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Who Is Alisha Marie, How Old And Tall Is She, Where Does She Live?

Who Is Alisha Marie, How Old And Tall Is She, Where Does She Live?
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It took YouTube bubble star, Alisha Marie, up to three years to put her first video on the media platform after she set up her channel in 2008. Nevertheless, she has had so much success over the years. Alisha has become so popular that her fans freak out if she doesn’t manage to publish her instructional videos in a week. Her daily videos, which are known to be rich in information about make-up tutorials and fashion ideas (especially the affordable ones), have ensured that her channel has 8 million subscribers.

Aside from the millions of fans who flock here every minute to see what’s new on her channel, Alisha Marie has also charmed her way into working with top brands such as Yahoo, P&G, J.C. Penney, and Cartoon Network. Get to know the vibrant YouTuber as you read on.

Who Is Alisha Marie And How Old Is She?

On April 5, 1993, Alisha’s mother gave birth to her in Riverside, California, after which she was named Alisha Marie McDonald. Although the YouTube personality is naturally vibrant and easily captivates her audience, she has not been generous with details about her family background, but we can confirm that she is a white American. Likewise, the names of her parents have not been revealed, but she does have a sister (Ashley) who can be seen in some of her videos.

Similarly, Alisha Marie has left unanswered the question of the institutions she has visited.

On April 18, 2008, Alisha Marie decided to show her talent on YouTube by opening a channel called macbby11. The channel was left unattended for a period of three years, there was no activity on it until January 17, 2011, when fans saw her first video entitled “Cute & Affordable Ways to Decorate Your Room”. The video was a hit and made them popular. Over time, she changed the name of her station to her real name.

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Alisha took advantage of the success and recognition she received on YouTube and relaunched her vlog channel “AlishaMarieVlogs”. Her fan base consists mainly of young girls who are totally enchanted by her articles about her daily routines, make-up tutorials, and of course fashion ideas. She also shares exciting and remarkable ideas about how to create the perfect decoration in your room.

It would be hard to record so much success on YouTube without repeating it on other social networks, and Alisha’s case is no different. She has won millions of followers on both Twitter and Instagram, which is not surprising since the popular star is part of the group with the largest fan base on YouTube. In addition, a contract with the United Talent Agency, a talent and literature company, has opened further doors for Alisha to explore her horizons. She has collaborated with the “Girls Night In” tour, which has made her even more popular with the right kind of attention she gets. Alisha has also worked with other well-known YouTube stars, including Alyson Stoner.

Height – How Tall Is She?

Alisha Marie has done quite a good job keeping her body in perfect shape. Her slim statue stands at 5 feet 7 inches and her weight is 63 kg. She has blonde (dyed) hair, while her eyes are light brown. The vlogger wears a dress size of 8 (US), but her shoe size is not indicated. Details of her general body measurements are given as 34-27-35 inches.

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To keep the entire body ensemble in fine form, she devotes more than 30 minutes to training about 3 to 5 times a week. She has also developed the habit of eliminating unhealthy ingredients from her diet.

Where Does She Live?

As mentioned above, Alisha Marie is very stingy with information about her private life, which has led to several questions being asked in the search for more about her. As far as we could find out, the beautiful logger lives with her sister Ashley. Although the location of her residence is unknown, it is probably somewhere in her hometown California. The adorable sisters live with their malshi dog named Chloe in their new home. The house is fully equipped with a pool.