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Tom Cruise’s Son, Daughter, Kids

Tom Cruise Son, Daughter, Kids

Tom Cruise is an iconic American actor and filmmaker who has achieved tremendous success in his professional life. His career began with the 1981 film Endless Love, and since then he has produced numerous films across various genres, garnering three Oscar nominations and winning three Golden Globe Awards.

In addition to his accomplishments as a performer, Tom Cruise also enjoys a successful personal life; he is the proud father of two children – daughter Suri from his marriage to Katie Holmes and son Connor from ex-wife Nicole Kidman – as well as other adopted children. It’s safe to say that Tom Cruise has certainly been successful both socially and professionally!

Tom Cruise Son, Daughter, Kids

This gentleman had three failed marriages and therefore three ex-wives. He also dated many women much more than most celebrities of his age. The question is whether relationships and marriages have actually produced results (viable offspring, if you allow it).

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Tom Cruise’s son, daughter, kids: How many children does Tom Cruise have?

Tom Cruise Son, Daughter, Kids

At 53 years of age, most men would have had the maximum number of children if they had really wanted them and had spouses who were willing to carry the pregnancies. However, Cruises had only one biological child with his third wife Katie Holmes. The other two children a daughter and a son were adopted while married to his second wife Nicole Kidman. Who are these children and where are they now?

Isabelle Belle’ Jane Cruise is the oldest of the actor’s adopted children. She was born on December 22 1992 and was quickly placed in the hands of Nicole Kidman. She was born in a hospital in Miami Florida to a Scientologist who was the mother of three children. The woman said that she had made the decision to abandon the child because she did not have enough resources to raise the baby.

Tom Cruise Son, Daughter, Kids
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When Nicole separated from Cruise she had sole custody of the daughter and was not so close to her. Even more surprising is the fact that Belle turned her back on her mother Nicole and even had a marriage without telling her. People believe that Isabelle was indoctrinated by Scientology and turned against her mother for unknown reasons. If you want to know the real reasons for the animosity between Nicole and her adopted daughter you will have to wait and hear one or the other of them say something.

Cruise’s second child is an adopted son named Connor Anthony Kidman Cruise. Born on January 17 1995 in Florida he was adopted by his adoptive parents at the age of one month. He lived with his parents in Los Angeles and attended school at home. He followed in the family business by taking his first role in Will Smith’s film Seven Pounds.

Tom Cruise Son, Daughter, Kids

He is currently one of the upcoming American actors and a DJ. Connor is of African-American origin and first learned that he was adopted during the advertising, even at the age of 17. The reports indicate that the relationship between him and his mother is difficult at best, but he says he loves his mother very much. Some people believe that the bitter relationship is the creation of the religion of Scientology, just as in the case of Isabelle.

Tom Cruise Katie Holmes
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

The third child who is also Tom Cruise’s only biological son is Suri Cruise. She is the result of Cruise’s third marriage to Katie Holmes. Little Suri was born on April 18 2006 and is currently 9 years old. When Holmes filed for divorce she also wanted full custody of their only daughter and she won. It’s almost as if Cruise didn’t want anything to do with her daughter. Nor can we exclude the fact that Holmes decided to distance his daughter from the actor fearing indoctrination by the religion of Scientology as well as a possible kidnapping.

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Tom Cruise Daughter Suri Cruise

These three children are the only ones with whom Tom Cruise can be associated. However, there were rumors that Nicole Kidman did become pregnant for Cruise but the actor filed for divorce before she could even realized she was pregnant. Initially, reports indicated that the Kidman had lost the pregnancy due to a spontaneous abortion commonly referred to as a miscarriage. However, she later stated that it was an ectopic pregnancy that could not survive to term and therefore had to be terminated.

Final Thoughts

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If you rate Tom Cruise on the parenting scale how much would he get on a scale from one to ten? I think there is food for thought but most people would agree that he is not such a good father. He has not been a part of any of his children’s lives and he has probably made no effort to bridge the gap. Perhaps Scientology and her professional career have a lot to do with her ability to be there for her children. It could also explain the breakdown of marriages.