Who are Sheila Bellush children Stevie and Daryl? And what happened to their father Allen Blackthorne?
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Who are Sheila Bellush children Stevie and Daryl? And what happened to their father Allen Blackthorne?: “In a TV show called ‘Blood and Money,’ they talk about what happened to the ex-husband of Sheila Bellush’s kids and how he died. In 1997, Sheila Bellush, a mother of six, was killed in her home in Sarasota, Florida.”

On November 7th, 1997 Sheila Bellush’s 13-year-old daughter found her body in their home after coming back from school.

Many people have written books and made documentaries about Sheila Bellush’s story. One of these is called “A Perfect Husband: The Shocking True Story of the CIA’s Most Successful Manhunt” by Aphrodite Jones. Recently a show called “Blood and Money” was released and it talks about Sheila Bellush’s story.

Meet Sheila Bellush’s Kids: Stevie and Daryl

Sheila Bellush got married to Allen Blackthorne and they had two daughters named Stevie and Daryl. After Sheila and Allen got divorced in 1987 Allen tried to get full custody of their two daughters Stevie and Daryl but he was unsuccessful.

Sheila got married again to Jamie Bellush in 1993. They had four babies at once which is rare and they were all born on the same day! Their names were Frankie Timmy Joey and Courtney. These four babies became very close with their older sisters Stevie and Daryl.

After Jamie married Sheila he became the legal father of her two daughters and Allen Blackthorne didn’t win the custody case.

Although Sheila’s daughters were still children when she was murdered they were aware that their biological father was responsible for her death. The younger daughter even said that she would never call him “Dad.”

Stevie and Daryl took care of their younger brothers and sisters and they had a special connection with their stepdad. They haven’t shown any pictures of themselves since their mom was killed and they’ve been kept out of the public eye.

How Did Sheila Bellush’s Ex-Husband Allen Blackthorne Die?

Allen Blackthorne planned to have his ex-wife Sheila Bellush killed. She was a mother of six kids and a wife to her second husband Jamie. Police found out that Blackthorne paid some people to kill her.

Five people were punished for the murder of Sheila Bellush including her ex-husband Allen Blackthorne. They were given life imprisonment. The people who actually killed her were also convicted of the crime.

Blackthorne wanted to take his children from Sheila so he hired some bad people to kill her. He got caught and a judge sent him to jail for life. Later Blackthorne died when he was 59 years old while in jail. The reason for his death was not explained.

It was reported that Allen Blackthorne died of natural causes in prison but the specific reason for his death was not disclosed. There was no information indicating that he was sick.

Sheila’s ex-husband Blackthorne was a rich businessman who had a bad habit of hurting and threatening her. He was violent towards her many times.

Sheila Bellush’s Spouse: Jamie Bellush

Jamie Bellush met Sheila Bellush and they fell in love. They got married in 1993 and wanted to have a family together. Jamie loved Sheila’s two daughters and even became their legal father by adopting them. He was always there to support them.

Jamie and Sheila got married and had four babies two years later. The babies were quadruplets and they named them Frankie Timmy Joey and Courtney. Sheila’s two daughters from a previous relationship also lived with them and were their stepsisters.

Jamie Bellush was featured in a TV series called Blood and Money where he talked about the experience of his wife’s murder and how difficult it was for him. However, since then he has kept a low profile and has not shared much about his life after the tragedy.