Where Is Daniel Petry In 2022? The Story Of Gabriel Kuhn’s Killer
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Daniel Petry is a former young man of Brazilian origin who brutally murdered a neighborhood boy, Gabriel Cohen, after sexually assaulting him. The whole tragedy took place in the summer of 2007 in Santa Catarina, Brazil.

The murder of Petri Gabriella is one of the most serious murder cases in modern criminal history. It is often mentioned on horror forums because the crime is so evilly absurd. The images of this murder are some of the most bone-chilling and shocking images to be found on the Internet.

Although even the intricate details of the Brazilian case have been in the public domain since the day it happened, the people involved have now completely disappeared. This is particularly true of the sole perpetrator, Daniel Petry. Repeat what actually happened on the day he killed Gabriel, what the reason was, his conviction, Petry’s life after prison, and the answers to the question of what he is doing now.

Daniel Petry Was Born In The 90s; He Was A Troubled Kid

Daniel Petry, the full name Daniel Felipe Petry, was born in 1991. He lived in Blumenau, Santa Catarina.

Petry was apparently always a rebellious and rather aggressive child from the very beginning. He is said to have reacted extremely violently even to the slightest provocation. Because of his violent temper, Daniel had also spent some time in psychiatric therapy, but he was not a regular attendee at any of these sessions, nor had his treatment proved successful.

He also often ran away from school.

At home, Petry spent most of his time watching Brazilian television programs. He also used the internet and played the online role-playing game Tibia.

Daniel Petry And Gabriel Kuhn Knew Each Other Through An Online Game

Daniel and Gabriel, real name Gabriel Guillermo Kuhn, got to know each other through their shared interest in the online game Tibia mentioned above.

One of the most discussed reasons why Daniel killed Gabriel was that the latter had defrauded the former of approximately 20 000 Tibia (approximately USD 1,75). However, Kuhn did not return the money, and it is strongly assumed that this was the main reason that prompted Petrie to kill Gabriel.

Where Is Daniel Petry In 2022? The Story Of Gabriel Kuhn’s Killer
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Daniel is said to have repeatedly asked Gabriel to return the money, but Gabriel continued to refuse. Cohen also allegedly blocked all virtual contacts with Petrie and cut off all contact with him.

This angered Daniel and sometime later he called Gabriel’s mother. She told him that she was not at home and that Gabriel was home alone.

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What Exactly Happened On The Day Daniel Murdered Gabriel? 

After Daniel found out that Cohen was alone in the house, he went to his home. At first, Cohen was hesitant to let Daniel into the house. However, Petrie insisted and said he wanted to apologize. Eventually, Gabriel opened the door and let Daniel in.

As soon as Daniel entered Gabriel’s house, he locked the door and began to attack Gabriel. After a while, Petrie dragged Kuhn to the bed and raped him.

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When he was finished, Daniel began to pull up his pants. At the same time, the wounded Gabriel, who was covered in blood and crying, suddenly started laughing. He threatened Daniel that he would report what had happened to his parents as well as to himself.

The Violent Detail Of Gabriel’s Killing By Daniel Petry  

Petrie did not want Kuhn to tell his parents about what had happened, so after Gabriel threatened him, Daniel removed the power cord of the games console that was lying at Kuhn’s house. He then wrapped it around Gabriel’s neck while continuing to hit him. By this point, Kuhn’s blood had already spread everywhere. After Gabriel lost consciousness, Petrie thought he was dead and tried to hide his body in the attic.

However, when Gabriel tried to lift Kuhn’s body, he realized that it was too heavy. So he decided to break the body into pieces to make it easier to get rid of Kuhn.

So Daniel got a knife and a saw from the garage. Soon after, he started cutting Gabriel’s body from the torso so that he could get rid of the legs.

Petry Sawed Kuhn’s Body When He Was Still Alive 

To make Kuhn’s body lighter, Petrie began to see Gabriel’s body from the waist down. However, after only one or two strokes of the saw, Kuhn regained consciousness and, realizing that he was being sawed, began to scream in agony. The live mutilation continued as Daniel kept sawing, only harder and faster, successfully ripping Gabriel in two.

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It is reported that Kuhn lost consciousness again from the shock and died sometime during the separation of the body. The brutality did not stop there, however, as after Gabriel was separated from his legs, Daniels began to beat his victim again and even proceeded to carve Tibia symbols into Kuhn’s chest.

Daniel then abandoned the idea of disposing of the corpse completely and left Gabriel’s corpse in the corridor doorway as it was. The corridor was as bloody as it could be, and Kuhn’s feet remained in the corridor next to the saw with which Petrie cut him.

On the day of the murder, 23 July 2007, Gabriel was 12 years old and Daniel was 16. As already mentioned, the brutal murder took place in Santa Catarina, in the southern state of Brazil.

Gabriel’s Brother Was The First To See His Dead Body

Sometime after Daniel had murdered Kuhn, Gabriel’s brother returned home and when he saw his dead brother’s body, he immediately fell to his knees, crying for his mother. He cried out for help, whereupon the people of the neighborhood noticed and learned what had happened. They contacted the authorities and when the police arrived, Gabriel’s body was split in two.

Investigators later examined the scene and found virtual arguments between Kuhn and Petrie while they were logged on to Gabriel’s video game console. They later registered the device as definitive evidence.

Daniel Petry Easily Confessed To Murdering Gabriel Kuhn

Daniel’s apprehension did not cause so much difficulty for the police because, after the officers confronted him, he confessed to the whole crime without hesitation or remorse.

Shockingly, he also recounted every gory detail of what he had done on the afternoon of the murder. The only thing that Daniel refused to admit was that he had sodomized his victim.

However, Gabriel’s autopsy revealed that moments before his death he had been repeatedly raped. Although Petry told Judge Pereira during the sentencing that

Gabriel was a coward and a thief. He burns in hell right now where I sent him. And when I die I will find him in hell and finish my revenge.

Petrie also blamed Tibias’ violent nature for driving him mad.

Petry Received Only Three Years Of Jail Term 

After the trials in September of the same year as the murder, the court sent Petry to a juvenile delinquency center. However, he was only sentenced to three years of socio-educational punishment. After the murder and Petry’s prison sentence, several Tibia players from all over the world protested against the reduced number of years that Daniels received, in addition to condemning his violent act of murder.

Some game company executives expressed their condolences to Gabriel and his family. Some theories claim that the reason for Daniel’s anger towards Gabriel was that the former was trying to shut the latter up since Daniel had already sexually abused Kuhn long before the day of the murder.

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Where Is Daniel Petry Now? 

The most mysterious part of the Daniel-Gabriel case is who and where Petry is now. His updates or, better still, his existence since his release from prison have largely remained a solid rock. Given the utter obscurity, countless theories have been generated about Daniel Petrie’s life after his imprisonment.

Some believe that he may have committed suicide out of remorse, while some rumors suggest that Daniel is now a lawyer and lives as a free man. Others believe that Petry fled to a country where there is little news and has remained there ever since. He probably also has a wife and children.

Some reports suggest that Petry is now a US citizen. As for Petry’s unrecognizably, as late as August 2022, many people confused São Paulo resident Marcos Daniel Petry with the guy who brutally murdered his neighbor in 2007.

This São Paulo resident, meanwhile, also earned a lot of hatred and contempt, believing that he was indeed the boy who killed Kuhn. However, all the assumptions proved to be false, and Marcos was not the real killer who became a ghost. In fact, he had not committed even the slightest violation of the law in his entire life.

The More Confusion That Instagram, Twitter, And Suchlike Platforms Have Created About Petry’s Current Identity

Although Petry has completely faded into obscurity, from time to time some pseudonyms with Daniel Felipe Petry’s own name appear in settings such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This has often frightened people and is therefore also occasional fodder for tabloids and murder mystery forums. Be that as it may, Daniel’s true what-ifs since his release have long been a closed book and an extremely complex enigma.

Quick Facts About Daniel Petry

Name Daniel Felipe Petry: The Gamer Killer
Date of Birth 1991
Age 31 years old (As of 2022)
State of Origin Blumenau, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Nationality Brazilian
Religion Unknown
Occupation Student [formerly]
Famous for Murder of Gabriel Kuln – Torture, Murder, R*ape Type of Villain Mentally
Net Worth Unknown