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What Happened To FPSRussia, Where Is He Now, Dead? Net Worth

What Happened To FPSRussia, Where Is He Now, Dead? Net Worth
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Lovers of Tech Youtube will certainly be familiar with the FPSRussia channel of YouTuber Kylie Myers. Myers has come up with the peculiar content of flashing firearms and weapons, which he uses to hunt down all kinds of lifeless targets such as zombies, fruits, bottles, and even photos of celebrities. On his channel, Myers plays the character of Dmitri Potapoff, an English-speaking Russian with a strong accent, who demonstrates and explains the weapons and demonstrates their abilities with the targets.

FPSRusia became one of YouTube’s largest channels in 2013 with more than 3 million subscribers and over 500 million viewers. This number grew rapidly thereafter, making Kylie Myers one of the richest YouTube stars of the time. However, the channel gradually reached its final destination in 2016, when Kylie Myers stopped producing new episodes.

So many circumstances culminated in this development, all of which revolved around the personal life of the creator of FPSR Russia – Kylie Myers. To respond to this development would mean to answer some of the pertinent questions circulating on various media platforms. Let’s start with the frequently asked questions:

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What Happened to FPSRussia?

After the station became very popular on the net, fans and the general public began to address the station and its creator with one name – FPSRussia. This means that FPSRussia is mostly used as a name for its owner Myers. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, Kylie Myers had started out on a small scale, but he became very upscale when he got support from Keith Richard Ratliff; a friend and business partner who supplied him with most of the equipment he needed. Ratliff owned a firearms repair shop in Georgia and helped him with licensing and procurement of various weapons.

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FPSRussia was founded in April 2010 and soon gained 1 million subscribers the following year. By 2017 it had over six million subscribers and over 700 million views. The station also produced another channel, “MoreFPSRussia”, which also developed independently of FPSRussia.

However, following the death of Kylie’s famous associate Keith Ratliff, who was found dead in his Carnesville Georgia office, FPSRussia set out on the evening of its days in early 2013. It was a murder scene, as he had three bullet wounds to the back of his head and no bullet match was found in his office – the beginning of Kylie’s suffering.

You were right in assuming that Kylie was the prime suspect. His home and other facilities of his were searched by various forces including the FBI, ATF, GBI, and many others to find clues to the murder. Based on the use of tannerite explosives in his YouTube videos, authorities also suspected that Moreso was in possession of illegal explosives. It did not end there; the channel was temporarily suspended at the time but was resumed later in 2016. Unfortunately, 2017 was the last time anything could be heard about the channel.

Where is He Now? Is He Dead?

Many believe that after the raid on his house by the ATF, which confiscated a large part of his weapons, his business was severely affected. What’s more, he had lost the only person who had helped him obtain and license his weapons, another reason why his business may never have remained the same.

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The question of whether Kylie was dead came up as a result of Ratliff’s death. Many had thought that Kylie Myers was the actual dealer who was murdered. The FPSRussia founder is still alive, and although he is not doing any new episodes, he is busy with some other projects. Myers is the host of “Painkiller Already”, a podcast that shows discussions about what is happening in the world and presents such conversations with a funny twist. Myers co-founded the platform together with other employees. It is not clear if he is still involved in his business of firearms tutorials.

FPSRussia Net Worth

With a thriving and blossoming YouTube channel, Kylie Myers was one of the richest YouTube stars between 2011 and 2013. With a loan of $100,000, Myers converted his father’s farmhouse in Georgia into his famous testing ground for his videos. He certainly reaped the fruits of this seed, which he sowed in good faith, and would have been able to keep his head above water without the death of his friend and colleague.

After the station was closed, he found comfort in other productions such as Painkiller Already, where he allegedly earns up to $6,000 a month. He also makes a lot of money through his YouTube videos, which are still very popular on the platform.