia Age And Family

Anton Walkes a soccer player from England had a baby girl named Ayla with his girlfriend Alexis. Sadly Anton passed away before Ayla turned one.

Anton Walkes was a soccer player from England who died at the age of 25. He was in a boat accident near Miami Marin Stadium on January 19 2023 and was injured which led to his death.

The death of Anton Walkes has made the Charlotte team very sad and it has affected their preparations for the upcoming MLS season.

Anton Walkes was a family man who had a girlfriend and a daughter named Ayla Walkes. He passed away at a young age due to an accident. This article is about Ayla Walkes.

Who Is Ayla Walkes? Anton Walkes Daughter: Wikipedia And Age

Anton Walkes had a girlfriend named Alexis and they had a daughter together named Ayla Walkes. Even though they were not married they were in a relationship for many years.

Anton Walkes was private about his personal life. He posted pictures with his girlfriend and daughter but often blurred Ayla’s face. We don’t know Ayla’s age or birth details because they haven’t been shared publicly.

Who Is Ayla Walkes? Anton Walkes Daughter: Wikipedia Age And Family
Ayla Walkes

Based on the photos we’ve seen we think that Ayla Walkes is around 5 or 6 years old in 2023.

Anton Walkes had a short time with his daughter Ayla and girlfriend Alexis but it was likely a wonderful time.

Who Is Anton Walkes’s, Girlfriend Alexis?

Anton Walkes didn’t like to talk about his personal life especially his girlfriend Alexis. That’s why we don’t know much about her or even her last name.

The soccer player Anton Walkes and his girlfriend Alexis were in a long-term relationship. However, it’s not clear when they started dating or how they met. Nonetheless, they seemed to be happy together.

Alexis was a supportive girlfriend who loved and encouraged her boyfriend’s career.

The reporters have seen Alexis and Ayla Walkes supporting Anton Walkes during his soccer games. It is sad to think that Anton is no longer with his girlfriend and she must be finding it tough to accept. But we hope she will feel stronger as time passes.

Anton Walkes Net Worth And Career

Anton Walkes became a professional soccer player in 2016. From the start, he showed that he was one of the best players. He had a very successful career.

So Anton Walkes made a lot of money during his soccer career. According to OSDB Sports, he earned $325000 in 2022.

Who Is Ayla Walkes? Anton Walkes Daughter: Wikipedia Age And Family

Anton Walkes was born on February 8 1997 in Lewisham London England. However, information about his parents is not available to the public.

Anton Walkes’ parents were very supportive of him and proud of his achievements. In 2017 they stayed up all night to celebrate and watch him score the game-winning goal against San Jose.

In September 2016 Anton Walkes played in his first professional soccer game as a substitute during the EFL Cup. His team won 5-0 against Gillingham.

Anton Walkes became a member of the Charlotte FC team on December 14, 2021. He was chosen by the team in the 2021 MSL Expansion Draft. During his time with the team, he played in 23 games.

Charlotte Football Club and Atlanta honored the memory of Anton Walkes who passed away recently before their Major League Soccer season opener against the New England Revolution on February 25th.

At the start of the new soccer season, all the teams in Major League Soccer held a moment of silence before their games on Saturday.