Home Celebrity Where Is Robert Noah Now? All About Trevor Noah’s Biological Father

Where Is Robert Noah Now? All About Trevor Noah’s Biological Father

Where Is Robert Noah Now? All About Trevor Noah’s Biological Father
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Robert Noah is a Swiss-German chef by profession. However, he became famous as the biological father of South African comedian Trevor Noah. He is also a television presenter, actor, and political commentator, and hosts the American satirical news program The Daily Show on Comedy Central.

Robert, despite being a white man, was in a relationship with a black woman during apartheid. He even shared a child with his partner Patricia, when interracial relationships were considered a crime in themselves. Yet, against all odds, they managed to raise a child.

On the other hand, Robert initially did not want a child and denied having one with his partner Patricia. What made him change his mind? Was he part of parenthood? Was Patricia his wife or his girlfriend?

Read the article below to find out all about Trevor’s biological father, Robert Noah!

What Is The Nationality Of Robert Noah? Biography

Robert Noah was allegedly born in the mid-1930s and was also known as Robert Lloyd. So he is now in his 80s. Although Noah is from Europe, he has Swiss and German citizenship and is of white ethnicity.

As Robert is not much of a media person, the details of his early years are still kept secret. He may have spent his childhood in either Switzerland or Germany, but we are not sure.

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Does Robert Noah Have A Wife Or A Girlfriend?

According to our research, Robert Noah does not have a wife yet. However, he has been in a relationship with Patricia Noah, a black woman from South Africa. He met her when Robert was working as a cook in Johannesburg and Patricia had just moved to Hillbrow in the 1980s.

Unlike other blacks of the time, Patricia was moderately educated, so she had a white-collar job. She was able to rent the flat where Robert lived.

Robert and Patricia gradually started to spend time together as they lived on the same floor of the same flat. The couple then became friends and also took a liking to each other. Robert was twice Patricia’s age and they were just friends. Moreover, at that time it was a crime for Africans to marry whites.

Despite this, Robert’s then-girlfriend one night asked Robert to have a baby with her, even though they were not in a love relationship. She then also told him that he did not have to participate in the child’s life and did not even have to pay for child support.

Initially, Robert refused this offer because he did not want Patricia to get into trouble with the authorities. However, he later agreed after she continued to ask him for the child.

Robert Didn’t Want To Have Anything With His Son Trevor

Due to the circumstances, Robert and Patricia kept their relationship a secret for several months. Eventually, on 20 February 1984, the couple’s first son, Trevor Noah, was born.

Trevor Noah is now a famous comedian, television presenter, actor, and political commentator. He is also the host of the American satirical news program The Daily Show on Comedy Central.

As we mentioned earlier, interracial relationships were illegal at the time. As a result, the mother of the child had to lie to the doctor about the biological father of her child. If caught, Patricia would face 5 years in prison and the child would be placed in an orphanage. So she told the doctor that the father of the child was from another country.

As Robert did not want to have any ties with the child at first, his former mother decided to move away from where he was staying. In this way, she believed that Robert would be less involved in the upbringing of their child and that her son would also be safe.

Robert’s Involvement In Trevor Noah’s Life As A Father

Although Robert had previously been reluctant to be involved in his son’s life, he later changed his mind and sought out the child and the mother. So they decided to find a way out of single parenting.

Robert’s spouse would take their son to the park and he would join them later when no one was around. But when the child got used to his appearance and started calling him Dad, it complicated the situation.

To hide everything, Trevor’s mother acted as a maid to his supposed parent, who was a white-skinned lady. This lady lived in the same building and was happy to help Robert and his partner. This made it easier for Robert to visit his son and for Patricia to avoid imprisonment.

After a while, when apartheid ended, the family of three was no longer afraid to meet. Robert visited his son Trevor every Sunday and celebrated his birthday and Christmas with him. He also cooked his son’s favorite meal on such occasions. He was very attentive and a good father.

Does Robert Noah Still Have A Relationship With His Son?

Yes, Robert Noah is still in a relationship with his son Trevor Noah. Although father and son were separated for a few years, they were later reunited. When Noah was 13 years old, he was already away from his biological father. His mother had married another man who was abusive and would not let them see Robert Noah.

On the other hand, he himself was a teenager who did not want to spend time with his parents. As time went by, his father’s visits to him became less and less, and eventually, they did not even see each other anymore. Trevor then pursued his studies and also started a career as a comedian. However, he became suspicious of his father. But as father and son were not in contact, he “assumed that Robert did not care about him and had moved on with his life”.

Similarly, Robert’s partner always reminded Noah that his father chose to be in his life when it was safer for him not to be. She constantly encouraged him to find his father. Noah eventually found his father and they now have a good relationship.

Want to know how Robert Noah’s son Trevor Noah found him? Read the subtitle below!

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How Did Trevor Contact His Dad Robert Later In Life?

As Robert is an extremely private person, there was no information about him. It was absolutely difficult for Noah to find him.

First, he contacted the Swiss Embassy, but as Robert was not listed as Trevor’s dad, they refused to help him. However, Trevor persuaded them to at least send Robert a letter with his name on it. Several months later, he received a letter back, and soon he flew unconditionally to Cape Town.

Father and son were finally reunited and, although it was a little awkward at first, they eventually got used to each other. After all, they had seen each other after 10 years. Noah remembered his father only faintly, but Robert followed his son’s career and was a proud dad.

After that meeting, Trevor felt that his dad was always there, even though he was not physically present. Robert again cooked all his favorite dishes for his son and they are now on good terms.

Where Is Robert Now?

As Robert Noah likes to keep his personal life private, he has not revealed anything about his life at the moment. Since he doesn’t even have social media, information about him is scarce.

However, the last time he met his son, he was in Cape Town, so he is probably still living there. Robert, on the other hand, is a traveler who does not like to stay in the same place. He has lived in Canada, New York, Western Europe, South Africa, and many other places.

But he has not yet revealed where he is currently living. Meanwhile, his son Trevor Noah lives in New York.

Quick Facts About Robert Noah

Full Name:Robert Noah
Profession:Chef, Entrepreneur
Height:5 feet 8 inches (1.73m)
Marital Status:single
Break UpPatricia Nombuyiselo
Net Worth$1.2M
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorGrey
KidsOne son (Trevor Noah)