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What is Troy Aikman Salary? From NFL Stardom to ESPN’s Multi-Million Dollar Salary

What is Troy Aikman Salary? From NFL Stardom to ESPN's Multi-Million Dollar Salary

Troy Aikman a three-time Super Bowl champion and Pro Football Hall of Famer transitioned from Fox to ESPN in 2022. His move to ESPN’s “Monday Night Football” came with a significant salary boost with reports suggesting an annual salary of around $18 million rivaling top NFL analysts.

Troy Aikman renowned for his impressive NFL career has seamlessly transitioned into the world of broadcasting. With three Super Bowl titles under his belt Aikman’s voice has become synonymous with top-tier football analysis.

Quick Facts about Troy Aikman Salary

Fact No.Detail
1Joined ESPN in 2022
2Left Fox after 20 seasons
3Annual salary around $18 million
4The contract spans 5 years
5Contract spans 5 years
6Partners with Joe Buck for ESPN+ content
7Earns nearly $1 million per game
8Salary surpasses 97% of active NFL players

Troy Aikman’s Journey with Fox

For two decades Troy Aikman graced Fox with his insightful commentary becoming a staple for viewers. His achievements during this tenure were not just limited to accolades but also reflected in his substantial salary.

The Big Move to ESPN

2022 marked a significant shift in Aikman’s broadcasting journey. Leaving Fox he joined ESPN’s “Monday Night Football” reuniting with his longtime partner Joe Buck. This move wasn’t just a change of platforms but also came with a hefty paycheck.

Breaking Down Troy Aikman’s ESPN Salary

Reports suggest that Troy Aikman’s annual salary at ESPN hovers around the $18 million mark. This figure places him alongside the top earners in NFL analysis rivaling even CBS NFL analyst Tony Romo.

Troy Aikman’s Net Worth in 2022

Beyond his earnings from the NFL Aikman’s broadcasting career coupled with endorsements has significantly contributed to his net worth. As of 2022, he’s estimated to be worth $65 million.

Details of Aikman’s ESPN Contract

Troy Aikman’s contract with ESPN is not just about the numbers. Spanning five years it’s estimated to be worth up to $92.5 million. Additionally, Troy Aikman and Buck are set to provide content for ESPN+.

Per Game Earnings

With ESPN covering 23 games in the 2022 NFL season Troy Aikman’s per-game earnings are noteworthy. He’s expected to earn just under $1 million per game covering approximately 20 games.

Comparison with NFL Player Salaries

Interestingly Troy Aikman’s annual salary at ESPN surpasses what 97% of active NFL players earn highlighting the lucrative nature of top-tier broadcasting.

Aikman’s Earnings During His NFL Career

During his 12-season NFL career, Troy Aikman earned a total of $55.5 million. However, his new ESPN salary exceeds what he made in any single season during his playing days.


So, What is Troy Aikman Salary? Troy Aikman’s financial trajectory from an NFL star to a top-tier broadcaster is a testament to his prowess both on the field and in the booth. His move to ESPN not only signifies a change in the broadcasting landscape but also underscores the value of seasoned analysts in the sports industry.


How much is Troy Aikman’s annual salary with ESPN?

Around $18 million.

How long is Aikman’s contract with ESPN?

It’s a five-year contract.

How does Aikman’s ESPN salary compare to his earnings during his NFL career?

His ESPN salary is more than he ever made in a single NFL season.

Who is Aikman partnering with for ESPN+ content?

He’s partnering with Joe Buck.

How many games is Aikman expected to cover for ESPN in the 2022 NFL season?

Approximately 20 games.