Where Is Casey Anthony Now, Is She Dead? Her Parents, Net Worth, Wiki
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Casey Anthony was a relatively unknown citizen of the United States of America who lived with her parents – George and Cindy Anthony – in Orlando, Florida, until an unfortunate incident changed both her life and that of the people around her, including her parents and young daughter.

What had Casey Anthony Known For?

At the time of the incident, Casey, who was born on March 19, 1986, was living with her two-and-a-half-year-old daughter Caylee Marie Anthony at her parents’ home in Florida.

After Casey left the house on June 16, 2008, with her daughter Caylee, she did not return to the house with the child. She was reported to the police for killing her daughter and disposing of her body. Why was this assumption made? Her father, George, had gone to the post office to pick up mail and found his daughter’s car at a nearby towing yard.

Since it was the same vehicle she had left home thirty-one days earlier, a surprised George tried to take the car home and then, to his complete surprise, found that the car had a thick smell of a decomposing corpse. During a further search of the car, he discovered that there was a bag of garbage in the trunk of the car.

George reported his findings to his wife on the way home, and she called Orange County Police on the same day, July 15, exactly 31 days after Casey and her daughter Caylee left the house. The main reason for the suspicion was the fact that Casey had been evasive in her response to giving Cindy details of the whereabouts of her granddaughter Caylee Anthony before this discovery.

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When he was called and asked to give Caylee the phone so her grandmother could talk to her, Casey became evasive and claimed on several occasions that Caylee was not there and went to the park. When Cindy asked to visit her, Casey also found excuses and claimed that she was busy and would not be there. All this formed the basis of her parents’ suspicions.

The police questioned Casey and she claimed that her daughter had been abducted two weeks earlier by her maid, whose name she gave as Zanny, the full name being Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez. She also claimed that she was too scared to inform law enforcement authorities. However, the investigation revealed that she never had a maid by that name. And although there is someone with that name, her path had never crossed with that of Casey or any member of her family.

Months later, Caylee’s remains, which were only her skeletal system, were found near George and Cindy’s house; the tape was also found around her mouth. The discovery was followed by a trial, and Casey was prosecuted for the murder of her child. The prosecution claimed that she must have killed her daughter intentionally in order to evade parental responsibility and therefore demanded the death penalty for Casey.

Her reasoning seemed to be relevant because of the lies she had told when she was first questioned about Caylee’s whereabouts. In her defense, she claimed that her father disposed of Caylee’s body after she accidentally drowned in the family swimming pool. But at the time there was no evidence to support this claim. However, in July 2011, the jury found her “not guilty” of murder but found her guilty of attempting to obstruct an investigation by lying to the police in the performance of her duty.

With their acquittal came the public anger that was being expressed on social media. While some argued for her, others believed that justice had not been done and that the jury at first instance did not seem to understand the case.

Casey Anthony Net Worth?

Before the unfortunate incident, Casey Anthony was looking for a lucrative career. This dream has now gone with the wind as a result of the sad event. In 2013, she was worth just $1,000 when she filed for bankruptcy. Today her net assets are in the minus of 800,000 dollars (-800,000 dollars).

Her Parents

George and Cindy Anthony are the parents of Casey Anthony, and they once lived with Casey’s daughter Caylee before she died before her early yet inexplicable death. They still believe that their daughter knows what happened to her grandchild, regardless of what the court has determined. In the meantime, Casey has claimed that she knows nothing about it.

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During the trial, Casey claimed that her father sexually abused her when she was growing up. George vehemently denied all such incidents, which further strained the relationship between daughter and parents.

Both parents, who have stated that they are not involved in what happened to their granddaughter, called Casey a “fluent liar. While they claim that they are not sure that Casey could have killed their own daughter directly, they believe that she knows what must have happened to Caylee.

Where Is Casey Now, Is She Dead?

Casey Anthony is not dead, she is still alive and has tried to go on with her life, although she is called America’s most hated mother because of the suspected role she is said to have played in the death of her 2-year-old daughter in 2008. Casey now goes to South Florida and works as a researcher for a private investigator, Patrick McKenna. She tried to run a photography company, but it was unsuccessful because the public has apparently not yet forgiven her.

These days she has tried to make more social contacts, as the stigma seems to have been alleviated a bit (after all, it’s been over 10 years). She has been seen at protest rallies, in bars, drinking with friends, and hanging out with boys. Even though her parents seem unable to continue, she has done so.