What Is Wrong With Nathan Millard Health? Death Hoax- Is He Dead Or Alive?

What Is Wrong With Nathan Millard Health? Death Hoax- Is He Dead Or Alive?: Nathan Millard’s health has piqued people’s interest after he went missing on February 22 while working for Advanced Construction in Conyers Georgia.

Millard traveled to Baton Rouge to meet with a client and tour a construction site. According to Baton Rouge Police, the levee downtown and the area east of Interstate 110 were all the subject of a grid investigation on Wednesday.

According to authorities camera footage is being examined to assist in locating the missing man. According to the video he was last seen leaving downtown that evening.

The founder of the nonprofit search and recovery organization Texas Equusearch along with other team members and Kristen Harvey the organization’s search coordinator will be in Baton Rouge on Thursday morning to assist with the case.

The client requested that hotel staff check on Millard’s welfare the day after he was last seen and when they discovered that the room had not appeared to have been slept in the client went to Baton Rouge Police at 9 a.m. to file a missing person’s report.

Millard had skipped an 8 a.m. meeting at the client’s construction site that day. Nathan Millard was photographed wearing a green baseball cap a black shirt and blue jeans on the evening of February 22.

What Is Wrong With Nathan Millard Health? Death Hoax- Is He Dead Or Alive?

Because there has been no information about Nathan Millard Health since he went missing on February 22 only a limited amount of information about him has been found on the internet.

Nathan Millard 1
Nathan Millard 1

Nonetheless, sources claim Nathan Millard’s health was excellent before he vanished on the night of his disappearance after going to the pub and returning to his hotel.

Nathan has been missing for over a week and people on the internet believe he is dead but no official confirmation has been made so Nathan Millard’s Death Hoax is invalid and there is still hope of finding him alive.

We can say Nathan Millard is still alive because there has been no official confirmation from the police or his family and more people are joining the search.

What Happened To Nathan Millard That Night?

The last time Amber spoke with her husband Nathan FaceTimed her to show her the tickets they had obtained on behalf of a customer for a Louisiana State University Tigers game. “I never imagined that would be my last call,” she said.

Millard and his client finished their night at Happy’s Pub which is located two miles south of the collegiate stadium. They agreed to meet at the job site the next morning at 8 a.m. and parted ways around 1:30 p.m.

What Is Wrong With Nathan Millard Health? Death Hoax- Is He Dead Or Alive?
Nathan Millards family

The customer stayed behind to pay his bill while Nathan walked one block to his Courtyard Marriott hotel room. A phone was discovered about four streets away from Millard’s hotel at a construction site.

She claimed that WAFB Police discovered his wallet at the Greyhound bus stop a mile away from Happy’s Bar. Millard’s credit card was used several times after he went missing before Amber claimed to have frozen it on Saturday.

Amber claimed that she realized there was a serious problem when she hadn’t heard from her husband who meticulously maintained contact with her. Finding his body is just my most significant worry Amber added.

Despite the fact that investigators allegedly interviewed at least one person about the disappearance no new information has been released.

Millard has two teenage stepsons two teenage boys from a previous marriage and two adolescent boys in addition to his 7-year-old daughter with Amber.