Trey Songz Girlfriend, Brother And Mom

Trey Songz has been in the public eye for quite some time and he has definitely attracted the ladies’ attention far and wide, through all the rumors and facts, let’s take a look at some of those he actually noticed (especially Trey Songz girlfriend).

Trey Songz Girlfriend

As the hot commodity he is, he is rumored to have been to quite a few ladies at his time, whether it be rumors or facts, only the parties involved know for sure. So here’s everything we could find out about the singer’s love life.

Sheneka Adams

When she was younger, she was a big Beyonce fan, so she packed her bags and moved to Atlanta to make a name for herself in showbiz. Well, let’s just say that she aimed at the stars and landed in the clouds, she made a name for herself in showbiz, but in the end, she was a video vixen.

Trey Songz Girlfriend, Brother And Mom
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Nobody really knows how or when she got to know the star, but something had been going on between them for quite some time. Nowadays Sheneka is a model and a celebrity of Instagram.

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Trey Songz Girlfriend: Helen Gedlu

Helen was a background dancer with whom Trey worked from May 2007 to June 2008. She comes from Ethiopia and is also known for her work with Chris Brown, Omarion, Kanye West and of course Trey Songz. Apparently, they were the real deal and have the appropriate tattoos to test it out.

Trey Songz Girlfriend, Brother And Mom
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To date, Trey says that she is one of the only two women he has ever loved…. romantically natural.

Trey Songz Girlfriend; Necole Bitchie & Drew Sidora

Trey Songz Girlfriend, Brother And Mom
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The two dated briefly in 2009 after he separated from Helen. First came the speculation about the couple, after all the “harmless” flirting that took place between them. Soon there was evidence, a picture of them closing their lips on

Trey Songz Girlfriend, Brother And Mom
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It must have been one of his numerous hook-ups because at about the same time he is said to have been dealing with the actress/singer Drew Sidora.

Trey Songz Girlfriend; Lauren London

Well, this one that most of you already know, but for those of you who don’t, she’s one of the only two women the singer is in love with, but these two have a kind of “he said – she said – she said” what’s going on. The “he” is Trey and Lauren is the “she”.

Trey Songz Girlfriend, Brother And Mom
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In an interview with The Q Side when asked about her and the singer, she said, “I feel there’s always a rumor that I’m with someone I’ve never met before. People have their judgments and ideas about who I am and they know nothing. We are not together. We just took a photo together. I know him and he’s a great guy, so I laugh about it.

Trey Songz Girlfriend, Brother And Mom
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Trey had something completely different to say about her when he told 106 KMEL, ‘Lauren London is a very important person to me, I love her to death. Is she my wife? No. We are good friends and we have been a couple before. That makes for a very interesting story.

Trey Songz Girlfriend; The Cheating

Trey must really take his man-sweets status very seriously as he was supposed with different women between 2009 and 2013 while he was still “supposedly” with Lauren London.

Trey Songz Girlfriend, Brother And Mom
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Rumor has it he was with Keri Hilson, Tahiry Jose, Ciara, and Simply Jess while still in a relationship with Lauren, this may be one of the reasons why she won’t acknowledge her relationship, who knows?

Trey Songz Girlfriend; Tanaya Henry

These two have had an on and off thing that goes on for 7 good years, the two finally named the time of death on their relationship in 2015. It was actually quite serious between them because several months before their breakup Trey Wendy Williams told that he wanted to start a family with Henry. Well, that plan obviously went to the gutter.

Trey Songz Girlfriend, Brother And Mom
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It seems that in the end, his infidelity was the rash.

Trey Songz Girlfriend; Khloe Kardashian

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Sometime in July 2016, Khloe and Trey were seen together in a very dangerous situation. Trey performed at Drai’s Nightclub in Las Vegas and according to E!News shortly after the concert ended, E! News revealed a source that the Keeping Up met with the Kardashians star and singer afterward and was “seen” at Drai’s after work.

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She was also everywhere on his social networks. What is not clear is whether the two are still an object or whether Trey will remain just a ‘playa for life’.

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Trey has two brothers, Alex and Forrest Neverson, but we’re pretty sure that the brother we need to talk about today is Forrest. Like his brother, he’s got a good look and body for days on end. It turns out Trey’s not the only brother who wants to be in the spotlight.

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To get his own star status, he published some racy photos, not just once, but twice, and the second time there was actually a video about it. However, the general public can agree that he would definitely do great in the adult film industry.


She’s known to be one of the hottest mothers out there, and she’s eager to prove that “black doesn’t crack”. April Tucker is an inspiring lady because she had Trey at the age of 17 and not only did she keep him, she used the fame she has as a platform to reach other teenage mothers.

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The star obviously has a special bond with its mother.

Quick Facts About Trey Songz

Name Trey Songz
Birth Name Tremaine Aldon Neverson
Father Claude Neverson Jr.
Mother April Tucker
Nationality American
Birth Place/City Petersburg, Virginia
Ethnicity Black
Profession Hip-hop artist
Net Worth $12 million
Salary N/A
Eye Color Dark-Brown
Hair Color Black
Weight in KG 87 KG
Famous for Singer-songwriter

, record producer, actor

Affair with Tanaya Henry
Married Not Yet
Education Petersburg High School
Awards BET Award 2010
Movies Brother’s Blood
TV Show Total Divas
Siblings Alex Neverson, Forrest Neverson, Nikki Neverson
Albums Trigga 2014